Tiktok will sue trump

In response to us president Trump’s signing of the tiktok and wechat ban, US National Public Radio (NPR) revealed on the 8th that tiktok was planning to sue the trump government.
Citing a person directly involved in the impending lawsuit but not authorized to speak on behalf of the company, NPR said tiktok will file a federal lawsuit against the trump administration as soon as Tuesday. The lawsuit will be filed in the Federal District Court for the Southern District of California, where tiktok’s U.S. operations are based, the person said.
In addition, NPR was informed that the lawsuit would consider the executive order signed by President trump unconstitutional because it did not give the company a chance to respond. According to sources, tiktok also believes that the “national security reasons” cited by the trump administration in the executive order are groundless.
“It’s all about guessing and guessing.” The source stressed that the trump executive order was not based on any factual findings.
In response, NPR said the White House declined to comment on the lawsuit.
Trump signed an administrative order on June 6, saying that mobile phone applications tiktok and wechat “pose a threat to the national security of the United States”, and will prohibit any enterprise or individual subject to the jurisdiction of the United States from conducting any transaction with byte skipping of tiktok parent company, or any transaction related to wechat with Tencent and its subsidiaries after 45 days.
Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry, denounced the simple and crude approach of the US government as “a naked hegemonic act”. Wang Wenbin said at a regular press conference on the afternoon of July 7 that the United States would not hesitate to damage the rights and interests of the vast number of users and companies in the United States, put its own private interests above market principles and international rules, wantonly carried out political manipulation and political repression, and would eventually reap its own fruit. Wang Wenbin urged the US side to correct its mistakes, not politicize economic issues and stop suppressing relevant enterprises.
Byte beat also issued a statement on the same day that it wanted to seek legal means to resist the unreasonable practices of the U.S. government. Byte beat said in the statement that the latest executive order issued by the president of the United States did not follow due process of law, which was very shocking. The statement said the order set a dangerous precedent against freedom of expression and open markets. If the U.S. government can not give fair treatment, byte beat will appeal to the U.S. court.

Three conditions for song Xiaonv’s remarriage

On August 4, Jiangxi high court adjudicated Zhang Yuhuan’s intentional homicide case in a retrial, declaring Zhang Yuhuan innocent and releasing him with “unclear facts and insufficient evidence in the original trial”.
On August 6, song xiaonu, Zhang Yuhuan’s ex-wife, wrote an online article recalling the 27 years of hard life since Zhang Yuhuan was arrested in 1993. At that time, she took care of her two children to the elderly. While working, she continued to complain and petition for Zhang Yuhuan. Later found out the tumor, afraid of dragging down the family, forced to decide to remarry.
“In 1993, Zhang Yuhuan left me two sons, one three and one four. Now that Zhang Yuhuan is back, I’m going to give him eight people. He has a 31 year old youngest son, a 32 year old eldest son, two daughter-in-law, three grandchildren and one granddaughter. I hope Zhang Yuhuan can cherish these eight people. ” Song xiaonu wrote.
Zhang Yuhuan owes her a hug, song xiaonu, who is no longer young, said in an interview. When she said this, there was light in her eyes, and her expression was still that of a young girl, who was shy and expectant, blushed and secretly pleased.
“He still owes me a hug. I’ve thought about it for many years. I want him to carry me around
“He should hold me, and I should hold him.”
“Yes. Really. “
Later, Zhang Yuhuan still did not give song xiaonu a hug.
He just held song xiaonu’s hand with tears in his eyes, but she was still like a girl, saying, “you should remember, you owe me this hug. It was a hug from 1993 to 1999. From the day you left until every time I went to see you, the hug was in my heart.
Zhang Yuhuan said that he understood her difficulties and did not blame the current situation. If you don’t give her a hug, you are afraid that she will be emotional and will be sent to the hospital.
At that time, after Zhang Yuhuan’s accident, song xiaonu was torn apart and had no place to redress her grievances. She and her son couldn’t stay any longer because of the coldness and discussion in the village. She was afraid of helplessness, only for the rehabilitation of Zhang Yuhuan, she did not dare to put down the idea for a moment.
In those years, in order to make a living, she washed dishes and sold vegetables. She did not know a few words to Nanchang, Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department, letters and visits office, political and Legal Commission, high court, song xiaonu all went to Nanchang.
Because of one belief: she believes in him.
She was ready to wait for him all his life, but she didn’t expect to find a uterine tumor at this time. She wants to live. Only by living can she raise her two sons. She can wait for Zhang Yuhuan to come out. She has no choice for her children.
The two men signed the divorce agreement in tears, and then song xiaonu remarried her current husband. Before marriage, she put forward three conditions:

  1. Will put Zhang Yuhuan in his heart
  2. We must treat Zhang Yuhuan’s two sons unconditionally
  3. She was not prevented from visiting mother Zhang
    The husband agreed, these years also silently supported the wife to plead injustice.
    Now, the man who missed 27 years is waiting for her to come back. After hearing the result of the innocence, the woman with a bright smile in her eyes began to cry.
    When relatives meet again, the life of an ordinary person has been earth shaking. Song xiaonu’s repressed mood finally dares to burst into tears.
    People will grow old, but love will not.
    In these 27 years, she suffered no less than anyone else. Although from now on can no longer be called “husband”, but holding hands, will always be relatives.
    Holding hands to look at each other’s tears, there is no language to choke. This word, in this engraved with a concrete picture.
    Once unjust, false and wrong cases are formed, it will have an irreparable impact on some people’s lives. In the past two days, Zhang Yuhuan was detained for more than 20 years, and the news of his acquittal made many people feel sad. Justice is waiting to come, but no doubt it has been late. The late justice has been compromised. The vicissitudes of life of Zhang Yuhuan and his family clearly reflect this point.
    It is said that justice will not be absent. This is not only aimed at victims like Zhang Yuhuan, but also should be held accountable in the name of justice for those illegal acts in the process of interrogation. What’s more, since Zhang Yuhuan is not a murderer, he still has to try his best to find the real murderer in the case that led to Zhang Yuhuan’s sentence. Justice is also needed to close the case.

Take the watermelon peel to the canteen for dinner

A superb collection of beautiful things make complaints about the quality of the food and drink.
Chinese college canteens have always been full of fantastic dishes, which are nicknamed by netizens as “creating the ninth largest cuisine in China.”.
However, for the dining room aunts, for the university cafeteria with dark cooking and college students entertaining themselves, they use all kinds of funny videos to fight against the old problem of Auntie shaking hands.
Recently, a girl in Yunnan Province “half an orange” uploaded a video of herself and her classmates beating rice with watermelon peel. As soon as the video was uploaded to social network, it immediately aroused the great attention of netizens.
The girl “half an orange” is Dong Rong, a college student in Zhaotong, Yunnan Province. She and her classmates go to the canteen with watermelon peel to get rice. Later, Dong Rong and his classmates took the video on their mobile phones and uploaded it to the network of their personal social platform. Dong Rong said that at that time, my aunt was laughing and eating. She thought it was very funny.
In the video, the girl brushes the rice card and hands the watermelon peel to her aunt. After receiving the watermelon peel, the aunt was smiling and playing rice, and she also filled the students with meals. See here, netizens said with a smile: Auntie played the spoon did not shake.
Dong Rong said that using watermelon peel as a rice bowl is definitely one-time use. As for the amount of food that Auntie plays, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that this bowl absorbs oil! There are also netizens jokingly said, this all of a sudden, finally found a rice bowl without washing dishes.
Dong Rong said that at that time, she and her roommates in the dormitory ate watermelon together. Later, they saw the complete half of the watermelon peel, and they had an idea. They wanted to see what the aunt would do with the watermelon peel as a bowl for rice.
Dong Rong and her classmates also hit it off, so she and her classmates in the same dormitory took half of the hollowed out watermelon peel and went to the canteen for dinner.
Dong Rong said: however, using watermelon bowl to serve rice and watermelon peel to serve rice is the same as usual. It doesn’t have the special flavor of watermelon. She just thought it was fun, and she and her classmates would continue to try.

Outbreak of the Bush aircraft carrier

U.S. Atlantic Navy Air Force spokesman Jennifer Craig confirmed on July 30 that “a small number of” crew members on the U.S. Navy “Bush” aircraft carrier were tested positive for new coronavirus, but did not disclose the specific number of people and other details. It is reported that as of July 29, more than 26000 U.S. military personnel have been infected with the new coronavirus.

Tall people are at high risk of infection

According to a new survey conducted on 2000 people in the United States and the United Kingdom, people over 6 feet tall are twice as likely to be infected with the new coronavirus as those who are shorter, according to a new survey conducted on 2000 people in the United States and the United Kingdom, according to the satellite news website on July 28.
The findings, conducted by a team of international scientists, including experts from the University of Manchester and the Open University in the UK, found that tall people were at a higher risk of infection with the new coronavirus. This finding suggests that NCV may also be transmitted by aerosols carried by air streams rather than by droplets. Droplets are larger than aerosols and travel a shorter distance in the air.
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Professor Evan Kontopantelis, of the University of Manchester, said in a university press release released on 27, “the results of this survey on the correlation between height and diagnosis show that the downward transmission of droplets is not the only transmission mechanism, and aerosol transmission is possible.”
“While maintaining social distance is still important because the possibility of droplet transmission is still high, it does show that there is no more effective preventive measure than wearing a mask,” he said In addition, the air purification of internal space should be further explored. “
The survey, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, also examined the impact of personal characteristics, environment and working conditions on the transmission of new coronavirus.

Hot pot shop and Zheng Kaifang reconcile

On July 18, Zheng Kai’s hot pot shop opened in Ningbo. Zheng Kai and his wife Miao Miao showed up in the hotpot shop, but unexpectedly, the head of a hotpot shop complained that his hotpot shop decoration style was suspected of plagiarism, and released a number of comparative pictures of the two stores.
After these pictures were put on the Internet, almost all people who have seen them think that the two stores are like twins. Both the furnishings and the small decorations of the stores are very similar. Therefore, they began to discuss this matter one after another. It seemed that Zheng Kai, as the boss, tolerated plagiarism in the team.
However, at that time, after the plagiarism storm was hotly discussed by netizens for a long time, Zheng Kai and his team did not open their mouth to explain. It was not until the afternoon of the next day that Zheng Kai noticed the negative impact of the plagiarism storm on his reputation, and finally released an explanation, saying: “if there is infringement, rectify immediately, and never tolerate it.”
Netizens still agreed with Zheng Kai’s attitude towards taking on the storm. In the past week or so, the two sides finally reached a common agreement on July 26, and at the same time, they successively issued statements on this day to explain the settlement process of the matter.
The official microblog of huofengxiang fresh hot pot released a statement in response to a recent wave of plagiarism in the design of hotpot shops. After team investigation and communication with houtang hot pot, the following statement is made to you:
From this statement, we can see (draw the key points): Zheng Kai elaborated the design creativity of huofengxiang fresh hot pot, admitted to learn from the design and concept of houtang old hotpot, indirectly acknowledged the “plagiarism” of the design team, and made a review on this, saying that he had the unshirkable responsibility.
Secondly, Zheng Kai has removed some of the “plagiarized” furnishings. Through the implementation of rectification, this remedy is still very timely.
Finally, it is stated that Zheng Kai is the manager of huofengxiang fresh hot pot brand, not the decision-maker of operation. In this way, Zheng Kai’s reputation loss can be minimized, which is very wise, and has obtained the understanding of houtang old hotpot.
Later, houtang old hotpot also issued a statement, saying that it accepted the sincere apology of huofengxiang fresh hot pot, and hoped to implement rectification and strengthen management measures as soon as possible. At the same time, laohotpot also said that the public opinion had a negative impact on Zheng Kai’s reputation, which was deeply regretted. However, the attitude to deal with the problem and the aversion to rectification are satisfactory. I highly appreciate this. Soon after, Zheng Kai posted a related statement on his microblog, saying that the incident had been resolved.
At this point, the whole Zheng Kai hotpot shop “plagiarism” storm, it should be clear that both sides have made a statement, to the public have a clear account.

Restaurant built in Qinhuai River Levee

Recently, affected by rainfall and other factors, Nanjing has launched the first level emergency response for flood control in Qinhuai River Basin. However, many high-end bars and restaurants are still open inside the yangjiawei Dyke on the Qinhuai River. These restaurants have dug in more than ten meters from the back surface of the dam and opened business in the “belly” of the dam. The deepest part of the restaurant has reached the middle line of the dam. Is it approved to build a restaurant by digging holes in the dam? Will it damage the dam body? During the reporter’s interview, Jiangning urban construction group, Nanjing Water Bureau and other relevant parties did not comment. As early as 2014, there were media reports that Jiangning urban construction group carried out the construction of bars and restaurants illegally without planning procedures. The former Jiangning District Planning Bureau has confirmed that there are no procedures for the construction, while Jiangning urban construction group has promised to “order the construction team to suspend construction and restart construction after the relevant procedures are improved.” However, in six years, the procedures promised in that year have not been completed.

Female tenant arrested for photographing

Recently, a media report said that “a department level cadre of Shanxi Provincial Department of culture and tourism found cameras, memory cards and video secretly shot in the house rented to a number of female tenants”, causing concern. The Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province is in contact with the public security department on the matter, with Wang Xiaolong, the landlord involved, serving as the deputy director of the financial department of the Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province, the surging News reported on the 22nd.
On July 23, Yingze Branch of Taiyuan Public Security Bureau reported that: in investigating the case of Ms. Guo and others who were secretly photographed, the Public Security Bureau found that the landlord, Wang Mou, had entered other people’s houses in secret and installed equipment for photographing without the permission of the tenant for many times, which had been suspected of criminal crime. At present, the suspect Wang has been detained by the Public Security Bureau. The case is under further investigation.
Previously reported
A department level cadre of Shanxi Provincial Department of culture and tourism (hereinafter referred to as “the Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province”) found cameras, memory cards and videotaped secretly in the house rented by a department level cadre to a number of female tenants, involving the shooting of bedrooms and bathrooms. The incident has drawn people’s attention. At present, the police have stepped in.
On the afternoon of July 22, Zhang Linlin (not her real name), a girl renting the above-mentioned house, told reporters that she believed the police would make an investigation as soon as possible. She is still in the postgraduate entrance examination stage. The incident also had some impact on her, “delayed for a few days.”.
Zhang Linlin said that the landlord involved often came to the house, suspected to replace the storage card of the camera equipment. “(he) comes at least once a week. We also feel that he is furtive, but we dare not think about it. “
The house involved is suspected of group rent. Zhang Linlin told reporters that there are upper and lower bunks in the room. When she checked in in in March, there were more than 10 people in her room. Most of the tenants were girls in their twenties. “Most of them graduated for one or two years, and some were preparing for postgraduate entrance examination.”.
According to previous reports, a girl who rented the above-mentioned house told reporters that she found and then rented the house on the information platform of “anjuke”. The camera has already shot more than 4000 videos, targeting the bed and bathroom in the bedroom. In the video, there are many girls living in the bedroom and taking a bath in the bathroom. She found that the memory card of the aforementioned device had been replaced. The landlord in question often came to the house. The memory card found so far is 32g.
On the afternoon of the 22nd, anjuke responded again, saying that the house in question was released by a certain person from the landlord Wang, which was a rental housing source. The lessor is Wang. At present, Wang’s personal account number has been added to the blacklist and banned.
For Wang Xiaolong released the number of housing units, the number of rental housing and other information, the Anju customer side has not responded.
On the afternoon of the 22nd, a staff member of the office of the Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province told reporters that at present, the Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province is in contact with the public security department on this matter, and the specific situation shall be subject to the police notice. Wang Xiaolong, the landlord involved, was indeed a staff member of the Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province and served as the deputy director of the financial department of the Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province.
In response to the question of “whether Wang Xiaolong goes to work normally”, the above-mentioned staff replied, “waiting for subpoena (call)”.
“Wang, the landlord involved, has been summoned to the case according to law.” Shanxi Taiyuan Public Security Bureau Yingze Branch issued a notice on the 22nd.
“On July 17, Wang Xiaolong, director of the financial department of Shanxi Provincial Department of culture and tourism, gave a comprehensive and systematic explanation on the topic of” Shanxi public cultural service system model construction and system innovation. ” Information released by Jiexiu Library of Shanxi Province on July 18.
Wang Xiaolong graduated from the school of Finance and finance of Shanxi University of Finance and economics with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He is mainly responsible for grassroots cultural construction, cultural policy research and cultural planning, according to the news.

The first batch of new films in Cinemas

The cinema, which has been closed for nearly 180 days due to the epidemic situation, finally got the good news of opening and returning to work yesterday. The film makers who have been suffering a lot have ushered in the dawn, and the audience will also usher in a feast for watching films.
Although there are many new films accumulated at present, after returning to work on July 20, “Tang Tan 3”, “Jiang Ziya”, “champion” and other popular spring festival films are not ready to appear on the first day of returning to work, and the market is still in a wait-and-see state.
It is reported that after the opening of the cinema, in addition to the four new films, most of the old films will be shown again, and interested partners can relive the wonderful moments.
The first films are as follows:
China Film:
The first batch: “catching demons”, “Mermaid”, “Zodiac”, “love story in Beijing”, “journey of seeking dreams”
The second batch: why to be home, wolf totem, Chinese partner, warwolf 2, wandering earth (to be determined)
The third batch: Avengers 1, 2, Titanic, wind
The birth of Nezha’s devil child, Charlotte’s worry, the origin of the White Snake, the mission of a dog 1, 2, cohabitation beyond time and space, making a big fuss in heaven, the big fish Begonia, and the adventure of Afanti
Coordinating / pending: Star Trek, Harry Potter, avatar, Avengers 3, 4, etc
New film will be put on file:
“The first parting” 7.20, “Mr. Miao” 7.31, “I wait for you at the end of time” 8.25, “buckwheat crazy growth” 8.25
Coordination / undetermined: creed, Hua Mulan, 1917, dorit’s fantasy adventure, Qiao Qiao’s fantasy world, little woman, Jedi wartrooper 3, vanguard, Jiang Ziya, wishing dragon, Nezha’s rebirth
“The first parting” is directed by Wang Lina. It tells the story of a Xinjiang boy, Issa, with his childhood friend, Kelly, as a clue.
The film won the “best film” award in Berlin, Tokyo and Hong Kong International Film Festivals, and Wang Lina also won the best director of the second Hainan International Film Festival.
“I’ll wait for you at the end of time” is adapted from Zheng Zhi’s original novel of the same name. It is produced by Jiang Zhiqiang and directed by Yao Tingting. It tells the love story of Li Hongqi’s Lin Ge and Li Yitong’s Qiu Qian, who constantly meet, stay together and love each other in time and space.
Directed by Li Lingxiao, Mr. Miao is adapted from Bu sifan’s classic short film “Dharma protector”. It tells the story of a realistic and thrilling journey that the two apprentices, Liang Yan and Ding Guo, embark on to track the traces of flowers on the other side.
There are many characters and strong style in the film. The labels such as “sister film of Dharma protector”, “adult animated film” and “suggest people over 13 years old to watch” also make this animated film clear from the previous children’s animation.
Crazy buckwheat is a movie written and directed by Xu zhanxiong and starred by Ma Sichun, Zhong Chuxi and Huang Jingyu.
The film tells the story of two girls and a boy who have just entered the society in the 1990s. In the process of pursuing a new life, they go through the incredible fate test. In the vigorous development of the 1990s, they rose and disillusioned together with their dreams, and then recovered from the desperate situation.
At present, films such as Jiang Ziya, Tang Tan 3 and Hua Mulan, which are highly praised on the Internet, are still in further coordination. I believe that as long as the market returns to operation and the epidemic situation does not recur, we will soon be able to meet the audience!

Full list of exposure on March 15

The “3.15” party has passed a full 30 years. Affected by the epidemic situation, this year’s “3.15” party was postponed to today’s broadcast. Come to see which enterprises have been named.
The contents of the evening include:

  1. “Expired” Burger King;
  2. Front and back of towel;
  3. Endless gearbox faults;
  4. Fine decoration or “surprise” decoration;
  5. Routine marketing is hard to escape;
  6. The interesting headline advertisement is hidden;
  7. Why is it so difficult to refund?
    1、 Sea cucumber water “deep”! Keep sea cucumbers in full containers and release dichlorvos. Southern sea cucumbers pretend to be North sea cucumbers
    Jimo, Shandong Province is one of the main sea cucumber culture areas in China. In October 2019, it is the breeding period of sea cucumber seedlings. When the reporter came to the breeding base of Castanopsis Bay, he found nearly 100 glass bottles stacked beside a pond, which read: dichlorvos. The farmer said frankly that he had just added a lot of dichlorvos into the pond in order to remove other organisms that are not conducive to the growth of sea cucumber. Hengshengyuan is one of the local large-scale sea cucumber breeding bases. The farmers in the base also admit that they often use dichlorvos: “dichlorvos, I make three or four boxes of fish and shrimp dead in one pool.” Reporters in Shandong Jimo investigation found that this phenomenon is very common. So, the reporter is very surprised, put so much dichlorvos into the pond, are not afraid to kill the sea cucumber? A veterinary drug store operator told reporters: “the drug resistance of sea cucumber is the most severe, dichlorvos can not kill sea cucumber.” In addition, farmers told reporters that the seawater used pesticides will be re discharged back to the sea. Some greenhouse sea cucumber farmers also secretly told reporters that they often used antibiotics and other veterinary drugs in the process of breeding.
    In November 2019, when it was time for sea cucumber seedlings to emerge, reporters came to Jimo, Shandong province again, and found that most of the people who came here to buy sea cucumber seedlings were businessmen from the south. Practitioners revealed to reporters a little-known industry secret: after the cultivation of sea cucumbers, they will go back to the northern market for processing and sales. An industry insiders said: “the sales are relying on northerners, and 80% of the market is our southern sea cucumber.” Some dealers told reporters that the real northern sea cucumber has a long growth cycle, compact meat and high price, while the southern sea cucumber has a short growth cycle and low price, which is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish. Therefore, many businesses will use the southern sea cucumber as the northern sea cucumber.
    Follow up: hengshengyuan sea cucumber is removed from tmall
    On the 16th, CCTV’s 3 / 15 evening party exposed the situation of dichlorvos put into sea cucumber breeding by hengshengyuan and other enterprises. Later, the sea cucumber products were removed from the shelves of hengshengyuan tmall flagship store, but vegetables and other products were still on sale. At present, the detailed introduction page of hengshengyuan tmall flagship store showed “the page has moved away”. In Jingdong and pinduoduo, the reporter searched and found no hengshengyuan products on sale.
    Jimo District of Shandong Province quickly organized joint law enforcement to investigate and deal with the exposure of 315 party
    Official microblog (@ Jimo release) of the news center of Jimo District, Qingdao, Shandong Province )According to an article published on the evening of 16th, the Jimo district Party committee and government attached great importance to the illegal use of pesticides by some sea cucumber farmers in Jimo, Shandong Province, which was exposed in the 315 evening party of CCTV, and immediately instructed Jimo agricultural and rural Bureau, market supervision bureau, natural resources Bureau and Public Security Branch Bureau to jointly carry out law enforcement inspection, and promptly investigate and deal with relevant problems according to law.
    At present, the agricultural comprehensive administrative law enforcement brigade of Jimo district has carried out law enforcement inspection on the animal husbandry, veterinary and aquaculture Service Department operated by sun in Tianheng town. A case of oxytetracycline powder was found in the service warehouse. The law enforcement personnel immediately started the law enforcement procedure and carried out evidence registration and preservation. The public security department has taken compulsory measures against the party concerned. In the next step, the law enforcement agencies will investigate the parties and identify the oxytetracycline involved in the case according to the law, and punish them according to the relevant provisions of the “Regulations on the administration of veterinary drugs” in combination with the investigation results. If it is suspected of committing a crime, it will be severely punished by the judicial organ according to law.
    As for the problem of illegal use of dichlorvos by sea cucumber farmers, it was found that some farmers used pesticides illegally when clearing ponds. Penalties will be imposed in accordance with Article 60 (5) of the regulations on pesticide administration. Jimo District Natural Resources Bureau and Jimo agricultural and rural Bureau will jointly with relevant departments to carry out special rectification action of sea cucumber breeding in the whole region, strictly investigate and deal with illegal behaviors, and severely punish those involved in the case according to law. If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Jimo district will draw inferences from one instance and immediately carry out a joint special inspection and rectification action with a network and full coverage, seriously investigate and deal with the existing problems, and earnestly guarantee the food safety of the people.
    2、 Burger King uses expired bread to make hamburger. The shelf life of chicken leg steak can be changed at will
    Burger King, a large chain enterprise in the world, claims that “taste is king, food is fresh” and that “every imperial Castle meets the crown standard of Burger King”. However, insiders reported that Burger King’s standards had serious problems in the actual implementation. In the Honggutan Tianhong store of hamburger king in Nanchang City, the reporter found that in the process of making hamburger, the staff worked very hard to put a piece of tomato or a piece of cheese.
    With the deepening of the investigation, the reporter’s findings are even more shocking. When the manager on duty found that the bread was due, he naturally ordered the staff to change the label. The staff removed the old labels from the hamburgers and replaced them with new ones. The next day, the reporter found that this batch of expired bread was taken out one after another, made into hamburgers and sold to customers. Even when it comes to food