Tiktok will sue trump

In response to us president Trump’s signing of the tiktok and wechat ban, US National Public Radio (NPR) revealed on the 8th that tiktok was planning to sue the trump government.
Citing a person directly involved in the impending lawsuit but not authorized to speak on behalf of the company, NPR said tiktok will file a federal lawsuit against the trump administration as soon as Tuesday. The lawsuit will be filed in the Federal District Court for the Southern District of California, where tiktok’s U.S. operations are based, the person said.
In addition, NPR was informed that the lawsuit would consider the executive order signed by President trump unconstitutional because it did not give the company a chance to respond. According to sources, tiktok also believes that the “national security reasons” cited by the trump administration in the executive order are groundless.
“It’s all about guessing and guessing.” The source stressed that the trump executive order was not based on any factual findings.
In response, NPR said the White House declined to comment on the lawsuit.
Trump signed an administrative order on June 6, saying that mobile phone applications tiktok and wechat “pose a threat to the national security of the United States”, and will prohibit any enterprise or individual subject to the jurisdiction of the United States from conducting any transaction with byte skipping of tiktok parent company, or any transaction related to wechat with Tencent and its subsidiaries after 45 days.
Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry, denounced the simple and crude approach of the US government as “a naked hegemonic act”. Wang Wenbin said at a regular press conference on the afternoon of July 7 that the United States would not hesitate to damage the rights and interests of the vast number of users and companies in the United States, put its own private interests above market principles and international rules, wantonly carried out political manipulation and political repression, and would eventually reap its own fruit. Wang Wenbin urged the US side to correct its mistakes, not politicize economic issues and stop suppressing relevant enterprises.
Byte beat also issued a statement on the same day that it wanted to seek legal means to resist the unreasonable practices of the U.S. government. Byte beat said in the statement that the latest executive order issued by the president of the United States did not follow due process of law, which was very shocking. The statement said the order set a dangerous precedent against freedom of expression and open markets. If the U.S. government can not give fair treatment, byte beat will appeal to the U.S. court.

IPhone 12 compass navigation

On July 31 this year, beidou-3 global navigation satellite system was officially opened. According to ranchengqi, spokesman of Beidou satellite navigation system, mobile phones supporting Beidou ground-based enhanced high-precision applications have been put on the market. Among domestic smart phone brands, only iPhone has not cooperated with Beidou.
At the same time, iPhone users are not satisfied with the positioning accuracy of Apple phones, but this situation is likely to be solved with the release of the iPhone 12 Series in the second half of this year.
According to foreign media, apple is testing the support of the iPhone 12 for Beidou navigation. It is expected to support the Beidou navigation system when the iPhone 12 is launched, so that iPhone 12 users can get better navigation accuracy.
Beidou navigation system is currently the world’s three major navigation systems, has been used by 120 countries around the world, navigation accuracy of 2 ~ 3 meters, Beidou heart accuracy every 3 million years difference of 1 second.

Three conditions for song Xiaonv’s remarriage

On August 4, Jiangxi high court adjudicated Zhang Yuhuan’s intentional homicide case in a retrial, declaring Zhang Yuhuan innocent and releasing him with “unclear facts and insufficient evidence in the original trial”.
On August 6, song xiaonu, Zhang Yuhuan’s ex-wife, wrote an online article recalling the 27 years of hard life since Zhang Yuhuan was arrested in 1993. At that time, she took care of her two children to the elderly. While working, she continued to complain and petition for Zhang Yuhuan. Later found out the tumor, afraid of dragging down the family, forced to decide to remarry.
“In 1993, Zhang Yuhuan left me two sons, one three and one four. Now that Zhang Yuhuan is back, I’m going to give him eight people. He has a 31 year old youngest son, a 32 year old eldest son, two daughter-in-law, three grandchildren and one granddaughter. I hope Zhang Yuhuan can cherish these eight people. ” Song xiaonu wrote.
Zhang Yuhuan owes her a hug, song xiaonu, who is no longer young, said in an interview. When she said this, there was light in her eyes, and her expression was still that of a young girl, who was shy and expectant, blushed and secretly pleased.
“He still owes me a hug. I’ve thought about it for many years. I want him to carry me around
“He should hold me, and I should hold him.”
“Yes. Really. “
Later, Zhang Yuhuan still did not give song xiaonu a hug.
He just held song xiaonu’s hand with tears in his eyes, but she was still like a girl, saying, “you should remember, you owe me this hug. It was a hug from 1993 to 1999. From the day you left until every time I went to see you, the hug was in my heart.
Zhang Yuhuan said that he understood her difficulties and did not blame the current situation. If you don’t give her a hug, you are afraid that she will be emotional and will be sent to the hospital.
At that time, after Zhang Yuhuan’s accident, song xiaonu was torn apart and had no place to redress her grievances. She and her son couldn’t stay any longer because of the coldness and discussion in the village. She was afraid of helplessness, only for the rehabilitation of Zhang Yuhuan, she did not dare to put down the idea for a moment.
In those years, in order to make a living, she washed dishes and sold vegetables. She did not know a few words to Nanchang, Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department, letters and visits office, political and Legal Commission, high court, song xiaonu all went to Nanchang.
Because of one belief: she believes in him.
She was ready to wait for him all his life, but she didn’t expect to find a uterine tumor at this time. She wants to live. Only by living can she raise her two sons. She can wait for Zhang Yuhuan to come out. She has no choice for her children.
The two men signed the divorce agreement in tears, and then song xiaonu remarried her current husband. Before marriage, she put forward three conditions:

  1. Will put Zhang Yuhuan in his heart
  2. We must treat Zhang Yuhuan’s two sons unconditionally
  3. She was not prevented from visiting mother Zhang
    The husband agreed, these years also silently supported the wife to plead injustice.
    Now, the man who missed 27 years is waiting for her to come back. After hearing the result of the innocence, the woman with a bright smile in her eyes began to cry.
    When relatives meet again, the life of an ordinary person has been earth shaking. Song xiaonu’s repressed mood finally dares to burst into tears.
    People will grow old, but love will not.
    In these 27 years, she suffered no less than anyone else. Although from now on can no longer be called “husband”, but holding hands, will always be relatives.
    Holding hands to look at each other’s tears, there is no language to choke. This word, in this engraved with a concrete picture.
    Once unjust, false and wrong cases are formed, it will have an irreparable impact on some people’s lives. In the past two days, Zhang Yuhuan was detained for more than 20 years, and the news of his acquittal made many people feel sad. Justice is waiting to come, but no doubt it has been late. The late justice has been compromised. The vicissitudes of life of Zhang Yuhuan and his family clearly reflect this point.
    It is said that justice will not be absent. This is not only aimed at victims like Zhang Yuhuan, but also should be held accountable in the name of justice for those illegal acts in the process of interrogation. What’s more, since Zhang Yuhuan is not a murderer, he still has to try his best to find the real murderer in the case that led to Zhang Yuhuan’s sentence. Justice is also needed to close the case.

The missing girl was killed by her neighbor

At 3:28 am this morning, the official microblog of Laohekou Public Security Bureau of Hubei Province issued a police notice:
At 19:50 on August 2, the command center of Laohekou Public Security Bureau received a report from the masses that a 7-year-old girl living in Lilou town had not returned home that afternoon. After receiving the police, the public security organs attached great importance to the investigation and investigation immediately, and set up a special class to search for the girl’s whereabouts through various measures.
After several days of visits and careful investigation, the suspect Gao (male, 57 years old, from Laohekou City) was arrested on the evening of August 5. After interrogation, Gao confessed truthfully the fact that he killed the girl.
At present, the case is under further investigation.
Antecedents of the case
A 7-year-old girl left behind in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, has been missing for three days. Her family members say her neighbor walked over the wall when the police dog was following her
According to media reports, on August 5, Guoguo, a 7-year-old left behind girl in Laohekou City, Xiangyang, Hubei Province, disappeared for three days at her home. Family members said that when police dogs searched the house of a divorced villager living alone, the villager walked over the wall. Village officials said that villagers who walked over the wall did not rule out other things and could not judge whether it was related to the girl’s disappearance. At present, the police are still searching for the missing girl and villagers.

Response of young people with annual salary of 2.01 million

Recently, a “just graduated annual salary of 2.01 million yuan, is a Chinese male!” The news caused public concern. Among them, Zhang Ji, who graduated from Huazhong University of science and technology majoring in computer science and technology, received the highest salary of 2.01 million yuan for Huawei’s “gifted youth”.
On the evening of August 4, Zhang Ji, who has been working for Huawei for more than two months, responded to online concerns. Talking about Huawei’s annual salary of more than 2 million yuan, Zhang Ji said: there must be pressure. Huawei must have high expectations of itself for such a high salary. In fact, some enterprises offer their own annual salary of 3 million or more, but I think the research direction matches Huawei’s.
Zhang Ji said: “recently Huawei has been subject to some so-called” sanctions “abroad. I hope that I can use what I have learned in Huawei’s most difficult times and do something meaningful to my best. If possible, we will try our best to help Huawei tide over some difficulties. “
For Zhang Ji’s response, netizens have said: have heart, ambition!
We can’t imagine what the annual salary of 2.01 million means. I can do the simplest mathematical subtraction, or mathematical division, which is 2.01 million / 12 months. How much is the salary per month? That is to say, the monthly salary is about 167500 yuan. After listening to such a skyrocketing salary, I’m afraid we have to swallow a lot of foam.
Such a reward, it has to be said that the development of these gifted teenagers in a period of time will be at its peak. The technology they bring to Huawei and the benefits Huawei brings to them form an absolute complementary advantage.
“Gifted youngsters” are, after all, a very small number. The candidates have gone through different levels of selection before they finally come to the fore. They can get a high salary and adapt to their ability and quality. When they are recruited as top talents, they have to face the top difficult scientific research tasks.
It should be a social consensus to affirm that individuals can obtain corresponding rewards by virtue of their abilities and efforts.

Take the watermelon peel to the canteen for dinner

A superb collection of beautiful things make complaints about the quality of the food and drink.
Chinese college canteens have always been full of fantastic dishes, which are nicknamed by netizens as “creating the ninth largest cuisine in China.”.
However, for the dining room aunts, for the university cafeteria with dark cooking and college students entertaining themselves, they use all kinds of funny videos to fight against the old problem of Auntie shaking hands.
Recently, a girl in Yunnan Province “half an orange” uploaded a video of herself and her classmates beating rice with watermelon peel. As soon as the video was uploaded to social network, it immediately aroused the great attention of netizens.
The girl “half an orange” is Dong Rong, a college student in Zhaotong, Yunnan Province. She and her classmates go to the canteen with watermelon peel to get rice. Later, Dong Rong and his classmates took the video on their mobile phones and uploaded it to the network of their personal social platform. Dong Rong said that at that time, my aunt was laughing and eating. She thought it was very funny.
In the video, the girl brushes the rice card and hands the watermelon peel to her aunt. After receiving the watermelon peel, the aunt was smiling and playing rice, and she also filled the students with meals. See here, netizens said with a smile: Auntie played the spoon did not shake.
Dong Rong said that using watermelon peel as a rice bowl is definitely one-time use. As for the amount of food that Auntie plays, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that this bowl absorbs oil! There are also netizens jokingly said, this all of a sudden, finally found a rice bowl without washing dishes.
Dong Rong said that at that time, she and her roommates in the dormitory ate watermelon together. Later, they saw the complete half of the watermelon peel, and they had an idea. They wanted to see what the aunt would do with the watermelon peel as a bowl for rice.
Dong Rong and her classmates also hit it off, so she and her classmates in the same dormitory took half of the hollowed out watermelon peel and went to the canteen for dinner.
Dong Rong said: however, using watermelon bowl to serve rice and watermelon peel to serve rice is the same as usual. It doesn’t have the special flavor of watermelon. She just thought it was fun, and she and her classmates would continue to try.

Korean people bake money in microwave oven

According to South Korean media reports, in the first half of this year, more than 2.2 billion US dollars of banknotes were discarded and damaged. For fear of being infected with the virus, some people in South Korea put tens of millions of won banknotes into the washing machine for cleaning, but the banknotes were not washed in a proper way. Some people put more than 5.2 million won (about 30000 yuan) into the microwave oven for high-temperature disinfection, and as a result, part of the paper money was burnt.
Experts pointed out that more than 60% of the banknotes were incomplete and could not be exchanged for new banknotes.
For fear of being infected with virus, a large number of Korean banknotes are put into microwave oven for disinfection

Outbreak of the Bush aircraft carrier

U.S. Atlantic Navy Air Force spokesman Jennifer Craig confirmed on July 30 that “a small number of” crew members on the U.S. Navy “Bush” aircraft carrier were tested positive for new coronavirus, but did not disclose the specific number of people and other details. It is reported that as of July 29, more than 26000 U.S. military personnel have been infected with the new coronavirus.

The Forbidden City reappears Jiulong spitting water

14:50 at the Municipal Meteorological Station
Issued rainstorm yellow warning signal:
Affected by heavy rainfall clouds
It is estimated that it will be up to 20:00
Beijing will appear
Local hourly rain intensity
Precipitation above 50 mm!!
May bring a lot of pressure to today’s evening peak
We must take rain gear before going out
Torrential rain
It also brings a rare scene to the capital——
“Jiulong spits water” reappears in the Forbidden City
Other parts of the city
People are also experiencing the baptism of heavy rain

Brazil’s first lady is infected

The first lady and bosonaro’s wife, Michelle bosonaro, is in good health and will be treated in accordance with “all established norms,” the Brazilian presidential palace said on Sunday. The day before, Michelle and bosonaro attended a public event, both wearing masks.
Bosonaro announced on July 7 that his new coronavirus test results were positive, since then has been in the official residence isolation treatment and work. On the 25th, the last test result was negative. Brazilian media said bosonaro had been living with Michelle and their two daughters at the official residence.
So far, Brazil has more than 2.256 million confirmed cases and more than 90000 deaths. Brazil’s minister of science and technology, Marcos pentes, announced Monday that he was infected with the new coronavirus. So far, the novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by the senior ministers of the Brazil citizen ministers, education ministers, minerals and energy ministers, the president’s chief safety advisor and the head of the media office of the presidential palace.