IPhone 12 compass navigation

On July 31 this year, beidou-3 global navigation satellite system was officially opened. According to ranchengqi, spokesman of Beidou satellite navigation system, mobile phones supporting Beidou ground-based enhanced high-precision applications have been put on the market. Among domestic smart phone brands, only iPhone has not cooperated with Beidou.
At the same time, iPhone users are not satisfied with the positioning accuracy of Apple phones, but this situation is likely to be solved with the release of the iPhone 12 Series in the second half of this year.
According to foreign media, apple is testing the support of the iPhone 12 for Beidou navigation. It is expected to support the Beidou navigation system when the iPhone 12 is launched, so that iPhone 12 users can get better navigation accuracy.
Beidou navigation system is currently the world’s three major navigation systems, has been used by 120 countries around the world, navigation accuracy of 2 ~ 3 meters, Beidou heart accuracy every 3 million years difference of 1 second.

The missing girl was killed by her neighbor

At 3:28 am this morning, the official microblog of Laohekou Public Security Bureau of Hubei Province issued a police notice:
At 19:50 on August 2, the command center of Laohekou Public Security Bureau received a report from the masses that a 7-year-old girl living in Lilou town had not returned home that afternoon. After receiving the police, the public security organs attached great importance to the investigation and investigation immediately, and set up a special class to search for the girl’s whereabouts through various measures.
After several days of visits and careful investigation, the suspect Gao (male, 57 years old, from Laohekou City) was arrested on the evening of August 5. After interrogation, Gao confessed truthfully the fact that he killed the girl.
At present, the case is under further investigation.
Antecedents of the case
A 7-year-old girl left behind in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, has been missing for three days. Her family members say her neighbor walked over the wall when the police dog was following her
According to media reports, on August 5, Guoguo, a 7-year-old left behind girl in Laohekou City, Xiangyang, Hubei Province, disappeared for three days at her home. Family members said that when police dogs searched the house of a divorced villager living alone, the villager walked over the wall. Village officials said that villagers who walked over the wall did not rule out other things and could not judge whether it was related to the girl’s disappearance. At present, the police are still searching for the missing girl and villagers.

Response of young people with annual salary of 2.01 million

Recently, a “just graduated annual salary of 2.01 million yuan, is a Chinese male!” The news caused public concern. Among them, Zhang Ji, who graduated from Huazhong University of science and technology majoring in computer science and technology, received the highest salary of 2.01 million yuan for Huawei’s “gifted youth”.
On the evening of August 4, Zhang Ji, who has been working for Huawei for more than two months, responded to online concerns. Talking about Huawei’s annual salary of more than 2 million yuan, Zhang Ji said: there must be pressure. Huawei must have high expectations of itself for such a high salary. In fact, some enterprises offer their own annual salary of 3 million or more, but I think the research direction matches Huawei’s.
Zhang Ji said: “recently Huawei has been subject to some so-called” sanctions “abroad. I hope that I can use what I have learned in Huawei’s most difficult times and do something meaningful to my best. If possible, we will try our best to help Huawei tide over some difficulties. “
For Zhang Ji’s response, netizens have said: have heart, ambition!
We can’t imagine what the annual salary of 2.01 million means. I can do the simplest mathematical subtraction, or mathematical division, which is 2.01 million / 12 months. How much is the salary per month? That is to say, the monthly salary is about 167500 yuan. After listening to such a skyrocketing salary, I’m afraid we have to swallow a lot of foam.
Such a reward, it has to be said that the development of these gifted teenagers in a period of time will be at its peak. The technology they bring to Huawei and the benefits Huawei brings to them form an absolute complementary advantage.
“Gifted youngsters” are, after all, a very small number. The candidates have gone through different levels of selection before they finally come to the fore. They can get a high salary and adapt to their ability and quality. When they are recruited as top talents, they have to face the top difficult scientific research tasks.
It should be a social consensus to affirm that individuals can obtain corresponding rewards by virtue of their abilities and efforts.

Korean people bake money in microwave oven

According to South Korean media reports, in the first half of this year, more than 2.2 billion US dollars of banknotes were discarded and damaged. For fear of being infected with the virus, some people in South Korea put tens of millions of won banknotes into the washing machine for cleaning, but the banknotes were not washed in a proper way. Some people put more than 5.2 million won (about 30000 yuan) into the microwave oven for high-temperature disinfection, and as a result, part of the paper money was burnt.
Experts pointed out that more than 60% of the banknotes were incomplete and could not be exchanged for new banknotes.
For fear of being infected with virus, a large number of Korean banknotes are put into microwave oven for disinfection

The Forbidden City reappears Jiulong spitting water

14:50 at the Municipal Meteorological Station
Issued rainstorm yellow warning signal:
Affected by heavy rainfall clouds
It is estimated that it will be up to 20:00
Beijing will appear
Local hourly rain intensity
Precipitation above 50 mm!!
May bring a lot of pressure to today’s evening peak
We must take rain gear before going out
Torrential rain
It also brings a rare scene to the capital——
“Jiulong spits water” reappears in the Forbidden City
Other parts of the city
People are also experiencing the baptism of heavy rain

Brazil’s first lady is infected

The first lady and bosonaro’s wife, Michelle bosonaro, is in good health and will be treated in accordance with “all established norms,” the Brazilian presidential palace said on Sunday. The day before, Michelle and bosonaro attended a public event, both wearing masks.
Bosonaro announced on July 7 that his new coronavirus test results were positive, since then has been in the official residence isolation treatment and work. On the 25th, the last test result was negative. Brazilian media said bosonaro had been living with Michelle and their two daughters at the official residence.
So far, Brazil has more than 2.256 million confirmed cases and more than 90000 deaths. Brazil’s minister of science and technology, Marcos pentes, announced Monday that he was infected with the new coronavirus. So far, the novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by the senior ministers of the Brazil citizen ministers, education ministers, minerals and energy ministers, the president’s chief safety advisor and the head of the media office of the presidential palace.

25 kilograms of gold are thrown into the river

From colonial times, the province of Antioquia, Colombia, was the center of gold trading. At that time, Spanish colonists came here to seek the legendary treasure. In the northeastern town of de Segovia, miners drill in the Songpi mine, where more than 700 miners are working. And gold has been produced here for more than 400 years, and there are thousands of tunnels dug out for gold mining.
2020 new Hong Kong account opening discount strength is so big!
Now, due to the rising price of precious metals, illegal gold mining has generated about 7 billion US dollars (about 48.3 billion yuan) of economic value to armed groups and criminal gangs. These profits have surpassed cocaine as the main source of income for these criminal groups. Armed groups and drug cartels are setting up gold mining operations in Segovia, and both want to come here to earn a share of the money.
This is a picture of two miners standing in a basket, which is put into the mine by a crane. “You have to give them money, and if you don’t have money, they will kill you,” said Carlos Mario, 60, the head of the miner In the local area, manual miners, including many migrant workers from all over the country, were forced to “pay taxes” by criminal gangs, and many people suffered misfortune under their pressure. And they have complaints but dare not say.

Fan Bingbing’s crying at night

Even Fan Bingbing, who is known as “Fan Ye”, will cry bitterly at night when he is lovelorn!
On July 27, Fan Bingbing’s fans group showed several magazine covers of idols and the text version of Fan Bingbing’s interview with the magazine.
Fan Bingbing on the cover has long hair and shawl, wearing a Black Sequin skirt, still noble and cool, full of Queen style, but the interview content unexpectedly exposed her vulnerable side.
One of the questions is: have you ever cried at night? To this, Fan Bingbing responded: when you are lovelorn.
In addition to saying that she once cried at night because of lovelorn, Fan Bingbing also said that she would cry when she heard the song no longer let you alone.
Take a look at the lyrics of this song: dry your sad tears, let you know when you are lonely, there is a me with you, I no longer let you alone, go to the end of time together.
This full of profound lyrics also make many netizens guess: Fan Bingbing is not suggesting that he is very lonely, want to love?
As the topic queen, Fan Bingbing’s emotional road is not smooth. Although there have been many rumors, she has publicly admitted that her boyfriends are Wang Xuebing and Li Chen, and her relationship with Wang Xuebing has been years ago.
Therefore, many netizens, after seeing Fan Bingbing’s interview, first associate with her ex boyfriend Li Chen.
As is known to all, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing were in love with each other as early as 2014 when they cooperated with the legend of Wu Meiniang.
On May 29, 2015, the two showed a group photo on the social platform to publicize their love. On Fan Bingbing’s birthday in 2017, Li Chen proposed successfully, which made many netizens feel that “Ye Fan” is going to become “Li Tai”.
However, after Fan Bingbing fell into the scandal, the two people’s love began to be suspicious: first, Li Chen’s taking off the ring caused netizens to speculate that their relationship had changed. Then, Fan Bingbing’s birthday Li Chen did not send his blessing publicly, which further triggered heated discussion.
On June 27, 2019, the two men finally issued a high-profile official announcement to break up, which made many gourd eaters feel deeply sorry.
As a saying goes well: once there was much love, now there is much heartache, two people together for a whole five years, there have been many moments of love, it must be because of this, Fan Bingbing will break up and cry at night.
Now it has been a whole year and a month since the two broke up, which is the first time Fan Bingbing mentioned the topic of lovelorn after breaking up.
I hope that Fan Bingbing, 38, can find someone to accompany him to the end of time in the near future, and no longer cry secretly because of lovelorn or a song.

Over 4.09 million in the United States

People.com.cn. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia, is reported on July 24 (reporter Zhang Mengxu). According to the global real-time statistics system for new crown pneumonia data released by Johns Hopkins University, as of July 24th, 6 hours in the eastern time, the United States reported 4097270 cases of new crown pneumonia, and 145184 cases died. In the past 24 hours, 70982 new confirmed cases and 1152 new deaths occurred in the United States.
The number of new confirmed cases in Florida reached 12444 on the 24th, 8701 in Texas and 4813 in Georgia. A total of 159 deaths were reported in California since the outbreak. According to statistics, during the week from July 5 to 12, the number of new cases in only 6 states decreased compared with last week; from July 12 to 19, only 9 states slowed down compared with last week. For two weeks in a row, only New Jersey continued to decline, and the decline rates were 15% and 22%.

Zhu danguan showed up after his second child

Netease Entertainment reported on July 20 that on the evening of July 18, a netizen exposed a video of Zhu Dan playing with her eldest daughter. This is one of the few photos of her appearance since the official announcement of her second child.
Zhu Dansu Yan appeared in the mirror, a familiar short hair face slightly gaunt. She wore a loose striped T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans on her lower body, which covered her belly well, but her legs were slightly fatter.