China takes hepatitis B as a big country

China takes hepatitis B as a big country

On October 28, the new office of the people’s Republic of China held a press conference on health reform and development during the 13th Five Year Plan period.
Reporters learned from the meeting that the incidence rate of tuberculosis reported in China dropped from 63.4/10 million in 2015 to 55.6/10 million in 2019, and the infection rate of hepatitis B virus (HBV) among children under 5 years old was below 1%. The cap of hepatitis B was removed and was praised as a model of developing China by WHO.

Local tyrants scatter 30 million in the air

This (27) day, a video website released a short video “a local tyrant in Chongqing is suffering from a terminal illness, taking a helicopter to scatter 30 million yuan in the sky, and the public crazily picking up RMB” triggered heated discussion on the Internet.
According to the content of the video, there are a large number of 100 yuan banknotes falling from the sky, and citizens have taken to the streets to collect money, and drivers also stop to pick up money, resulting in traffic congestion. The video subtitles also show: the time is October 27, 2020, according to netizens, it is probably located near the nanjimen turntable.

Son eats father’s will

Because of dissatisfaction with the content of the will made by his deceased father, the man swallowed up the original will while fighting with his stepmother. Unexpectedly, the stepmother took the copy of the will to court. Recently, the Deqing County Court concluded this special case of inheritance right dispute, and found that the copy of the will is valid.
In October 2019, Lao Chen died of illness. His son, Xiao Chen, without the knowledge of his stepmother, Liu, arbitrarily received his death funeral allowance, one-time pension and the balance of his account, and seized all his identity and death certificates.
After the arrangement of his affairs, the inheritance of his legacy was put on the table, especially the issue of the share division of his living house. There was a big dispute between Xiao Chen and Liu.
The suite was built by Mr. Chen, his ex-wife and his son, Xiao Chen, in 1995. In 2007, Lao Chen and his ex-wife signed a “divorce agreement” when they went through the divorce registration procedures, stipulating that the house should be owned by Lao Chen after the divorce, and the ex-wife would solve the housing problem on her own. Two years later, Lao Chen and Liu came together.
When Xiao Chen and his relatives came to Liu to fight for the inheritance, Liu took out a self written will made by Chen when he was seriously ill in 2019. It was written in black and white that “all property belongs to Liu”.
Xiao Chen didn’t approve of the will. To everyone’s surprise, he snatched the will, put it into his mouth and ate it three or two times. This action made the contradiction between the two sides intensified instantly. Liu then filed a small petition to the court, demanding to inherit the house left by old Chen.
During the trial of the case, Liu issued a copy of the will to the court, “the will was written by Lao Chen in person, and there were two witnesses’ signatures. But the original will was swallowed by Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen also admitted in court that the original will was indeed swallowed up by him, and the fact that the will was swallowed by Xiao Chen was also corroborated by two witnesses in court.
The court held that
Although the will written by Mr. Liu was a copy, Xiao Chen admitted that he had swallowed the original in the court trial, and two witnesses supported this fact. Therefore, the Court confirmed the authenticity of the will.
However, although it was agreed that the house should be owned by Lao Chen when he divorced his ex-wife, he did not obtain Xiao Chen’s consent. The split agreement is only valid for the share of housing owned by Lao Chen and his ex-wife. Moreover, in the process of hearing the case, Mr. Chen’s ex-wife, as an outsider in the case, confirmed that “there is no objection to the ownership of the housing shares owned by Lao Chen”, and said that she would not participate in the lawsuit. Therefore, the Court confirmed in accordance with the law that Lao Chen owned two-thirds of the share of the house and Xiaochen owned one-third of the share. That is to say, only two-thirds of the share of the house belongs to the heritage.
In addition, because Chen’s funeral expenses were paid by Xiao Chen, and the sum was more than the sum of death funeral allowance, one-time pension and the balance of account, Liu should compensate Xiao Chen a part of the money.
The court of Deqing finally ruled that the two parties should divide the property according to the contents of the will. Two thirds of the house shares owned by Mr. Chen should be inherited by Liu, the successor of the will. After the house is sold, both parties will divide the money according to the inheritance share.
After the sentence was pronounced, both parties served the sentence and did not appeal.
Dissatisfied with the father left the house to his stepmother, the son ate the will on the spot. Is the copy valid?
Will is a legal act made according to one’s own will before the decedent’s life and has legal effect after his death. It is a legal form of disposing his own legal property before his death. It is illegal to forge, alter or destroy wills. It is an intentional act for the legal heirs or other stakeholders to destroy wills by burning, tearing or even eating wills directly. The purpose of destroying wills is to make inheritance beneficial to them. This kind of behavior seriously violates the social morality, seriously violates the testamentary freedom right of the decedent, and makes the ownership of the estate against the real will of the testator. Therefore, according to the law, if a will is forged, altered or destroyed, if the circumstances are serious, the right of inheritance will be lost.
In this case, before his death, in order to prevent family conflicts, he wrote his will in the presence of relatives and friends. Xiao Chen should respect the wishes of the old man before he died. It is not advisable for him to swallow the will directly in order to fight for the inheritance. During the trial of the case, he admitted his mistakes because he felt the authority of the law. Finally, the Court confirmed that the copy of the will provided by Liu, the stepmother of Xiao Chen, was valid. After the decedent’s death, the house was divided according to the content of his will written by himself, and the judgment supported Liu’s petition.
Family love is priceless and cannot be measured by money. Once there is a dispute and dispute, we should protect our rights and interests through legal channels to avoid impulsive actions, and the gains outweigh the losses.
Legal link
The inheritance law of the people’s Republic of China stipulates that:
Article 2 succession begins at the death of the decedent.
Article 3 heritage is the personal legal property left over by a citizen at the time of his death, including:
(1) Income of citizens;
(2) Citizens’ houses, savings and daily necessities;
(3) Citizens’ trees, livestock and poultry;
(4) Cultural relics, books and materials of citizens;
(5) The law allows citizens to own the means of production;
(6) The property rights of citizens in copyright and patent rights;
(7) Other lawful property of citizens.
Article 5 after the beginning of succession, it shall be handled in accordance with the statutory succession; if there is a will, it shall be handled in accordance with the will or legacy; if there is an agreement on legacy support, it shall be handled in accordance with the agreement.
Article 16

6.79 million villas start shooting at 1 yuan

On October 23, Ali auction platform hung a set of special villas auction house.
This villa is located in Wangfu garden, Jiangshan Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City.
Wangfuyayuan is located in a good location. In the south of the community, it is adjacent to the commercial square of Haigang city; on the west side of the community is Tiantong South Road, which can be directly connected to Yinzhou central city.
This is a townhouse, built in 2015. It has a rough, east facing south, 4 floors above the ground, with attic on the top and courtyard on the south. It is currently vacant.
The certified building area is 258.93 square meters, including 185.46 square meters for residential buildings and 73.47 square meters for garages. The land use right covers an area of 232.72 square meters.
The market valuation given by the appraisal company is 6.79 million yuan. The unit price is 26224 yuan / m2.
But the starting price of this set of townhouses was set at 1 yuan!
It should be noted that the auction deposit of this villa needs 1.36 million yuan!
According to the criminal judgment published by the court, the villa owner was arrested according to law in 2018 on suspicion of illegally absorbing public deposits. The public prosecution organ accused him of illegally absorbing more than 160 million yuan from more than 200 people with high interest returns as bait, and more than 100 million yuan was not cashed.
According to the “Zhejiang province court criminal cases related property network judicial auction work procedures”, since June this year, criminal cases related property online auction, all implement the bidding rules of one yuan auction, the higher price.
The first set of auction houses involving criminal law in Ningbo, whose starting price was set at 1 yuan, is located in Huating District, Dongdu, which is only a century avenue away from the eastern new city. The transaction was completed at the end of August this year. At that time, it took 50 rounds, and the final price was 3020001 yuan, which was only 50000 yuan lower than the evaluation price.
Today’s hanging out of the Wangfu garden villa, it is expected that the final transaction price will not be too low.
A second-hand villa with an area of 206.45 square meters and five bedrooms and two halls was sold on the 20th of last month. The total transaction price was as high as 8 million yuan, equivalent to 38571 yuan per square meter.
In addition, the day before yesterday, Ali auction platform also hung a set of Fabai villa in Wangfu Yayuan, which is also 4 floors above the ground, still under decoration, with a construction area of 207.31 square meters.
The market evaluation price of the villa given by the appraisal company is 5.155 million yuan (including 210000 yuan for fixed decoration), equivalent to 24866 yuan per square meter.
The starting price is set at 3.61 million yuan.

Shoelaces pushed into the reservoir

On October 21, two women in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, were playing near a reservoir. A woman pushed her partner into the water while tying her shoelaces, and fell into the water together.
Local police station police said it was not convenient to disclose.
The staff of the reservoir management office said: there were 110 police officers on that day, the reservoir only provided ships to assist in rescue, and did not understand the specific situation.
The woman tied her shoelaces and was pushed down the reservoir by her companion and drowned Net friend: the secret corner friend version
The video shows that the two women were on the Bank of the reservoir at the beginning. When the woman in yellow bent down to tie her shoelaces, the woman in black suddenly pushed them down the reservoir. In the water, they were still pulling together.
According to whirlpool video, Lishui branch of Nanjing Public Security Bureau said both men had drowned. Police said they had filed a case for investigation on the 22nd, and the pusher had taken depression drugs before.

Official response to sack money

In view of the fact that the villagers at the site of relocation compensation put the compensation money in hand bags and gunny bags, the Propaganda Department of Lianchi District, Baoding City, Hebei Province reported the turbulent news on the afternoon of October 23 (), and the compensation money could be transferred to the villagers’ bank cards, and some villagers proposed to receive cash. He said that the payment is Shenzhen Park demolition compensation, a total of 338 households have been issued.
According to a video broadcast on the Internet, villagers lined up to collect cash with hand bags or sacks. Some villagers packed several bags, and the scene was very lively. This triggered heated discussion, and some netizens asked, “why not transfer money directly from the bank? This is more convenient. “. Video capture
The above-mentioned serious person sent a written report on the incident to the turbulent news. According to the report, on October 22, all 338 households in Dongyaozhuang, Lianchi District, Baoding city signed a contract, marking a crucial step in the reform of villages in the city.
According to the boiling point video reported on October 22, a love affair official in Lianchi District of Baoding City, Hebei Province, claimed that the compensation was made on a per capita basis, with a person of 400000.
According to the official website of Baoding Municipal People’s authority on September 3, Lianchi district Party committee and district authorities established a leading group for the reform of urban villages, with eight special classes under it. All district level leaders and relevant leaders directly under the district will work together with the village level to arrange the operation mode, fund-raising channels, demolition and placement of urban villages. It is mentioned in the article that Shenzhen garden, wumazhuang, Donghu District, old residential area reform and promotion, and urban village reform are regarded as touchstones to review the speed, quality and handling of Lianchi.

Li Jiaqi and Weiya earn one night

It’s nothing to make 800 million a night? If Simba really breaks 7 billion yuan, it is a myth, but if it cannot be broken, it is a joke — Introduction
On October 21, the annual “double 11 battle” officially began! In order to prove their commercial value, the anchorperson is racking his brains to plan to bring goods.
On October 21, Li Jiaqi and Weiya were on the hot search list one after another.
In order to prepare for the double 11 event, Li Jiaqi was broadcast live from 6:30 p.m. on October 20 to 2:00 a.m. with no slack.
At 0:00, in order to remind netizens to grab goods, Li Jiaqi is playing gongs and drums to cheer up netizens and not to sleep.
Weiya, on the other hand, cooperates with her husband to give welfare to everyone by opening a blind box. Of course, the probability of winning a prize in her live broadcasting room is smaller than that of buying lottery tickets.
A lot of netizens left messages and watched the live broadcast all night, but they lagged behind in the hand fight speed link and didn’t grab anything!
You can imagine how many people there are in the live room. Then, in statistics, they also handed in a satisfactory report card.
According to the data, Li Jiaqi and Weiya accumulated 150 million and 130 million viewers respectively. What is the concept? There are only a few hundred million Internet users in China.
The final turnover of the two is 3.3 billion and 3.5 billion respectively. It is said that according to the proportion of the draw, Weiya and Li Jiaqi made nearly 800 million and 600 million in one night! This does not include pit fees.
Let’s give you a brief introduction of how the webcast anchors charge for popular science. They are mainly composed of pit fees (i.e. the pit fees to be paid for hanging goods) and commission. For live broadcasting like Li Jiaqi and Weiya, the pit fees generally start at several hundred thousand, and the percentage is basically 15-20%. The smaller the brand, the more the bonus, and the maximum of 40%, That is to say, they can get nearly half of the price Commission for selling a commodity. In terms of food, due to limited profits, the draw may be lower.
But in the early morning of October 21, the two basically sold skin care products, so the net friends finally got 800 million and 600 million data, which is reasonable.
Netizens joked, “it turns out that making 100 million casually is really a small goal. People can earn hundreds of millions in one night.”
Some viewers said, “I finally know why Li Jiaqi and Weiya don’t know that they are tired. They don’t have time to be tired when they have so much money in front of them.”
As the head of the net red, Li Jiaqi and Weiya have a strong team behind, and they don’t get the money alone. Weiya is OK. The company behind her is her own family.
At present, Li Jiaqi is still a contract artist, and needs to share with the company. In short, he is also a “senior wage earner”. It turns out that there is a real difference between working and working.
To many people’s surprise, this year’s “double 11 battle”, Li Jiaqi’s data is actually higher than that of Weiya. Since Li Jiaqi and his assistant Fu Peng parted ways, “Li Jiaqi’s flow” theory has never stopped.
Previously, Li Jiaqi’s cumulative viewing data was only half of that of Weiya, which is actually one of the misunderstandings of netizens. Usually, the number of viewers above the head of the anchor is mainly cumulative, which is related to the order of goods sold and the time of broadcast.
Li Jiaqi mainly sells cosmetics. Usually it starts late, and there are not many products on it. Moreover, Li Jiaqi will tell the order of goods in advance. Netizens only need to go in at about the time to buy the goods they want.
Weiya’s products are more comprehensive, involving cosmetics, clothing, daily necessities, etc. occasionally, they are out of order. The audience needs to go in from time to time to see where they have been refreshed, so the data seems to be more than that of Li Jiaqi.
In fact, from the two people’s point of view, they have been equal, Li Jiaqi is not behind Weiya. In the conversion rate, Li Jiaqi should be better.
However, the network’s head anchor is obviously more than their two, in another platform, the network red Simba team is also fierce.
On the night of October 21, when Simba was broadcasting live, the number of viewers directly soared to 2 million. The total sales volume set by Simba for itself was 7 billion, which was equal to the total amount of goods brought by Li Jiaqi and Weiya.
It seems that this is not impossible. In 618 festivals this year, Simba completed 1 billion sales in 5 hours and 9 minutes, crushing Li Jiaqi and Weiya!
During the live broadcast, Simba said bluntly, “there are 900 million Chinese netizens, and 140 million people watch it. Do you dare to brush people’s data?” Suspected in satirizing Li Jiaqi and Weiya data fraud.
What’s more, he directly yelled that the fraud of a certain platform is too serious. If it continues to brush up, he will launch a challenge on behalf of the platform to face this unfair situation.
Netizens are curious, is Simba’s words exposing the rules of the industry or pure self-interest? But from these figures, we can see that the profit margin of live delivery with goods is very large. I hope you can shop rationally and spend happily, borrowing from Li Jiaqi!

Obama bombards trump

“This speech represents his (Obama’s) most direct attack on trump so far.” According to CNN daily 21, former US President Barack Obama delivered a speech in Philadelphia that day. In addition to supporting Democratic presidential candidate Biden, he also launched a fierce attack on U.S. President trump. Obama criticized trump from many aspects, such as economic policy, new crown response and so on. He accused trump of showing no interest in taking the president’s job seriously. He also said that the “prosperous economy” inherited by the latter from his term of office “he has completely messed up”.
According to reports, this speech is the first time that Obama made a political speech for his former vice president, Biden, which is undoubtedly “a good thing” for Democrats. In his speech, Obama criticized Trump’s work in the past four years. CNN commented that the speech represented his “most direct attack on trump so far”.
In his speech, Obama said that Trump’s presidency has not only changed the views of other countries on the United States, but also reshaped American views on politics.
“I never thought Donald Trump would fulfill my vision or inherit my policies, but I did hope so for the sake of this country, and I hope he may show some interest in taking this work seriously.” “But it didn’t happen. He didn’t show any interest in doing the work or helping anyone. He just did it for himself and his friends
Later, it was reported that Obama also launched attacks on Trump’s new crown response. According to CNN, trump recently said that he would “not make any changes” in his response to the new coronavirus. Speaking of this, Obama asked, “is this true?”
“It’s not going to change anything?”? Can’t you think about how to help some people and keep their loved ones alive? ” He asked.
In addition, the report said, Obama also believed that trump used the presidency to “enhance his image.”. “Even so, his TV ratings are falling,” he quipped. So, you know, it makes him uneasy. “
Obama also criticized trump for inheriting America’s “prosperous economy” from his own hands, however, “like everything else he inherited, he messed it up.”
“America is a wonderful and wonderful place,” Obama said at the end. “But we see so much noise and nonsense that it’s hard to remember what America is.”
“Philadelphia, I hope you can remember what this country should look like.” Obama stressed.
For Obama’s speech, CNN believes that this will undoubtedly anger trump. CNN also noted that for a long time, there has been a “tradition” in the United States that former presidents would avoid attacking their successors. However, the appearance of trump has changed it – instead, Obama has intensified his criticism of his predecessors.

Hunan’s first birthday star dies

On October 20, the reporter learned from the village branch of Xinmin village, Guanzhuang Township, Fenghuang county that Tian Longyu, known as “Hunan’s first birthday star”, died in the early morning of September 28 at the age of 127.
She was born in Fengyu village, Fengyu County, Hunan Province for three months since 1896. Since 2008, she has been named “China’s top ten birthday stars”.
A village cadre said: “the old man has no disease and no pain. He died naturally.” She has been living with her adopted daughter, Zhang Guiying. According to her adopted daughter, the old man only eats two meals a day, breakfast at 9:00 a.m. and dinner at about 5:00 p.m., and each meal is half full. The old man likes to eat cereal, sweet potato and vegetables, and tofu is her favorite food. Experts who had done physical examination for Tian Longyu said that the lung function and electrocardiogram of the old man were totally different from those of such an old man. A large part of the hair is dark green. One might think she’s an old lady in her 80s.

Zhang Zhongbin committed suicide

@At about 15:00 p.m. on October 19, Pingan Wuchang Branch received a 110 alarm and a man died in the first office of the comprehensive building of Hubei Higher People’s court. Police arrived at the scene in time, 120 confirmed that the man has no vital signs. After verification, the deceased Zhang xbin (male, 53 years old) was a staff member of the high court of justice in Hubei Province.
The public security organs exclude criminal cases through investigation and investigation. The related work is in progress.
According to the official account of WeChat high, “Hubei High Court”, Zhang Zhongbin was suffering from illness and taking medicine for a long time.