Statement by Li Wenliang’s wife

Today, Fu Xuejie, Li Wenliang’s wife, tweeted that recently it was learned from the Internet that an American congressman proposed to change a section of the Chinese Embassy in the United States to “Li Wenliang square”. I’m sorry to hear that. Wen Liang is a communist and deeply loves his motherland. If he knew it, he would not allow anyone to hurt his country in his name. I really hope that there will be no more unprovoked sadness, let the dead rest and the living move forward.

Luo Zhixiang likes it quietly

Preface: on May 24, 2020, Catherine Yang posted the photos of dinner with Jolin Tsai and Wilbur pan on her microblog. “Have a meal with your brother and sister.” In the photo, Catherine Yang’s long curly hair is compared to the camera lens, Jolin Tsai’s long hair is gentle with a smile, and Wilbur pan is standing between them in a baseball cap.
At the same time, pan Weibo also released a group photo of the party with Yang Chenglin and Cai Yilin on INS. It is reported that this party is a treat for Pan Weibai. Five years ago, when pan Weibai finished his concert in xiaojudan, he had the same frame with Luo Zhixiang, Cai Yilin and Yang Cailin. Now, Luo Zhixiang is the only one missing in the party, which some people feel sorry for.
There are also netizens with big brain holes: “is Luo Zhixiang taking photos?” Luo Zhixiang ended isolation on May 23. If he wants to go, he can go. Although Luo Zhixiang didn’t appear in the group photo, he quietly praised pan Weibai’s blog. He wanted to keep a low profile, but he was found by netizens.
Why is Luo Zhixiang so low-key? Because he didn’t want to involve his friends any more. Since Luo Zhixiang was exposed by Zhou Yangqing, many of his friends have been suspected. Wu Qinggong, a non famous entertainment commentator, pointed out that as early as 2010, Luo Zhixiang had been rumored to have X disease, which also spread to female stars such as Catherine Yang and Caijie Guo.
Luo Zhixiang held a press conference early and denied the rumor. Unexpectedly, 10 years later, the rumor came out again. Guo Caijie was so angry that she wanted to sue the rumor mongers. However, she didn’t make a sound. She didn’t think it was necessary to emphasize that the Qing people were self-cleaning. It also shows that Yang Cailin and Luo Zhixiang are friends, while Guo Caijie and Luo Zhixiang are not.
Cai Yilin has also been implicated by Luo Zhixiang because they have performed many ambiguous actions in public. At the beginning, Jay Chou and Jolin broke up and had a certain relationship with Show Luo. After all, who can bear his girlfriend and other male stars so ambiguous? And Luo Zhixiang is so much more handsome than Jay Chou.
Let alone pan Weibai, who is said to be one of Luo Zhixiang’s friends. It is said that Pan Weibo has a trumpet, which is specially used to hook up with netred. When pan Weibo learned that he had been on the hot search because of Luo Zhixiang, he shouted at the staff: “is there any mistake? If you hook up with netred, you will know how to scribble.”
Pan Weibai was so angry that he stuttered, but he still explained, “my trumpet is for my family and friends. Is there any problem?” So, in this stormy moment, Luo Zhixiang will definitely not appear at the Party of Pan Weibai, Yang Cailin and Cai Yilin. Even if we get together, we can’t take photos with them. It’s responsible for our friends.

Actors are paid according to their titles

Beijing, China, May 23 (Xinhua) — from the TV series don’t talk to strangers, if you are the one, to the drama Teahouse and mutiny, Feng Yuanzheng, the leader of the cast team of Beijing People’s Art Theatre, has brought many popular roles to the audience.
As a member of the CPPCC National Committee, Feng Yuanzheng also pays close attention to the trend of the literary and art circles. Under the epidemic situation, the performance industry has been greatly impacted. To this end, Feng Yuanzheng put forward a proposal on the restoration of the performance market. He hoped that the National Art Fund could help the private enterprises with greater influence to regain their confidence.
In addition, he also suggested that the new literature and art group professional title evaluation system should be introduced to incorporate the new literature and art group professional title evaluation into the existing professional title evaluation system. “If the new literary and art groups have professional titles, it is a protection for the actors, and it can also limit the remuneration.” Feng Yuanzheng said in an interview with chinanews.com.
On the crisis of performance industry
In fact, Feng Yuanzheng had prepared other proposals before. But in March, affected by the epidemic, the performance industry ushered in a wave of “cancellation”. By asking friends who do performances, Feng Yuanzheng learned that many performance companies have fallen into a downturn.
According to his understanding, there are 5000 companies with performance qualification in Beijing, and 3000 to 4000 companies without performance qualification, totaling nearly 10000. Of the 5000 companies with performance qualifications, 80% are state-owned, and the rest are all privately owned. “They make money when they perform, and they have no money when they don’t perform.”
Feng Yuanzheng said that last year many performance companies have arranged all the performances of this year, and now many of them have been cancelled. If the theater opens in the future, these performances may not be able to be shown again, because the theater has been arranged to the end of this year. Feng Yuanzheng laments that they are very difficult. The salary of the staff and the rent of the office may be all problems.
Some time ago, the market management department of the Ministry of culture and tourism issued the guide to prevention and control measures for the reopening of theatres and other performance venues, which mentioned that the number of audience in theatres and other performance venues should not exceed 30% of the number of theater seats. In the view of the insiders, if the attendance rate is less than 30%, the performance company does not make money at all, and may lose money.
It is in this case that Feng Yuanzheng put forward a proposal to restore the performance market. The National Art Fund has played an important role in the prosperity of art creation, the cultivation of art talents, the creation and promotion of fine masterpieces, and the healthy development of the art industry. In Feng Yuanzheng’s view, under the epidemic situation, the state will definitely issue relevant policies to help the performance market, but for performance companies, if they only rely on themselves to rise again, it may be more difficult, especially some private companies.
In Feng Yuanzheng’s proposal, he hoped that the special affairs department would come up with the National Art Fund to supplement them. In addition to the subsidies on the project, each performance can also be given some subsidies, so that practitioners can survive better. “Those who can do art and art performance must be very dreamy people. I don’t want their dreams to be broken in this epidemic, which makes me decide to make this proposal.” Feng Yuanzheng said.
Talk about new changes in the performance industry: online performance or future hot spots
After pressing the pause button for offline performances, people in the industry began to help themselves. For example, various “cloud performances” were launched, and Beijing People’s art continued to open several online script readings.
In this regard, Feng Yuanzheng also has his own observation. In his view, this was a helpless move first, and then it became a matter of active exploration. He believes that in the future, in addition to traditional theater performances, online performances may also be a hot spot. “For online performances, the kind of broadness is beyond the reach of theatrical performances, and the audience can come from all over the world.”
Recently, theaters around the country are gradually reopening. However, it is not known how many audiences would like to go to the theatre. Feng Yuanzheng thinks that now everyone has become more cautious. For example, on May 1 this year, many people think there will be retaliatory consumption, but the result is not as expected.
“We are also thinking that the capital theater is open. How many people dare to enter and are willing to enter. If I go into the theater and see people, I may be scared. Even if the theater is open now, can it really have 30% of the audience? And the audience are wearing masks, which will also have a strong psychological pressure on the actors on the stage. ” Feng Yuanzheng said that it will take time for the audience to really summon up their courage to enter the theatre.
On the new literature and art group: it is suggested to introduce the title evaluation system of the new literature and art group
In recent years, new literary and art groups, including online writers, contract writers, freelance writers, independent producers, independent actors and singers, and free art workers, are rising. At the same time, their rights and interests are also concerned.
This is related to another proposal of Feng Yuanzheng. He suggested that a new title evaluation system for literary and art groups should be introduced. The title evaluation of new literary and art groups should be included in the existing title evaluation system. Barriers should be broken as soon as possible, talent channels should be unblocked, and they should be recognized.
In his view, since the new literary and art groups are defined, in addition to their identity, they should also be given some affirmation in terms of artistic achievements. If the new literary and art groups have the title evaluation, it is also a protection for the actors, but also can limit the pay.
“We all have professional titles, from national first-class actors to national fourth class actors. I am a visiting professor of Shanghai Academy of drama and Beijing Film Academy. The reason why I am a visiting professor is that,

Tsinghua new communication cancels undergraduate course

Beijing News (reporter Fan Shuo) in May 15th, Tsinghua University School of Journalism and communication, WeChat official account, announced that the school decided to substantially expand the scale of postgraduate journalism school, and the future personnel training of the Institute is mainly at graduate level. The move is interpreted as the cancellation of undergraduate enrollment by the school of Journalism and communication of Tsinghua University. In response to this, the school of Journalism and communication of Tsinghua University responded to the reporter of Beijing News. As for the teaching adjustment, the school is also waiting for the official document notice of the school. All documents issued by the school shall prevail.
The article published by WeChat official account of the Youth League Committee of Tsinghua University School of Journalism and communication shows that in May 14th, the Tsinghua University School of Journalism and communication held the conference of all staff through on-site and online remote online. Peng Gang, vice president of Tsinghua University, announced at the meeting that he decided to substantially expand the postgraduate scale of the school of journalism. In the future, the talent training of the school will mainly be carried out at the postgraduate level. The college should fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all teachers, and improve the training quality of academic and professional doctoral and postgraduate students in terms of training objectives, curriculum design and training links.
The decision is interpreted as the cancellation of undergraduate enrollment by the school of Journalism and communication of Tsinghua University. An undergraduate from the school of Journalism and communication of Tsinghua University told reporters that he did not expect to become the last undergraduate of the college. At present, they haven’t received the formal notice about the adjustment from the college.
On the morning of May 15, a staff member of the school of Journalism and communication of Tsinghua University told reporters that the school is also waiting for the official document notice of the school on whether to cancel the teaching adjustment of undergraduate course, all of which are subject to the official documents and enrollment plan of the school.

Tens of thousands of years of breaking of stalactites

Gulang Cave Scenic Spot, 48 kilometers away from Gulin County, Sichuan Province, was formed in the Cretaceous. The cave is rich in landscape and various stalactites are lifelike. The formation of a stalactite often takes tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years, which is of great value for viewing and scientific research.
However, it is this very precious stone stalactic that some people still have a “crooked brain”. A tourist deliberately breaks two stone stalactic and takes them home to be an ornament
On May 12, the cover journalist learned that the court of Gulin County, Luzhou City moved the case to the circuit court to popularize the law. The tourist was sentenced to apologize publicly and compensate the scenic spot 2500 yuan.
In October 2019, Xiaohe, a tourist, destroyed two stalactites, about 30cm to 40cm long, and threw away the larger one, while the smaller one was ready to take home for ornamental ornaments.
After the security personnel in the backview area found out and called the police, the police coordinated and failed to deal with it. The plaintiff Luzhou Gulang Tourism Development Co., Ltd. sued to Gulin court and asked the defendant to compensate for the loss and restore to the original state.
Later, the court of Gulin County, Luzhou City moved the case to the circuit court. The defendant took the initiative to recognize his mistake. The two sides reached a mediation agreement. The defendant compensated 2500 yuan for the loss and apologized for the mistake.
The person in charge of the scenic spot said that stalactite is a precious treasure left by nature to human beings, whose value cannot be measured by money, and once damaged, it cannot be recovered even by advanced scientific means.
The purpose of suing this tourist is not to obtain compensation, but to warn and educate some tourists of uncivilized behavior, remind the majority of tourists to establish the concept of safe and civilized tourism when entering the scenic spot.

Commander in chief of aircraft carrier development

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection fought the tiger late at night!
At 23:30 on May 12, Hu Wenming, former Secretary of the Party group and chairman of the board of directors of China Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd., was suspected of serious violations of discipline and law, and is currently undergoing discipline review and supervision investigation by the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.
Retired before the merger of “Nanbei ship”
Hu Wenming, male, Han nationality, born in May 1957, is 63 years old in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. He joined the party in March 1978 and took part in the work in November 1975. He graduated from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics with a doctoral degree and a researcher level senior engineer.
According to public information, he was an educated youth in Chian Township, Hanjiang County, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province in his early years. In 1977, the first year of national college entrance examination, Hu Wenming was admitted by Nanjing Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (the predecessor of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), and was divided into Jiangsu Teachers’ class.
△ group photo of class 07711 (mathematics teacher class) of Nanjing Institute of Aeronautics, Hu Wenming in the third row on the left
Zhengzhiquan noted that Hu Wenming had working experience in China Shipbuilding Industry Group Corporation, AVIC industry, China Weapons and China Shipbuilding Industry Group Corporation, covering the construction of marine, land and air forces equipment.
In July 2012, Hu Wenming served as the chairman of the new China shipbuilding industry group. In less than three years (March 2015), he became the chairman of China Shipbuilding Industry Group (until August 2019).
The former CSSC heavy industry group, founded on July 1, 1999, is a large state-owned enterprise reorganized and established by some enterprises and institutions of the former China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. It is an institution authorized by the state to invest and an asset management entity.
As the main force of research and production of naval equipment in China, CSIC undertakes the tasks of research, design, production, test and support of naval weapon equipment such as aircraft carrier, nuclear submarine, conventional submarine, surface ship, underwater weapon, etc.
On November 26, 2019, “the world’s largest shipbuilding group” China Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd. was officially unveiled.
This group is a large-scale state-owned important backbone enterprise jointly restructured by the former China Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. and the former China Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. on October 14, 2019.
However, Mr. Hu, who retired in August 2019, failed to witness the merger of “North South ships”.
Participated in the development of J-10 and the first domestic aircraft carrier
Zheng Zhiquan noted that Hu Wenming’s decades of work experience covers the construction and development of air, land and sea military equipment, and he participated in the first domestic aircraft carrier, J-10, domestic large aircraft C919 and other projects.
In 1998, the J-10 made its first successful flight in Chengdu. Hu Wenming led the research team of Changfeng Machinery Plant to develop the cockpit display system and other airborne equipment for the J-10. Due to his outstanding contribution, he was awarded the first-class merit of “the first flight project of J-10” by AVIC.
In addition, Hu Wenming also participated in the whole process of R & D, production and export of the civil aircraft “Xinzhou 60” independently developed by China. He also participated in the preliminary demonstration of the large domestic aircraft C919.
On April 26, 2017, China’s first domestic aircraft carrier was officially launched. In August of the same year, when introducing the latest progress, CCTV disclosed that it was Hu Wenming, the general director of the research and development of the domestic aircraft carrier, who participated in the whole process of China’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning shipyard installation project and the construction of the first domestic aircraft carrier.
Face patrol group “brow locked”
In his work experience, Hu Wenming has also experienced two rounds of inspection.
From November 27 to December 29, 2014, the seventh inspection team of the Central Committee made a special inspection tour to CSSC.
In February 2015, the leader of the seventh inspection group of the Central Committee gave feedback to Hu Wenming, then Secretary and chairman of the Party group of China Shipping Group.
According to Xinhua news agency, Hu Wenming picked up the patrol feedback materials to read after being pointed out about connected transactions and the loss of state-owned assets. When he signed the written patrol feedback documents, his brow was locked.
Later, Mr Hu said the group would “focus on special remediation of areas prone to corruption”.
△ Hu Wenming (right)
From March to June 2019, the 15th inspection team of the CPC Central Committee conducted routine inspection on the party team of CSIC.
In August of the same year, the 15th inspection group of the Central Committee fed back the inspection situation to the Party group of CSIC, and Hu Wenming presided over the feedback meeting to the leading group and made a speech on the improvement of inspection.
In the feedback, the inspection team pointed out that CSSC was prohibited from violating the eight regulations of the central government, and there were still violations of discipline and corruption; the selection and employment of personnel were not strict enough; the responsibility of the main body of inspection and audit rectification was not true, and there was a gap between the real and the real.
At the same time, the inspection team also received clues reflecting the problems of some leading cadres, which have been transferred to the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the central organization department and other relevant departments for handling according to relevant regulations.
Subordinates were checked two years ago
One detail is that during Hu Wenming’s tenure as chairman of CSIC, Sun Bo was the general manager at that time. In June 2018, Sun Bo was checked.
Sun Bo, born in 1961, graduated from Dalian Institute of technology, majoring in ship design and manufacturing. In July 2007, he received a doctor’s degree in engineering in ship and marine structure design and manufacturing from Dalian University of technology, with a graduate degree and Senior Engineer (researcher level).
Sun Bo worked in Dalian for a long time in his early years.
Served as the section chief and deputy director of Dalian shipbuilding technology institute, general manager of Dalian New Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., general manager of Dalian shipbuilding industry Co., Ltd., chairman and general manager of Dalian shipbuilding industry group Co., Ltd.
Zheng Zhijun noted that Sun Bo was also awarded the title of chairman and general manager of Dalian shipbuilding industry group Co., Ltd

Fengchao public letter users

Fengchao’s attitude suddenly changed after a strong reply was sent that it would pursue the losses caused by the stop of Fengchao’s dongxinyuan community. On the evening of May 9, Fengchao smart cabinet sent a message saying that there was a test for the 12-hour free storage period, and the function of “relatives and friends take over” was opened. At the same time, we will jointly encourage you to pick up the package as soon as possible. In the near future, Shunfeng will take the lead in launching the activities of early pick-up and win red packets. All users of Shunfeng package who are taken out within 2 hours will get 2 yuan red packets, and those who take out within 4 hours will get 1 yuan red packets.
On May 7, the owners’ committee of dongxinyuan community in Hangzhou issued a notice that Fengchao express cabinet in the community was temporarily out of service. The reason is that since April 30, Fengchao has launched the paid member service, and the express cabinet will charge the non member ordinary users overtime management fee. Subsequently, other communities joined in the ranks of stopping Fengchao. On May 9, Fengchao said that it was a serious breach of contract for dongxinyuan community to continue to shut down, which caused huge economic and goodwill losses to the company. Fengchao will pursue relevant economic and goodwill losses according to the contract.
This tough attitude changed by the night of May 9. “A letter to dear users” released by Fengchao in the evening of that day said that red packets will be issued to qualified users.
Fengchao said that it will jointly encourage you to pick up the items as soon as possible, among which Shunfeng will take the lead in launching the activities of early pick-up and winning red envelopes in the near future. All users whose SF packets are taken out within 2 hours will get 2 yuan red packets, and take out within 4 hours will get 1 yuan red packets.
Beiqing news reporter learned that for the “12-hour storage period” with larger opinions, Fengchao said that many communities can no longer increase the number of cupboards because of site problems, but in order to better serve users, we must constantly improve the speed of receiving express. According to the background data, the delivery peak of couriers is between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. every day, generally reaching the peak at 10:00 a.m. It is determined that 12 hours of free storage is based on the calculation of the peak time of dispatch. The user can usually get home and take the bag away at 11:00 p.m. at the latest. If you don’t pick it up after this time, it will affect the normal delivery of couriers at the peak of the next day’s dispatch, and ultimately affect the user experience.
In addition, in order to encourage users to pick up items as early as possible, Fengchao has launched the function of relatives and friends’ proxy. After associating with relatives and friends’ mobile phone numbers, they can receive the reminder of picking up items synchronously, and they can also take out packages when you are inconvenient.
According to Fengchao, Fengchao has laid more than 180000 smart cabinets in the whole country, even if the turnover rate is only increased by 1%, it will also bring about a great increase in the utilization rate of resources. Since the function of online membership, the proportion of parts picked up by Fengchao within 12 hours has increased by 5 percentage points, which means that nearly one million outlets can be vacated every morning, so that the courier can provide more efficient services for the receiving users.
Finally, Fengchao said that it was deeply disturbed by the previous failure to clearly explain the overall consideration of member services for the improvement of the industry’s service ability, which caused public concern and discussion. It would also take this opportunity to re-examine and strengthen the communication with users, and sincerely hope that you can understand.
How much is the annual operation and maintenance cost of intelligent express cabinet?
Beiqing news reporter learned that Fengchao, founded in 2015, has not made any money since its birth. According to the public information, from 2016 to 2018, the total assets of Fengchao changed from 1.3 billion yuan to 6.311 billion yuan, the total liabilities increased from 630 million yuan to 1.732 billion yuan, and the accumulated losses have exceeded 1 billion yuan. In 2019, the loss reached 781 million yuan, plus 245 million yuan in the first quarter of 2020, and another 1 billion yuan in one year and three months. The loss increased with the expansion.
The industry figures out that the operation and maintenance cost of an intelligent express cabinet in one year will reach 100000 yuan. Previously, the revenue sources of express cabinets mainly depended on advertising revenue, package collection revenue, usage fees collected from the delivery personnel, fees paid by consumers for overdue pick-up, paid deposit and partial reward fees, etc.
Can charging overtime fees to users smooth out losses?
Express cabinet mailing business, because the charges are similar to ordinary mailing, and there are quite tedious operations, far from being convenient for the home courier to come to the door within one hour, not to mention the additional services such as shopping on the self delivery cabinet, using o2o service, etc., which have no use scenario at all.
In this case, some founding enterprises of Fengchao, such as Shentong and Yunda, have transferred their shares to leave. Fengchao chooses the second-largest express mail in the M & a industry to expand its scale, reduce vicious competition and keep warm. The number of express cabinets in the two countries will reach 69% in 2019.
According to the rough estimate of Beiqing daily, the charge can not completely wipe out the loss of Fengchao: as of March 31, 2020, Fengchao has invested about 178000 express cabinets. Assuming that 10% of each 20 outlets of express cabinets will be charged 0.5 yuan for overtime, Fengchao will get nearly 260 million yuan of revenue in one year.
However, this year’s figure is only slightly higher than the loss of Fengchao in the first quarter of this year. And far earlier than Fengchao, express mail began to charge for overtime, which is still unprofitable. In the first quarter of 2020, the unaudited net profit of China Post intelligent delivery, the main body of express mail, was a loss of 159 million yuan.

Us outbreak last July

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases have been identified in many countries in recent days. The WHO called on all countries to investigate early cases. It is worth noting that in July last year, the US media reported an outbreak of a fatal respiratory disease of unknown cause in Virginia.
The symptoms of the patients with fatal diseases in the elderly care community include fever, cough, pain, etc
A deadly disease broke out in the Greenspring retiree community in Springfield, Virginia, the ABC Daily reported last July 12. At that time, 54 people were infected with the disease, and 2 deaths related to the disease occurred.
Symptoms include fever, cough, pain, asthma, hoarseness and weakness, and pneumonia, the report said. Two elderly patients who died of pneumonia were hospitalized, and their health status was complicated.
Local health officials have tested patients for swabs to determine which virus or bacteria caused the outbreak, ABC reported. Fairfax County Health Bureau announced that although samples of patients were tested, it did not find out which pathogen caused the outbreak.
According to Fairfax County Health Bureau, on June 30, 2019, the “green spring” community found the first case of this unexplained respiratory disease. As of July 15, 2019, the number of deaths related to the disease in the community increased to 3, with 63 community residents suffering from the disease and 19 staff suffering from symptoms.
△ official website of Fairfax County Health Bureau, Virginia
A biological laboratory near the community was closed mysteriously
According to ABC News, the community is only an hour’s drive from the U.S. biological laboratory that was mysteriously closed last year and quickly restarted this year. Some suspect that last year’s outbreak in the community was the new coronavirus, but the reporter reporting the news denied the claim, saying the local health department’s test concluded that the spread was caused by Haemophilus influenzae. However, many netizens suggest testing the community members to see if they have antibodies to the new coronavirus. In August 2019, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention suddenly ordered the temporary closure of the U.S. Army Institute of infectious diseases medicine in Fort DRICK. According to the New York Times, some of the suspended laboratory studies involved toxins that had been identified by the government as “a serious threat to the public, animal and plant health or animal and plant products.”. The CDC declined to release information about the decision, citing “national security reasons.”.
On March 10, a petition was launched on the White House petition network to ask the U.
Expert: this outbreak is unusual. Respiratory diseases are not likely to occur in summer
Experts say the outbreak in Virginia is unusual.
Dr. Benjamin Schwartz, of Fairfax County Health Bureau, Virginia, said: “in this kind of nursing home, people are in close contact with each other. When someone has potential health problems, the risk of disease outbreak will rise sharply. Respiratory disease outbreaks are not uncommon in elderly care settings, but they are in the summer. Generally speaking, respiratory diseases are less likely to occur in summer. “
According to the Washington Post on August 2, 2019, Jonathan Foucault, a Virginia Health official, found that in the summer of 2019, the number of reported outbreaks of respiratory diseases increased by about half, including in the “green spring” community.
△ Washington Post screenshot
In the local area, by the middle of May every year, the flu season will pass, and by October, the flu will return. Virginia has seen 19 outbreaks of respiratory diseases in non flu seasons in 2019, compared with 13 in 2018 and 15 in 2017, Foucault said.

Godfather’s black boss is removed

Recently, Li Qilin, the procurator general of Inner Mongolia Procuratorate, once again guided the leaders of the “6.28” organized case to participate in the underworld organized case through the network conference system.
What kind of major case is it? It is under the guidance of the procurator of the autonomous region?
The leader of the “6.28” organization to participate in the case of gangdom is Yi Lianfeng, the “Godfather” of gangdom in Tongliao City. There are 68 suspects in the criminal group, who are suspected of organizing to stay for prostitution, opening casinos, usurious loans, violent debt collection and other 16 charges. A total of 460 million yuan of assets are seized, seized and frozen.
Prostitution in hotels and casinos in tourist areas
Yi Lianfeng was once the chairman of Tongliao new century hotel. Born in December 1962, he graduated from INNER MONGOLIA NORMAL UNIVERSITY FOR NATIONALITIES (now Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities) with a bachelor’s degree. After graduation, he taught in Zhelimu League business school. After abandoning education and starting business, Yifeng group was established, including Yifeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., New Century Hotel (four-star), Daqinggou Horqin Mongol camp, new century commercial building, Tongliao Lantian Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.
Under the cover of commercial projects, Yi Lianfeng started the business of underworld. After investigation by the public security organ: the Underworld Criminal Organization led by Yi Lianfeng has been opening casinos and organizing prostitution on the basis of the new century hotel for a long time since 2002; opening casinos in Horqin Mongolian camp of Daqinggou tourist area; calling Wang hegemony in and around Daqinggou tourist area, scolding, intimidating and threatening the staff of Daqinggou scenic area, and letting tourists into the scenic area without permission, To seek illegal interests; to monopolize the catering industry in Daqinggou, to harass the same industry and beat up the service personnel; to monopolize the sandstone industry under the cover of the legally registered Yifeng real estate company and Yifeng mining company, to illegally transfer the land and seek huge illegal interests by means of false litigation; to collude with and coordinate other black organizations to exchange illegal interests for commercial support Black, protect business with black; long-term close to, draw up and corrode state workers, intervene in public security and judicial organs to handle cases.
Transferred by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Supervision Commission and designated by the Public Security Department of the autonomous region, Wuhai Public Security Bureau will investigate and handle the “6.28” Yi Lianfeng organization, leadership and participation in the case of underworld organization.
In October 2019, the anti crime Office of Wuhai Public Security Bureau issued the announcement on soliciting clues of illegal and criminal organizations of Yi Lianfeng and others. The announcement said that in the near future, according to the decision of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Public Security Department to designate jurisdiction, the anti crime Office of Wuhai public security Bureau solved the case of Yi Lianfeng and others suspected of organizing, leading and participating in organizations of underworld nature in Tongliao City. At present, the Public Security Bureau of Wuhai City has taken compulsory measures against 48 suspects involved in the case (in addition, some suspects have taken compulsory measures in other cases before), and the people’s Procuratorate of Wuhai City has made a decision to approve the arrest of 26 of them.
The main members of the underworld organization are Yi Lianfeng, Li Xiaobin, Yi liantao, Yang Xiaoguang (Yang Xiaohong) and 29 others. After investigation by the public security organ, the criminal organization is suspected of the crime of organizing, leading, participating in underworld organizations, organizing prostitution, opening casinos, intentional injury, provocation, extortion, illegal possession of guns, ammunition, illegal detention, illegal transfer of land use rights, bribery, harbouring, intentional destruction of accounting documents, helping to destroy evidence, etc Multiple crimes.
Photos of suspects released by Wuhai police. Photos of suspects released by Wuhai police.
Director of the public security department: beat down the “Godfather” of the underworld in Tongliao
On November 26, 2019, at the 16th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress of the autonomous region, hengxiaofan, then the director of the Department of public security of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, made a report on the work of the public security organs in the whole region in the special struggle against crime. The report said that since June 2019, the district’s public security organs have thoroughly implemented the requirements of the central steering group, adhered to the establishment, implementation and supervision of the reform, and promoted the continuous upgrading of the special fight against crime. The report specifically refers to the case of “June 28”, saying that “Yi Lianfeng and his criminal group, the” Godfather “of the underworld in Tongliao City, were defeated at one stroke”.
The investigation and handling of the “June 28” case lasted six months. The Wuhai police mobilized more than 200 police officers to form a task force, which traveled more than 10 provinces and cities across the country, covering hundreds of thousands of kilometers. A total of 68 suspects were arrested, suspected of 16 charges, seized 147 sets of real estate and 6 garages 28 vehicles, 15 fund accounts, 7 Insurance and wealth management accounts, 80396.4 yuan in cash, 19000 US dollars and 90000 yen in cash were seized, seized and frozen, totaling over 460 million yuan in assets. In the main case, 381 volumes of files were bound, with a file thickness of up to 8m. The indictment opinion reached 154 pages, nearly 80000 words.
On January 3 this year, the investigation of the “June 28” case was completed and transferred to the people’s Procuratorate of Wuhai City for examination and prosecution.
“6.28” Yi Lianfeng organized, led and participated in the case of underworld organizations and transferred it to the people’s Procuratorate of Wuhai City for examination and prosecution. “6.28” Yi Lianfeng organized, led and participated in the case of underworld organizations and transferred it to the people’s Procuratorate of Wuhai City for examination and prosecution.
A total of 68 suspects were arrested by the “June 28” task force. A total of 68 suspects were arrested by the “June 28” task force.
The “6.28” case has 381 volumes. According to the figure, 381 volumes of the “6.28” case were bound. According to Wuhai Public Security Bureau
Autonomous Region Inspection

Crude oil treasure settlement agreement exposed

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Original title: settlement agreement of crude oil treasure: small households under 10 million have the chance to get 20% deposit source: Beijing News
On May 5, some investors got a solution from the bank. According to Caixin, under 10 million small households have the chance to get 20% of the margin, over 10 million large households bear all the margin losses on their own, and Bank of China bears the part of the through positions. Some investors said they couldn’t accept it: “after April 5, the foreign exchange has informed their customers that there will be negative value, but we didn’t say that there will be negative value in the contract we signed before.”. So our contract was terminated on April 15. “
On May 5, some investors got a solution from the bank. According to Caixin, under 10 million small households have the chance to get 20% of the margin, over 10 million large households bear all the margin losses on their own, and Bank of China bears the part of the through positions. Some investors said they couldn’t accept it: “after April 5, the foreign exchange has informed its customers that there will be negative value, but we didn’t say there will be negative value in the contract we signed before.”. So our contract was terminated on April 15. “