One new case in Beijing

One new case in Beijing

From 0:00 to 24:00 on January 18, there was one new local confirmed case and one asymptomatic infected person in Beijing, and there was no new suspected case; there was no new imported confirmed case, suspected case and asymptomatic infected person; and one case was cured and discharged from hospital.
A 63 year old female, who lives in Ronghui community, tiangongyuan street, Daxing District, was taken as the close contact of the confirmed case for centralized isolation medical observation on January 17. The nucleic acid test result was positive on January 18, and she was transferred from 120 ambulance to Ditan hospital. According to the results of epidemic history, clinical manifestations, laboratory tests and imaging examination, the confirmed case was diagnosed on that day, and the clinical classification was common type. Epidemiological investigation has been carried out and control measures have been implemented as required.

Samsung leader arrested in court

Overseas network, January 18 (Xinhua) according to Yonhap news agency, on the afternoon of 18 local time, the Seoul High Court of South Korea sentenced Lee Zairong to two years and six months’ imprisonment in the second instance of the case of “cronies interfering in politics”, and Lee Zairong was arrested in court. The prosecution had asked for a nine-year sentence. Li Zairong, 52, is the vice president of Samsung Electronics and the actual head of SamSung group.
According to the prosecution’s allegation, in February 2017, Li Zairong was suspected of offering bribes to former South Korean presidents Park Geun hye and Cui shunshi to help them inherit the management rights, with the amount of bribes as high as 29.8 billion won (about 175 million yuan).
The court of first instance found Li Zairong guilty of bribery and sentenced him to five years’ imprisonment, while the court of Second Instance sentenced him to two and a half years’ imprisonment and four years’ probation. Li was released in court. In August 2019, the Supreme Court of South Korea, in its final judgment, rescinded the judgments made by the court of second instance against Li Zairong and other people involved in the case, park Geun hye and Choi shunshi, and sent the case back to the high court for retrial

What should Secretary Lu do

Dalian “street cadres do not cooperate with epidemic prevention registration also call Secretary Lu to coordinate” incident, the street cadres and Secretary Lu were punished. According to relevant circulars, the street cadres involved are Wang Chenming, deputy director of Dalian Friendship sub district office, and Secretary Lu is deputy secretary of the community Party committee under the sub district. They are superior and subordinate. The topic of “if you are Secretary Lu, what should you do?” has caused a heated discussion.
Some netizens think that this is a difficult question to answer: if you refuse director Wang, you will offend others and easily be “put on small shoes”; if you give leaders “an opening”, you will also be punished. Some netizens gave suggestions and discussed the “best of both worlds” method. For example, they told the volunteers that this is director Wang of the street office. I have her information here, and I will report it to you by phone. For example, they rushed to the scene to help the leaders register. At the same time, they also wanted to thank the volunteers for adhering to the principle. They were very relieved that the community had them. Some even joked that when Secretary Lu answered the phone, he could say, “Hello, I can’t hear you. I have no signal here.”.
The heated discussion on “what should Secretary Lu do?” reflects that it is really difficult for grass-roots staff to turn down their faces and refuse requests from others, especially from leaders. But hot discussion is hot discussion, and ridicule is ridicule. In this answer, the principle should not be vague and the bottom line should not be lost! In the face of the non-conforming requests and requests from the superior leaders, Secretary Lu should just refuse and persuade the leaders to register according to the requirements instead of letting the volunteers release them. This is a matter of principle and there is no flexibility. You rushed to the scene today to deal with it. You helped the leader to register. You lied that your mobile phone had no signal. What about tomorrow and next time? It’s not the way to get round and avoid. When persuading leaders, the attitude must be clear – leaders, if you say hello to do according to the requirements, we are in violation of discipline!
There is no fuzzy zone in the process of boycotting illegal requests, otherwise something will happen sooner or later. For secretary Lu, this time it’s a greeting for you to simply register and let go. You’ve made it through. Next time the leader asks you to use public funds to help her claim personal expenses, do you still feel embarrassed? It is not that there are no such cases in reality. He Bingrong, the former member of the Standing Committee of Jiaxing Municipal Party committee of Zhejiang Province, has repeatedly asked his subordinates to buy 1470 bottles of high-end drinks with public funds; Qin Jie, the former deputy general manager of Guizhou Expressway Group Co., Ltd., arranged his subordinates to take state-owned assets for purchasing golf membership cards. It is clear that it is against discipline and law to follow such “instructions”. Fan Yonggang, former deputy director of Ning County Public Security Bureau of Qingyang City, Gansu Province, was sentenced for passing on and executing the higher-level leaders’ illegal cancellation of criminal case filing order and indulging in crime. The lesson can be said to be very profound. We should stick to the principle and never lose the big for the small.
The argument of “Secretary Lu is in a dilemma” also reflects that there is still a lot of soil space for the existence of Relationism and hidden rules in the society. Some people think that greeting is useful and finding a relationship is feasible. They unconsciously coerce the victims into acquiescents or even promoters of unhealthy tendencies. In fact, you may benefit from such hidden rules for a while, but in the long run, everyone will be the victim of destroying fairness and justice. Therefore, even if it seems that it is not easy to say hello to the leaders, we have to firmly do it for ourselves and for the social environment. If every “Secretary Lu” dares to say “no” to the hidden rules and the science of relations, and everyone works together to make clear the rules and build a healthy atmosphere, I believe that the question “what should Secretary Lu do” will be answered better and better.
Discussion is also a process of consensus formation. The heated discussion on what Secretary Lu should do is like a lively education lesson. Among them, there are criticisms on the privilege of Party members and cadres, praise for the persistence of volunteers, suggestions on the improvement of epidemic prevention registration measures, and whether it can be more information-based and intelligent. More people have learned from Secretary Lu’s vivid cases and strengthened their confidence in saying No: “sorry, leader, we all have to listen to the rules in this matter. I can’t make myself the next Secretary Lu.”

Reasons for the revocation of Sun Yang’s judgment

According to people’s daily sports, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court issued a press release on January 15 local time. Due to prejudice and discrimination of an arbitrator in the arbitration panel of the International Court of arbitration for sports, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court decided to rescind the 8-year ban imposed by the International Court of arbitration for sports on Chinese swimmer Sun Yang. The International Court of arbitration for sports needs to set up a new arbitrator The panel returned its decision.
On December 24 last year, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court issued a press release, announcing the revocation of the suspension imposed on Sun Yang by the international sports arbitration court, but did not disclose the reasons. This Communique is the first time the Swiss Federal Supreme Court announced the reasons for the revocation of the above judgment.
On February 28, 2020, Sun Yang was suspended for eight years by the International Court of arbitration for doping. Sun Yang appealed to the Swiss supreme federal court. According to the communique, Sun Yang pointed out in his appeal application that an article he noticed on the Internet platform in mid May 2020 showed that fratini, chairman of the arbitration panel of the International Court of arbitration for sport in this case, was biased and discriminated against. This article contains a series of comments on animal protection made by Frattini on personal social media platform from 2018 to 2019, in which discriminatory language is used against Chinese people.
According to Xinhua News Agency on December 24, 2020, it was learned from Sun Yang’s team that Sun Yang’s Swiss lawyer team informed Sun Yang by e-mail that they had received the judgment of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court, and the judgment was to revoke the previous award of the International Court of arbitration for sports (CAS) concerning Sun Yang.
On February 28, 2020, the international sports arbitration court announced that Chinese swimmer Sun Yang failed to comply with the regulations of the World Anti Doping Agency and decided to ban Sun Yang for eight years. Sun Yang then appealed to the Swiss Federal Supreme Court.
Beijing Youth Daily once reported that Sun Yang could continue to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games if the court ruled that Sun Yang won the lawsuit after the appeal when the Tokyo Olympic Games were postponed to 2021.
On February 28, 2020, Sun Yang once tweeted: I always believe in my innocence.

Chinese couple killed in Cambodia

Overseas network, January 14 (Xinhua) on the 13th local time, two Chinese were found dead in an apartment in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh. Police have been involved in the investigation.
According to the Angkor times of Cambodia, the victim was a man and a woman in a romantic relationship. The male victim was Xiao Bo, 38 years old, and the female victim was his girlfriend, 22 years old, who had just known each other for several months.
On the day of the incident, Xiao Bo and his girlfriend were kidnapped by two shooters to the ninth floor of an apartment in Phnom Penh, where they were killed. After the apartment cleaner found the body, he immediately called the police.

There are 18 kinds of variant new crowns in the body

Recently, Russian scholars found 18 kinds of mutated new coronavirus in a woman with low immunity, some of which are the same as the new mutated virus in Britain, and two of which are identical with the mutated new coronavirus carried by Danish minks. The 47 year old woman has lymphoma. In April 2020, the woman was infected with new coronavirus during a chemotherapy. Since then, she has carried out regular nucleic acid tests, and until September 9, the test results have been positive.
Konstantin krotowski, Professor of genomics and bioinformatics at Siberian Federal University, pointed out that this research work confirmed for the first time the fact that “the long-term existence of new coronavirus in an organism will lead to a large number of mutations”.
Recently, the news about the mutation of new coronavirus is continuous. It is particularly noteworthy that, in addition to the mutated new coronavirus previously found in the UK, Japan recently announced that a new mutated new coronavirus has been detected in four passengers flying from Brazil to Japan. Scientists believe that this may be a new variant of the new coronavirus produced in the Amazon region of Brazil.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was detected in 10 Japanese and Chinese women’s health workers, according to CCTV News quoted Japanese media. On the date of the announcement, on the day of the 4 day, the Ministry of health and labour of Japan announced that 4 new Brazil and Japan were identified as new variants of new crown virus.
Researchers from Brazil’s Oswaldo Cruz foundation pointed out on the 12th that the new coronavirus carried by Brazilian passengers found at the Japanese airport may be a new variant of the new coronavirus produced in the Brazilian Amazon region.
Scientists said that the novel coronavirus pneumonia infected Brazil passengers were uploaded to the international database recently, and the researchers in Brazil analyzed and compared them. The B.1.1.28 mutation was found in the virus samples carried by the passengers in Brazil, which is the viral gene sequence collected from Brazil, especially in the Amazon region between April 2020 and November. The data are consistent. Scientists believe that this new variant of the virus combines more closely with cells and is more infectious.
In addition, researchers from the University of Sao Paulo conducted a similar gene comparative analysis at the same time, and reached the same conclusion as Oswaldo cruise foundation.
Extended reading:
More infectious! Mutating the new coronavirus will be a new challenge in 2021, who experts say
Speaking at an online press conference in Copenhagen on the 7th, Kluger, director of the European Regional Office of the World Health Organization, said that in 2021, the world has new tools such as vaccines to deal with the new epidemic situation, but at the same time, it is also facing new challenges such as virus mutation.
Kluger said that 22 of the 53 countries under the responsibility of the WHO Regional Office for Europe have found new coronavirus strains with mutations. The mutated virus was more infectious and the severity of the disease remained unchanged. If we do not strengthen the control to slow down its spread, it will have a greater impact on the current medical system which has been under pressure.
He called on all countries to be vigilant, investigate and track abnormal rapid transmission events, unexpected disease manifestations or severe cases, increase systematic sequencing of mutated viruses, use sequencing data to promote early prevention, and share more data.
According to the WHO Regional Office for Europe, more than 230 million people in Europe are currently living in the national blockade, and some countries will announce the blockade measures in the next few weeks. More than a quarter of European countries have a very high rate of new crown infection, and the health care system is under great pressure.
Kluger called on all countries to continue to insist on wearing masks, limiting the number of people at social gatherings, keeping social distance and washing hands, supplemented by appropriate anti epidemic measures such as virus detection and tracking.

New crown or affect fertility

On January 9, Beijing time, the top academic journal “cell” published online a research jointly completed by researchers from school of life sciences of Xihu University and Union Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of science and technology, entitled “multi organ proteomic landscape of cowid-19 autopsies”. The report reported a novel coronavirus pneumonia in the early 2020, which was used for the detection of protein molecular pathology in patients with new crown pneumonia. It helps to understand the mechanism of new crown death and to provide precise intervention for patients.
This is the first time in the world to analyze in detail and systematically the response of several key organs to the infection of new coronavirus at the protein molecular level, which provides clues and basis for clinical workers and researchers to formulate treatment plans and develop new drugs and treatment methods.
Guo Tiannan, a distinguished researcher of Xihu University, Hu Yu, Xia Jiahong, a professor of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital, and Zhu Yi, an associate researcher of Xihu University, are the co corresponding authors of this paper. Professor Nie Xiu of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital, doctoral students Qian Liujia and sun Rui of Guo Tiannan research group, Huang Bo and Dong Xiaochuan of Union Medical College Hospital, Xiao Qi, research assistant of Guo Tiannan research group, and Zhang Qiushi of Xihu OMI (Hangzhou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. are co first authors.
Guo Tiannan laboratory said that this study is equivalent to the research team magnifying the changes of cells and tissues of human body infected with the new crown under the microscope by tens of thousands of times, reaching the protein molecular level, and “seeing” clearly which molecular changes lead to the pathological changes and exhaustion of human organs.
According to the paper, the research team collected 144 tissue samples from 7 organs including lung, spleen, liver, heart, kidney, thyroid and testis of 19 patients who died of covid-19. Novel coronavirus pneumonia or respiratory failure were found in all 19 COVID-19 patients, of whom 7 were complicated by advanced multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS). They also collected 74 control tissue samples from 56 non-covid-19 patients.
Through microscopic pathological examination, the research team found diffuse alveolar injury, pulmonary fibrosis, neutrophil infiltration, thrombosis and other pathological changes in the lung, atrophy of the white pulp of the spleen, fatty metaplasia of the liver and infarction in some cases, cardiac muscle edema and interstitial lymphocyte infiltration in the heart, and acute renal tubular injury in the kidney.
Based on high-pressure circulation technology (PCT) and TMT labeling combined with mass spectrometry data sampling and proteomics data analysis, the research team identified a total of 11394 individual protein molecules, and drew a panoramic picture of multiple organ protein molecules of critically ill patients in Xinguan. Compared with the control tissue samples of non new crown patients, 5336 proteins in the sample group of dead patients were changed.
Among the seven organs and tissues mentioned above, the research team did not identify significantly changed proteins in the red pulp of the spleen, while the number of changed proteins in the liver was the largest (n = 1970). The team believes that novel coronavirus pneumonia patients may suffer from liver damage.
It is worth mentioning that in the process of new coronavirus invading human body, ACE2 (ACE2 protein, a protein regulating blood pressure in human body) is the receptor that binds to the invading “key” spike protein. In this molecular study, the team found that there was no significant difference in the number of ACE2 protein between new crown patients and non new crown patients. However, another protein, cathepsin L (CTSL), which helps the virus enter the cells, is significantly increased in the lungs of new crown patients.
It is suggested that the expression level of ACE2 is not changed in patients with new coronavirus death. It is only a channel for new coronavirus to enter human body, but CTSL may be a potential therapeutic target to block virus invasion.
The research team further conducted a systematic comparative study on the physiological function, pathological morphology and proteomics of various organs, and found that a number of lung proteins changed, including proteins related to virus proliferation, involved in the pathological process of pulmonary fibrosis and degradation of virus limiting factors. At the same time, proteomics showed that the lung and spleen showed adaptive immune response inhibition characterized by up regulation of immune checkpoint protein and down regulation of T cell rich protein, which was also confirmed by the decrease of T, B and other lymphocytes in spleen.
In addition, although from the clinical pathology point of view, only the lung had substantial fibrosis, but the proteomic results showed that liver, kidney and other organs also had the precursor of tissue fibrosis. This suggests that for the critically ill patients who have recovered, it is necessary to prevent and take early intervention for the possible sequela of “multiple organ fibrosis”.
It is worth mentioning that in this pandemic, the male infection and mortality are higher, and the new coronavirus damages the male reproductive function. Guo Tiannan et al. Also found 10 proteins that had significant changes in the testicular tissue of patients with new crowns. Their functions were closely related to the inhibition of cholesterol synthesis, the decrease of sperm activity and the decrease of Leydig cell specific markers. Leydig cells are closely related to the synthesis and secretion of male androgen, suggesting that the fertility of male patients with new crown may be affected.
The research team also reminded the limitations of these studies. These studies are based on tissue samples of patients with new crown death. However, whether the same changes will occur in mild and severe patients and whether such changes are reversible still need further study.

Zeng Chunliang was sentenced to death

Beijing News (trainee reporter Zhou Siya) at 9:00 on January 11, the intermediate people’s Court of Yichun City in Jiangxi Province made a first instance judgment on the case of Zeng Chunliang, the suspect of killing three people. Zeng Chunliang was sentenced to death and fined 20000 yuan for intentional homicide, robbery and theft. At about 10:00 on the 11th, a Beijing News reporter learned from the lawyer’s office of the victim’s Kang family that Zeng Chunliang said in court that he would not appeal.
Hou Shichao, the lawyer of the victim’s side, told the Beijing news that the intermediate people’s Court of Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, sentenced Zeng Chunliang to death for several crimes and deprived him of his political rights for life. Hou said the sentencing process was very short, and Zeng Chunliang said in court that he would not appeal. In addition, Hou Shichao said that Zeng Chunliang was wearing protective clothing and face mask today, so he could not see his facial expression clearly.
According to the judgment of the first instance, the defendant Zeng Chunliang was sentenced to death for intentional homicide and deprived of political rights for life; for robbery, he was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment and a fine of 10000 yuan; for theft, he was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment and a fine of 10000 yuan. To sum up, the intermediate people’s Court of Yichun City in Jiangxi Province decided to execute Zeng Chunliang, deprive him of his political rights for life, and impose a fine of 20000 yuan.
In addition, the judgment shows that according to the psychiatric forensic opinion issued by Jiangxi psychiatric forensic Institute on September 29, 2020, the defendant Zeng Chunliang was in a normal mental state when he committed the crime, and his identification ability and control ability were complete, which was assessed as full criminal responsibility ability.
At about 10:00 on January 11, Miss Kang, the victim’s family member, told the Beijing news that today’s family member did not attend the court to hear the verdict, “I feel it is very painful to see this kind of indifferent animal.” In addition, Hou Shichao said that based on the physical and mental harm caused by the suspect Zeng Chunliang to the family members of the victims, the family members’ appeal before the first court session was that the court should sentence Zeng Chunliang to death and file a civil compensation of 1.593 million yuan.
After the first hearing, the family members of the victims have withdrawn part of their civil claims. “The family members of the victims entrusted me to file a civil lawsuit at that time. First, they expressed their attitude, and second, they increased their participation. Participating in the trial can protect the family members of the victims and fully exercise their litigation rights in the trial. Our purpose is not to make compensation, so after the first hearing, the family members took the initiative to withdraw the lawsuit. “
Beijing News previously reported that on August 8, 2020, a homicide occurred in Shandang village, Shandang Town, Le’an County, Jiangxi Province, resulting in two deaths and one injury. The victim was a 7-year-old child and the suspect was 44 year old Zeng Chunliang. During his abscondment, he was suspected of killing another village cadre in houfang village. On August 13, 2020, the Public Security Bureau of Le’an County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province announced that 300000 yuan will be awarded to those who directly capture the suspect or provide direct clues for the arrest. After the incident, thousands of local police forces were deployed to carry out the search for several days in a row.
In August 16, 2020, according to the official micro-blog news of the Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Jiangxi Province, the suspect Ceng Chunliang was arrested by the police near the hang Qiao village in Shan Gang Town, le ‘an County on the same day 16:27. On August 19, 2020, Zeng Chunliang was arrested, and the case was under the jurisdiction of Fengcheng Public Security Bureau. On October 16, 2020, Zeng Chunliang was prosecuted by Jiangxi Provincial People’s Procuratorate for intentional homicide, robbery and theft to Yichun intermediate people’s court.

Trump’s degree withdrawn

According to NPR News reports, Pennsylvania State’s Lehigh University announced on the 8th that it would revoke the honorary degree granted to us president trump more than 30 years ago.
On January 6, a large number of trump supporters stormed the seat of the U.S. Congress in the morning of local time, which not only disrupted the procedure for the final confirmation of Trump’s defeat at that time, but also clashed with the police and the secret service, resulting in many deaths.
After a vote, the Council decided to cancel the honorary degree granted to trump in 1988 on the ground that the action against Congress planned by trump supporters “violated the American democratic system”. Later, the school newspaper released the news and a statement about the decision on the official twitter.
According to the information, trump made a speech at the graduation ceremony of the University in 1988, and received an honorary degree at the ceremony.
In 2018, hundreds of staff of Lihai University initiated a joint request to revoke Trump’s honorary degree, but the board of directors did not follow. After the Congressional incident, the president of Lihai University denounced the riot, and said that not withdrawing Trump’s honorary degree was a support for his ideas.
According to past reports, this is not the first time that trump has been revoked his honorary degree. According to the independent in 2015, trump was condemned by all walks of life for his anti Muslim remarks. In December of that year, Roberto Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland announced that it would revoke the honorary degree granted to trump in 2010.