China transferred to Thailand to buy a house

China transferred to Thailand to buy a house

China transferred to Thailand to buy a house
It’s either stupid or bad to persuade you to go to Thailand to fry houses
Why are all the people who go to Thailand to speculate? Because it’s never a simple thing to go overseas to speculate. There’s a lot of information asymmetry in it.
For example, some people say that Thailand’s real estate is a permanent property right, which is really a lie to tie Han. Thailand has made it clear that foreigners can’t buy houses with land, only apartments, and the proportion of foreigners in each apartment can’t exceed 50%.
In addition, the high rent is only the superficial rent, in fact, the real rent to your hands is not so much.
In terms of taxes, Thailand’s real estate transaction tax for new houses is 1%, and the maintenance fund is 100 yuan per square meter;
According to the law, Thailand’s apartments can’t be rented directly on the Internet. They need to pass the intermediary, and the agency fee will be cut first;
Property fee. In fact, Thailand’s property fee is really very expensive. At present, the property management fee of Bangkok’s new building is 9-16 yuan per square meter and 50 square meters of apartments. The property fee is nearly 10000 yuan in one year. The most important thing is that once the property company goes wrong or goes out of business, the apartment you invested in is really finished.
So in a comprehensive calculation, the rental sales ratio is not so high, in fact, it is only 3.5% – 4.8%.
What about the liquidity of houses? Sorry, the liquidity of second-hand houses in Thailand is not as high as you think.
First of all, local people in Thailand are not keen on buying houses, and the per capita income in Thailand is not high. For example, the average monthly income of every family in Bangkok is 41002 baht, equivalent to 8000 yuan. At the current average price of about 60000 apartments, Thais don’t need to buy them. It’s better to buy land directly.
The second-hand housing liquidity, the main buyer is foreigners. At present, there are mainly Indian, Japanese, Taiwanese, Russian and Chinese people who speculate in Thailand.
This is a game of drumming and passing flowers. The first batch came from Japan and Taiwan, then from Russia. After the Russians were imprisoned, the first batch of Chinese buyers became the PLA, and then the first batch fooled the second batch to buy.
2012-2016 is a period of soaring house prices in Thailand. By 2017, there are signs of slowing down and polarization.
And now the supply of Thailand’s new apartment market is increasing every year, the market is not so strong. The demand for ordinary middle and low-end housing has slowed down significantly, such as around 40000 yuan per square meter in sukunyi district around Bangkok. Since last year, house prices have turned around.
People who specialize in overseas real estate say that how much price reduction is needed for a second-hand house in Thailand to attract the attention of buyers? The general view in the market is 25% – 40%.
So now, when the big V and the media begin to advocate Thailand’s real estate speculation, they just want to say that the third group of people who have been imprisoned are in a hurry to make a move. After all, the water in this market is not “deep” but “deep”, and most of them are Chinese people who cheat Chinese people!

Poisoned Skylark and detained

Larks (also known as larks) migrate to northern Jiangsu Province in winter, but these birds don’t know that poachers have focused on them to satisfy their appetite. Recently, Shuyang police cracked an illegal hunting case and seized more than 361 frozen skylarks.
It’s so delightful! Killing skylarks was detained by a man. He killed more than 300 skylarks just to satisfy his private desires
On October 20, the police of guandun police station in Shuyang County received a report from the masses that there were people illegally hunting skylarks in the wheat field in the middle of the reach of longmiao town in Shuyang County, Xinyi River, and selling them for profit. The police of guandun police station moved when they heard of the police. After arriving at the scene, Zhang XX, the criminal suspect who was picking up skylarks, was arrested on the spot.
Lark is a common bird in our daily life. The common wild sparrow, lark, magpie, tortoise, hedgehog, myna, etc. around us are also the “three animals” (i.e. important ecological, scientific and social values) explicitly stipulated by the state. They cannot be hunted at will, or they can face legal punishment. According to the second paragraph of article 341 of the criminal law, anyone who, in violation of the hunting laws and regulations, hunts in a forbidden hunting area or during the forbidden hunting period or applies prohibited tools or methods to destroy wildlife resources, if the circumstances are serious, may be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention, public surveillance or fine. According to the provisions of Article 6 of the interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court on the specific application of laws in the trial of criminal cases involving the destruction of wildlife resources, illegal hunting of more than 20 wild animals belongs to “serious circumstances”, that is to say, a crime. Remind the general public to stop or report to the public security organ in a timely manner when it is found that someone has killed, sold or eaten wild animals.

End of precious metal bull market

The end of precious metal bull market gold broke through 1450 US dollars / ounce overnight, with a minimum of 1447.89 US dollars / ounce. The bull market of gold seems to be coming to an end. SPDR, the world’s largest gold ETF, has sharply reduced its position by 13.19 tons, and its current position is barely above 900 tons, or 901.19 tons.
According to CME’s “Federal Reserve observation”: the probability of maintaining the current interest rate in the range of 1.50% – 1.75% in December is 94.8%, and the probability of reducing the interest rate by 25 basis points to 1.25% – 1.50% is 5.2%; the probability of maintaining the current interest rate in the range of 1.50% – 1.75% in January next year is 86.4%, the probability of reducing the interest rate by 25 basis points to 1.25% – 1.50% is 13.1%, and the probability of reducing the interest rate by 50 basis points to 1.00% – 1.25% is 0.5%.
The international gold price fell by more than 3.6% last week, not only recording a new low of $1456.10/ounce since early August, but also the biggest weekly drop since the week of November 11, 2016. The amazing rise of gold price from May to early September has stalled. The deadline for brexit was extended to January next year. The positive progress of trade negotiations between China and the United States. Officials from the Federal Reserve questioned the interest rate cut. The physical demand for gold declined, which further depressed the price of gold.
On the 12th, investors will focus on the speech of the US president, who is expected to deliver important information on trade issues. If its speech eases trade tensions, gold prices could face further plunges. In addition, Clarida, vice chairman of the Federal Reserve, will address monetary policy this evening, Beijing time, which is also expected to trigger market volatility.
The fall in gold led to a correction in precious metals, with silver spot prices down 6.8% since November and palladium spot prices down 6.04%.
Zheng Minggang, an analyst at Dongxing securities, said: physical gold positions fell significantly. Gold etf-spdr position decreased by 13.5 tons to 901.19 tons, the second largest drop since April this year; gold iShares position increased by 0.9 tons to 357.91 tons, and silver SLV position increased by 82.3 tons to 11793.57 tons. Gold non-commercial net long position increased by 3313 and silver non-commercial net long position decreased by 5681. The shift in market risk appetite has kept precious metal prices under pressure, forcing investors to reduce the proportion of gold investment in their portfolios.
Gold futures said: from the recent report released by the world gold industry association, since the third quarter, the net purchase demand of gold has still increased, but from the perspective of structure, individual investors are deterred from the current price of gold, and more choose to sell or wait and see, while the third quarter purchase demand is mainly the support of ETF purchase demand, but from the perspective of ETF position in the fourth quarter, gold and silver ETF positions have declined; from the perspective of physical purchase demand, the Central Bank of China ended its continuous increase in gold holdings in October, and private purchase demand in India fell by nearly half, or led to the later pressure of gold to fall; silver this week was short and closed the negative line.
Data released on Wednesday (November 7) showed that the central bank’s gold reserves ended a decade of gains and were flat on a month on month basis. China’s gold reserves at the end of October were 62.64 million ounces (1948.32 tons), in line with September China has always been an important player in the gold market. According to the latest research of the world gold association, the central bank bought nearly 550 tons of gold this year.

Famous professors and corpse girls

According to the report, Sokolov is a well-known professor at the University of St. Petersburg and an expert in French history, especially in the study of Napoleon’s history. Yeszenko was a student before, and then they established a relationship. The New York Post said the relationship was not secret on campus. In the eyes of students, Sokolov is like a “freak”.
It is reported that on Thursday (7), Sokolov had a quarrel with yeszenko and killed him, then took cruel measures such as dismembering and beheading. Local police said that Sokolov also tried to commit suicide in Napoleon’s clothes, but did not expect the incident to be exposed due to drunkenness.

Sui Wenjing and Han Cong win the championship

On November 9, Beijing time, the 2019-2020 International Skating Federation figure skating Grand Prix China Station held a two person free skating competition. Sui Wenjing / Han Cong, two World Championships champion and Chinese player, scored 147.47 points with outstanding performance, and won the championship with a total score of 228.37 points. Peng Cheng / Jin Yang won the second place and made it to the finals with one championship and one runner up this season. Canada’s ilyushkina / biluoduo came in third.
Sui Wenjing / Han Cong, a famous Chinese general, kept last season’s rain in your eyes. The three weeks of twirling at the beginning was quite high, and the quality of completion was quite high. Then, he finished the three weeks of post freezing and the two weeks of continuous jumping of post freezing. The movement synchronization was quite good. The next three circle throw jump of the back inner knot ring is high and far, and the combined rotation quality of the back outer helix and the double is high. In the second half of the jump, the male partner only finished two weeks, and the height and distance of the jump were amazing.
Their programs are more connected, their performances are delicate and moving, their emotional exchanges are abundant, and they move the audience. At the end of the show, the audience stood up and applauded and praised their wonderful performance. As a result of a single jump error, 147.47 points (technical score 71.69 points / program content score 75.78 points) were obtained, and 228.37 points of the two sets of programs won the championship.

Former president of Brazil released from prison

Brazil’s former President Lula left the federal prison in the southern city of Curitiba on the afternoon of 8th local time, temporarily ending more than a year and a half of prison life.
Brazil’s Supreme Court passed a resolution on the evening of the 7th, saying it is unconstitutional for the suspect to go to jail after being convicted in the second instance, because the suspect still has a last chance to appeal. Lula’s defense lawyers have asked for the release of Lula, who was jailed for a second trial conviction.
Curitiba’s barana state judiciary accepted the request of Lula’s defense lawyer on the 8th and approved Lula’s release from prison.
Lula was convicted of corruption and money laundering in the coastal city of gualuya in 2017, and was sentenced to nine years and six months. In January 2018, the Fourth District Court of the federal government upheld a conviction and extended the sentence to 12 years and one month, and Lula was arrested and jailed in April of the same year. In April this year, his sentence was reduced to eight years, 10 months and 20 days.

Jiangxi juvenile leave notes

“Goodbye, dear parents. Thank you for giving birth to me. Maybe you will have a better… I may not meet your requirements. Goodbye, goodbye! “
On the morning of November 4, 17-year-old xiaodai left a letter at home and left without saying goodbye. When xiaodai’s father saw the contents of the letter, he learned that his son had run away from home and had to look for a short-term idea. He was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. He asked the police for help and started relatives and friends to look around. When his family was looking for him, Xiao Dai walked into the police station of Duqiao of Jinxi County Public Security Bureau alone that morning.
Seeing xiaodai’s dejected appearance, the police of the police station keenly realized that he had something in mind, so they led him into the household registration office, handed over boiled water and asked patiently. Xiaodai then opened the conversation box and threw up his chest. It turns out that 17-year-old xiaodai is a junior high school student, so “old” because he dropped out of school for several years, his father often scolded xiaodai, and xiaodai felt that he could not meet his father’s requirements. In a fit of anger, xiaodai left a note and ran away from home.
After listening to xiaodai, the police gave xiaodai some guidance. Xiaodai’s mood gradually calmed down, and confessed that his intention of leaving a suicide note to run away from home was to “scare and scold his father often”, not really want to go to Qingsheng.
At the same time of communicating with xiaodai, the police contacted xiaodai’s father through police communication and population information system. Little Dai’s father was very surprised when he learned that his son was in the police station of Duqiao. He repeatedly said on the phone: “I will help my son look after him. I will drive to pick him up right away.”
Later, xiaodai’s father rushed to the police station, thanked the police repeatedly, and said that he would pay attention to his own way of education in the future.

Workers’ municipal building

At 8:50 a.m. on October 11, 2019, workers of Yuanping Weiyuan Lighting Department conducted on-site inspection and maintenance on the roof lights of Yuanping municipal Party committee building, resulting in an electric shock accident and one death. Deceased: Zhang Jinyuan, male, 45 years old, from Shuozhou. After the accident, the Lighting Department of yuanpingweiyuan in Yuanping City organized personnel to deal with the injured immediately. Under the active treatment and rescue of Yuanping 120 first aid personnel and Yuanping fire rescue team, the injured were sent to the first people’s Hospital of Yuanping in time. Due to serious electric shock and invalid rescue, the headquarters of the original Pingcheng District lighting project reported the accident according to the procedure. After receiving the accident report, Yuanping municipal Party committee and municipal government attached great importance to it. The main leaders of the municipal Party committee and municipal government immediately asked the relevant units to do a good job in the aftermath of the dead and investigate the accident.
The original Pingshi building lighting project includes 26 buildings on both sides of Qianjin Street, of which the former Pingshi Party committee building is one. In order to strengthen the lighting management, in December 2018, through public bidding, the original pingweiyuan Lighting Department of Yuanping City was the bid winner, responsible for the lighting maintenance of buildings on both sides of Qianjin Street of Yuanping City, and bear the corresponding safety production responsibility. The direct causes of the accident on October 11 are: the on-site operators violated the rules of live working; the on-site operators did not wear insulating gloves and shoes. Yuanpingweiyuan Lighting Department of Yuanping City is fully responsible for: the site safety management is not in place, the maintenance personnel are not equipped with helmets, insulating gloves, insulating shoes and other necessary labor protection articles, and the on-site operators’ illegal live working behaviors are not timely stopped: the safety education and training of the employees are not enough, the safety awareness is indifferent, and the self-protection ability is low. After the accident, Yuanping municipal Party committee and municipal government attached great importance to it, organized and coordinated Yuanping Weiyuan Lighting Department to do a good job in the aftermath, the municipal government office and the Municipal Bureau of letters and visits participated in the cooperation, and did a good job in pacifying the families of the dead. Because the family members of the deceased claimed compensation of 3 million yuan and the demands for arranging the work of the two daughters of the deceased were too high, it was difficult for the original pingweiyuan Lighting Department to reach a consensus with the family members of the deceased. Yuanping municipal Party committee and the municipal government have been actively organizing relevant departments and the third party Weiyuan Lighting Department to properly handle the situation. They will continue to pacify the families of the deceased, return to the scope of legal settlement, and make reasonable compensation for the aftermath. Yuanping Municipal People’s Government November 6, 2019

The British Parliament is officially dissolved

The parliament officially dissolved in the early hours of the 6th local time, marking the beginning of the election campaign in December.
According to British law, the parliament automatically dissolves 25 working days before the election. According to the historical tradition, British Prime Minister Boris John
After the dissolution of Parliament, all seats in the lower house of Parliament will be automatically vacant, but all cabinet ministers, including the prime minister, will remain in their current positions until the formation of a new cabinet.
The last general election in the UK was held in 2017. In the past hundred years, there has been no precedent for Britain to hold a general election on Christmas day in December, but the Johnson administration has to make an exception in order to fulfill the promise of “brexit” as soon as possible.
Polls show that the ruling conservative party is ahead of the opposition Labor Party and the Liberal Democratic Party.
The deadlock of brexit has lasted for more than three years. According to the public opinion, this election will become the “second referendum” in the practical sense, and voters will make a choice between the parties supporting “brexit” and “staying in Europe”.

Termination of repurchase by hinur

Hinur (002485) announced in the evening of November 5 that the company failed to fulfill the buyback plan on schedule, mainly due to the large scale of cultural tourism projects invested and acquired last year. Since this year, due to macro-economic and other factors, the market liquidity is tightening, and the external financing environment is more difficult than expected. In the current situation, it is no longer in line with the company’s development strategy at this stage and the interests of the company and shareholders to continue to promote the share buyback, so it is decided to terminate the implementation of the share buyback.