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Deng Ziqi comments on Lu Han

Deng Ziqi commented on Lu Han’s Micro blog that Deng Ziqi and Lu Han disclosed their private relationship. Last night, Lu Han wrote in INS: “want to eat, ha ha.” What I didn’t expect was that the two photos that Lu Han had exposed were taken in the toilet. Let’s have a look.
On the evening of January 4, Lu Han took two self portraits on the ins platform, and wrote: “if you want to eat something, ha ha”. In the photos, Lu Han wore a dark hooded sweater, with a slightly gray hair combed with a slanted banged hairstyle. Her face was clean and skin was good, which was very handsome. After the photo was taken, it attracted many fans.
Chen Bolin, Zhou Jielun, Luo Zhixiang, Meng Jia and others praised Lu Han’s bewildering behavior. Later, Deng Ziqi saw the toilet in the background of Lu Han’s self portrait and commented: “why do you want to go to the toilet if you want to eat…” at the end of the article, he also took two expressions of “crying and laughing”, full of fun.
In addition, Deng Ziqi also commented on Lu Han’s bewildering behavior in 2018. Before that, Lu Han had a transparent suitcase, and Deng Ziqi joked: “the luggage is all seen, will it attract thieves?” Although Deng Ziqi made fun of Lu Hans, he also showed their good relationship.

Picasso is torn

A man tore up a painting of Picasso worth 20 million pounds, or 180 million yuan, at Tate Modern Art Museum in London, CCTV reported Thursday. The destroyed painting is called the bust of a woman. It was created by Picasso in 1944. The prototype is his lover Dora Maher.
At present, the 20-year-old man who tore up the painting has been arrested by the police and charged with criminal damage. The museum has removed the famous painting and asked professionals to assess the loss.

Feng Timo and pan Weibo

Speaking of fengtimo, it can be said that she is a very special female artist. Both the entertainment circle and the live broadcasting circle have participated in it. It has to be said that Feng Timo recently stepped on the scene of Jiangsu Satellite TV’s cross year concert.
We all know that van tilmer is a shorter girl, but she has absolutely no short body. As you can see from the picture below, the vontimo curve of the high-heeled shoes on the ship is really beautiful. In addition, fengtimo’s face is very good, and the whole is very good.
Jiangsu TV’s new year’s party this year can be said to be very brilliant. As everyone who has seen it knows, Jiangsu new year’s party often invites some familiar stars, old stars.
On this basis, Jiangsu Satellite TV has made some upgrades this year. Wang Xi, the chief producer of Jiangsu new year’s Gala, said that many new generation singers have been invited to sing on the same stage with old stars, among which pan Weibo and Feng Timo’s on the same stage are a typical pair.
Feng Timo’s sudden appearance in Macao’s golden light variety hall caused fans to scream and attracted many media. I also answered the doubts of the whole show.
From the interview, we can see that Feng Timo’s mental state is very good, and his performance is calm and calm, sharing the experience of Macao with you.
Compared with the small space of the live broadcast room, the Macao golden light variety hall is quite magnificent. Although she is small, she will shine at the new year’s concert. Mushrooms have also been gathered in Macao’s golden light variety hall to help Feng Timo.
The guests of Macao variety hall are very strong. There are many first-line singers here, and some are leaders in Chinese music. After the program list of Jiangsu Satellite TV’s cross year concert was released, Feng Timo’s arrangement is also perfect.
Nicholas Tse was the first one to appear on the stage and stayed for a long time. The classic old songs are full of memories. The time of other singers is longer than that of Feng Timo, but his performance has not been affected.
Needless to say, many people have heard his “happy worship”. In that era when there was no intelligent machine, many people used MP4 to install this song and listened to it every day. At that time, the original songs were pan Weibo and Zhang Shaohan, and the part of Zhang Shaohan was sung by Feng Timo.
Feng Timo has been a singer for a long time. Although many people still have the impression of her on the Internet, no one in the Buddhist Department hasn’t heard that song. Last year, it was even more popular in the streets.
This time, fengtimo was not only invited to Jiangsu new year’s party, but also to the new year’s Party of station B, because fengtimo has signed a contract with station B and became a anchor of station B.

The first post-90s are 30 years old. Are you still single?

The first group of post-90s are already 30 years old, which can be said to be an important checkpoint in life. Because this age has bid farewell to the youth of the new society and started a family and business, which is the beginning of a new stage in life. So, to ask, are you still single?
It is very important for me and my parents to start a family, because as long as we start a family first, we can create our own business and have the motivation to work hard. If you are single and you are in a state of “one person is full, the whole family is not hungry”, you will fall into a certain level of comfort zone, just like boiling frogs in warm water. Even if you know it’s not helpful, you can’t change your mind.
For parents, family is more important. Parents don’t necessarily want you to be rich and successful, but it’s necessary to have a family and have children. All parents want to enjoy the happiness of family and the happiness of their children and grandchildren. Looking at the white hair on the aged parents’ head, who can be indifferent?
Therefore, the first group of post-90s are already 30 years old. As a family member, we should act early, find partners, get married and have children. This will not only give parents an account, but also give ourselves a driving force worthy of struggle. The pressure to support your family is enough to squeeze out your growth potential!

Prison riots in Mexico

People’s daily news on February 12 integrated media reported that a prison in northeastern Mexico had two rival factions fighting each other in the morning of local time on February 11, causing 52 deaths and 12 injuries.
According to reports, the prison in question is called TOPO Chico prison, which is located in the west of Monterey, new Leon, Mexico. At around 0:00 local time on the 11th, a group of prisoners controlled many cells in the prison and set fire to try to divert the attention of the prison guards to escape. Nearby residents said smoke poured out after the fire, and gunshots and explosions were heard from time to time in the prison.
The governor of the state, Jaime Rodriguez, said 52 people were killed in the riot and 12 others were injured, five of them seriously. Rodriguez said the incident was caused by fighting between two rival factions in the prison. During the fighting, some people set fire, but no guns were used. Milenio television in Mexico also said prisoners and guards were among the dead.

Golden camels in the mausoleum of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty

The Mausoleum Museum of the first emperor of Qin revealed Wednesday that it carried out a detailed archaeological investigation and exploration of the mausoleum on the west side of the outer city of the mausoleum. More than 20 ancient tombs, 120 ash pits, 4 pottery kilns and 4 ancient river beds were found. 14 burial pits have been found. A tomb unearthed the earliest single gold camel in China. (source: China new Internet)
Among them, there are 9 large tombs, 4 in the East are in the middle shape, close to the mausoleum of the first emperor of Qin; 5 in the West are in the shape of a, slightly away from the mausoleum of Qin. At the same time, a circle of complete trenches was found around the three A-shaped tombs in the westernmost group, in the shape of “eyes”. This is the unique, largest and most complete tomb with trenches found in the Qin mausoleum area.
From the point of view of location, the East-West arrangement of these tombs has certain regularity, which is formed by intentional planning and arrangement, and its era should be the same period. The eastern part of a medium shaped tomb is only more than 100 meters away from the outer city of the Qin mausoleum, which indicates that the owner of the tomb is closely related to the first emperor of Qin. It is suspected that it is a group of large-scale burial tombs on the west side of the first emperor of Qin’s mausoleum. At that time, it was initially believed that the time was about the late Warring States Han Dynasty.
At present, a large-scale tomb excavated is about 440 meters away from the west side of the outer city of the mausoleum of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty, with a plane of “middle” shape; there are three rectangular burial pits on both sides of the North-South tomb path; there are discontinuous ditch remains on the South and west side of the tomb. The natural river bed in the East and the man-made trenches in the West and South surrounded the tombs, forming a relatively complete independent cemetery.
The opening of the tomb is under the ploughing soil layer, and the southern tomb path and chamber break the black ridge soil layer widely distributed in the Qinling area. The central part of the tomb collapsed seriously. In the process of collapse, the steps of the tomb wall are less affected, and the rammed earth layer in the tomb is broken at the edge of the steps. According to the corresponding relationship of Rammed Soil layer, the depth of Rammed Soil Layer in the center of the tomb is larger than that of the opening soil layer. It can be confirmed that there is earth sealing in the tomb, and the height is not less than 7 meters. Five robber holes were found in the tomb, three of which entered the tomb.
The bottom of the tomb covers an area of 116 square meters, with a two-story platform and a height of 3.8 meters. The bottom of the original tomb is paved with charcoal, with keel on it, floor on the keel, coffin on the floor, and charcoal with thickness of no less than 40 cm on it. The south is thick and the north is thin, and then it is backfilled with coarse ramming, and the upper part is fine ramming. After the collapse, the thickness of the deposit below the charcoal layer of the tomb is 0.2-0.8m. The coffin is located in the middle and south of the tomb, surrounded by ambulatory, with side boxes on the outside, where a large number of pottery, bronze, jade and a small number of gold and silver, iron and so on. The central coffin is still under further cleaning.
According to reports, according to the location of the tomb, the shape of the tomb and the unearthed objects, it can be inferred that the tomb age belongs to the Qin Dynasty after the unification of the Qin Dynasty. The tombs in the west of the mausoleum of the first emperor of Qin should belong to a planned high-level burial area for nobles in the mausoleum of the first emperor of Qin. Most of the tombs are surrounded by ditches and natural rivers, forming a relatively independent cemetery. The owner of the tombs is closely related to the first emperor of Qin.
The tomb is the largest, the highest and the best preserved large-scale tomb in the Qin Dynasty. It fills in the blank of the tomb Archaeology of the high-ranking nobles in the Qin Dynasty, and is another important harvest of the archaeology of the first emperor mausoleum.
The unearthed Golden Camel is the earliest single Golden Camel in China. These unearthed artifacts not only provided an important basis for the cultural exchange between China and the west before the opening of the Silk Road in the Han Dynasty, but also provided important material for the study of politics, economy, military affairs, science and technology, culture, etc. in the Qin Dynasty.

Cremation of hit girls in Chongqing

On December 30, the body of Huo, one of the victims of the Chongqing crash, was cremated in Chongqing. According to the family verification, Huo, a senior in Sanjiang middle school in Qijiang District, came to Chongqing to participate in the art examination training. On the morning of the 30th, a reporter from Nandu contacted CHEN Ye, the acting lawyer of Huo’s family member and the director of Chongqing Kangyu law firm. His assistant is going to Wuhan, the hometown of the man who fell from the building, to try to see his family.
According to a report by Shapingba branch of Chongqing Public Security Bureau, a man fell from an apartment building in Sanxia square of Shapingba District at about 20:20 on December 24, hitting two pedestrians, Nandu reported earlier. Nearby patrol police quickly carried out the disposal, three people died after 120 rescue. After on-the-spot investigation, video monitoring, investigation and interview, the police preliminarily found out that Li Mou (male, 31 years old, Wuhan, Hubei Province) who was temporarily living in the high-rise apartment building jumped from the building and committed suicide, excluding criminal cases.
CHEN Ye said that on the evening of the 28th, he was entrusted by Huo’s parents to become an attorney in the case. At present, the parents of the deceased have entrusted him to deal with subsequent legal matters, and he will calculate the amount of death compensation, funeral expenses and other compensation in accordance with the tort law and relevant laws and regulations.
At present, the family members of the victims and their lawyer team have not seen the family members of the man who fell from the building, and according to CHEN Ye, as of the 30th, the body of Li, the man who fell from the building, has not been claimed. CHEN Ye told Nandu that his assistant was ready to go to Wuhan and try to meet the family of the man who fell from the building.
Unfortunately, he was hit and died.
CHEN Ye said the family learned from the police that the man fell from an apartment hotel. He said that after all, hotels are special industries. According to Article 37 of the tort liability law, managers of hotels, shopping malls, banks, stations, entertainment places and other public places, or organizers of mass activities, who fail to fulfill their security obligations and cause damage to others, should bear tort liability. If the act of a third party causes damage to others, the third party shall bear the tort liability; if the manager or organizer fails to fulfill the obligation of safety and security, he shall bear the corresponding supplementary liability. CHEN Ye said he could not be held criminally responsible for the man’s death. At the same time, due to the poor economic situation of the actual suicide, the families of the victims are often difficult to get compensation. Chen ye will consider adding the owner or manager of the hotel apartment as the defendant according to the actual situation of the follow-up investigation, and bear the corresponding supplementary compensation liability.
Huo’s father once told CHEN Ye that no matter how much compensation he made, his daughter could not come back, so he was willing to choose to forgive Li. “This victim’s father is the representative of a part of the father group: they are diligent, honest, kind, and have worked hard for their children all their lives. Although their culture is not high, they are sensible and even have a mind that ordinary people don’t have. “CHEN Ye told reporters from Nandu. After the incident, the father offered flowers to three dead people, including the man who fell from a building.
“How to avoid such tragedies obviously requires many reflections. Because you can’t rely on someone who is going to commit suicide. ” CHEN Ye concluded.

The best team in Chinese women’s Volleyball

Today, the latest poster of “Chinese women’s Volleyball” was released. This time, all the girls of the women’s volleyball team appeared. It’s really amazing. I have to say that this is the most powerful Chinese women’s volleyball team.
Zhu Ting, this time Zhu Ting participated in “Chinese women’s Volleyball”, and it’s amazing that Zhu Ting played in this time is Zhu Ting himself. Lang Ping’s guidance gave Zhu ting a very high evaluation, and even joked that she was “international”.
Hui Ruoqi, who led the girls of the Chinese women’s volleyball team to “join the war”, can be said to re show the heroism of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. As the former captain of Chinese women’s volleyball team, Hui Ruoqi has different responsibilities and missions.
Zhang Changning is a girl with beautiful appearance and strong heart. This time, they will recreate the highlight on the court, and people all over the country and even the world will share the highlights with them.
Ding Xia. This time, the lineup of Chinese women’s volleyball team is extremely strong. There are not only tiantuan composed of Chinese women’s volleyball girls, but also Gongli, Huang Bo, Peng Yuchang and so on.
Liu Xiao Tong
Lin Li, they are indispensable members of the Chinese women’s volleyball team
Yao di
Xu Yunli, from their faces, we can see the spirit of unyielding.
Yan Ni
Gong Xiangyu. Director Chen Kexin commented on them. From them, we can see the light, the light of victory.
Yuan Xinyue. The latest poster of Chinese women’s volleyball team was released. All the Olympic champion players participated in it to represent the strongest team of Chinese women’s volleyball team. We are looking forward to Gong Li, Huang Bo and Peng Yuchang to have a better performance with Chinese women’s volleyball girls.

Wheelchair Girl 607

Wheelchair Girl’s score of 607 is super optimistic and great! It will be better in the future – source: headline recommendation – editor: Liu Shun
November 13, 3:20 p.m. I drove up the mountain road to find Xu Ruiyang. She is waiting for me in her wheelchair in the dormitory on Geleshan of Sichuan Foreign Studies University. Spinal muscular atrophy, 1 in 4 million. In 2001, Kunming, Yunnan Province, she won the “award” shortly after her birth. Wheelchair girl entered university with 607 scores: the world is cruel, but I still love it! At the age of 18, she became one of the freshmen of Sichuan Foreign Studies University with 607 scores. Then there were many media reports about Xu Ruiyang. “Wheelchair Girl”, “disabled college student”, “learning bully”, “strong willed”, “indomitable”
These words became labels on her. “They estimated at the time that I would not live to be four years old.” “The world is cruel.” That’s what Xu Ruiyang said. Her experience is a reflection of this sentence. Half a year after her birth, her parents found that she could neither kick nor stand. When she was about two years old, she was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy in Peking Union Medical College Hospital, which would erode Xu Ruiyang’s fragile life. The atrophy of limb muscles almost cut off the possibility of her independent activities. “They estimated at the time that I would not live to be four years old.”. Xu Ruiyang can’t remember his experience of seeing a doctor in Beijing. She has only the concept of “Ward” in her mind, and some very vague fragments.

Wang Yibo’s agent arrested

Recently, Wang Yibo’s agent was arrested and launched into hot search. On December 26, a netizen revealed that Wang Yibo’s agent had been arrested. Du Hua, the boss of Lehua, called the police to say that he was corrupt. According to the netizen, Wang Yibo’s agent was arrested suddenly, which was reported by Du Hua, who said there might be a brokerage dispute between Du Hua and the agent.
On the 26th, Lehua entertainment released a statement in response to the earlier rumors that “Wang Yibo’s agent was arrested”. Kang Wen, an employee of the company, is cooperating with the police due to economic problems. All information disclosed by the police shall prevail. The company will actively assist the police in investigation and follow-up handling. It is reported that the employee was the agent of artists such as Wang Yibo and Cheng Xiao.
At present, Wang Yibo is still focusing on the production of the TV play “you Fei” and taking into account the recording of “day up”. Near the end of the year, a series of activities are invited. Because of a “petition” and greatly enhance the popularity of him, it seems that at this stage, the focus of his career has shifted a lot to acting.
After the broadcast of “you Fei”, Wang Yibo’s momentum will be improved to some extent. However, in order to go a long way in the entertainment circle with a large number of talents, Wang Yibo still needs to constantly improve his strength. Compared with Xiao Zhan, Li Xian, etc., Wang Yibo’s performance experience is not the most, so he also needs to seize every performance opportunity to let everyone see his possibility. I hope this incident will not have a great impact on him, and I hope he can bring us surprises in the future.
Lehua claims that Wang Yibo’s agent has been arrested
On December 26, Lehua entertainment, Wang Yibo’s brokerage company, issued a statement admitting that Kang Wen, Wang Yibo’s broker, had been arrested. Kang Wen is cooperating with the police due to economic problems, the statement said. All information disclosed by the police shall prevail. The company will actively assist the police in the investigation. It is understood that recently, a netizen revealed that Du Hua, the boss of Lehua entertainment, reported that Wang Yibo’s agent had been embezzled, and the agent had been taken away by the police.
Before that, some netizens reported that Wang Yibo’s agent had been arrested, and Du Hua, the boss of Lehua, called the police for corruption. According to the netizen, Wang Yibo’s agent was arrested suddenly, which was reported by Du Hua, who said there might be a brokerage dispute between Du Hua and the agent. Netizens are speculating about the purpose of Du Hua’s doing this, and some fans are dissatisfied with Du Hua’s efforts to tout new artists and trample on old artists.
Wang Yibo’s star road journey is still relatively bumpy. He is an apprentice and loves dancing, but he has signed with Lehua for a long time, but he has been lukewarm and unpopular. He didn’t gain a large number of fans until after the popularity of the petition. However, Wang’s treatment in Lehua seems to be not good all the time, saying that his agent has always been indifferent to him.
Before that, the news that Wang Yibo suffered from the agent turning his eyes was also widely spread on the Internet. Wang Yibo’s fans were very dissatisfied with this, and then complained to the official blog of Lehua company, but they did not get a satisfactory response. Recently, several screenshots of chat records on the Internet were revealed. Some netizens reported that Wang Yibo’s agent was taken away by the police when the company’s meeting was half opened, and it was the police reported by Du Hua, the chief executive of Lehua.
However, at present, neither Lehua nor Wang Yibo has responded to this matter. There is no clear answer for whether or not the agent has been “arrested” and why. If the situation is true, then the reason why the agent was “arrested” and whether the follow-up work of Wang Yibo will be affected have also become the focus of attention.