月度归档: 2020年2月

Sentence of attacking police involved in epidemic situation in Beijing

During the outbreak,
In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control,
All districts in Beijing have implemented closed management.
The owner enters and exits the community,
All need to cooperate with community epidemic prevention staff to register and measure temperature.
However, some people do not cooperate with the work and do not obey the management,
Even to the community epidemic prevention staff and on-site disposal police.
On February 16, 2020, Guo refused to cooperate with the community management during the period of epidemic prevention and control in a community of Chaoyang District, Beijing, and beat up the community epidemic prevention staff. After the police of Changying police station arrived at the scene, Guo refused to cooperate with the police but kicked them.
After the novel coronavirus, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau launched the wartime right protection mechanism, intervened in the whole process and implemented the supervision work. On the same day, Guo was legally detained, and then closely coordinated and coordinated with the prosecutors and the law authorities. The guidelines were strictly followed in the “guiding opinions on punishing the offenders of the police in accordance with the law” and “punishing the epidemic situation of the new type of coronavirus infection” according to the law. The opinion on the control of illegal crimes stipulates that the case shall be investigated, tried, arrested, prosecuted and sentenced quickly. On February 28, Chaoyang District People’s court held a court session to hear the case. Later, Guo was sentenced to one and a half months’ detention for the crime of obstructing official duties.
Police tips
Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been attacked by the public security workers, medical workers and community epidemic prevention personnel. Not easily won the epidemic prevention and control. In the fight against “epidemic”, in the most arduous critical period, every citizen should keep the bottom line of the law and obey the control arrangements. No one is an “outsider”, not to mention a “troublemaker”. Beijing police always adhere to “zero tolerance” for any illegal actions that hinder or hinder the prevention and control of epidemic situation and humiliate or attack the police, and crack down severely according to the law.

First confirmed case in Northern Ireland

The novel coronavirus pneumonia was novel coronavirus pneumonia in novel coronavirus pneumonia in Northern Ireland. The first case of new crown pneumonia was confirmed in Holland on the evening of 27 local time. It is understood that the patient arrived in Dublin earlier from northern Italy and then returned to Northern Ireland. The novel coronavirus pneumonia was first diagnosed in Holland on the evening of 27 July, when the Holland public health and Environment Institute, which was set up by the Ministry of health, welfare and sports of Holland, confirmed that the disease had recently visited Lombardia, Italy, and has been isolated for treatment. According to Dutch media, the patient is a 56 year old male citizen of the Netherlands. The announcement also showed that the relevant health departments have begun to investigate the recent contacts of patients and the way of infection.

New overseas products beyond China

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, 26 day, said in Geneva that six cases of new crown pneumonia were diagnosed in 37 countries and 44 deaths in six countries at that morning.
“Yesterday, for the first time, the number of new cases outside China exceeded that inside China.” Tandesay said the current surge in cases in Italy, Iran and South Korea was “deeply concerned.”.
According to the data provided by Fadela Chaib, who spokesman, Tan Desai refers to the specific data of the 25th, and the global report to who results in 427 new cases in 37 countries and 411 new cases in China.
Tan Desai said that although the current spread of the new crown does not mean that we can not contain the virus, he reiterated that the current who will not use the global epidemic to describe the new crown.
“One of the biggest challenges we face is that too many of the affected countries have yet to share data with who,” says Mr tandesay. Without disaggregated data and a detailed list of projects, who will not be able to provide appropriate public health guidance. “
“We are in direct communication with ministers. There are some improvements. We urge all countries to share data with who immediately.” He said.
As the data is still changing, according to the incomplete statistics of the first financial reporter at 21:15 on the 26th of China time, 38 countries (except China) have seen new cases of crown disease, and Greece is the new country except for the country mentioned by Tan Desai. At the same time, there are 1261 new crown patients in South Korea, 284 new cases, 12 deaths; 375 new crown patients in Italy, 51 new cases, 12 deaths; 139 new crown patients in Iran, 44 new cases, 19 deaths.

Xu Zhian asked Huang Xinying

On February 26, according to Hong Kong media, Xu Zhian and his fitness coach and friends recently made an appointment for afternoon tea. On the same day, Xu Zhian wore a white coat and dark sweatpants. He looked a little fatter, but he had a good spirit.
When the reporter asked if he had seen Huang Xinying and heard about her association with Nihong, Xu Zhian immediately shook his head and left faster.

Who expert group arrives in Italy

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was issued by the WHO’s European Regional Office on 24 April. The group of experts jointly sent by who and CDC arrived in Italy to help Italy control the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. The expert group will mainly provide support in clinical management, infection prevention and control, epidemic monitoring and crisis communication. The statement said that the focus of the current work is to control the further spread of the virus between people. The statement also said that while the rapid growth of confirmed cases in Italy over the past two days was worrying, it should be noted that 80% of these cases had no symptoms or only mild symptoms.

Prison personnel escape during isolation period

On February 23, the news of “looking for close contacts released after Ren Cheng prison’s sentence” was spread on the Internet. The novel coronavirus was released from prison in February 9th, and the new coronavirus was closely contacted. The reporter of Beijing News verified the news to Nanzhang police station, which issued the notice, and confirmed that the news was true, and the police situation was co checked and forwarded by other police stations. At about 17:00 on February 23, local police found Qu and forced him to be isolated.

Wang Sicong: a bottle of wine: 880000 yuan

Wang Sicong continues to enjoy luxury life, basking in nearly 900000 high-end red wine, which ordinary people can’t afford!
Is Wang Sicong limited in consumption? For this topic, in fact, too many people say that the former Prince Wang may have to live an ordinary life. But in fact, Wang Sicong is still so high-profile, and ordinary people can’t afford to live.
Recently, influenced by special events, Wang Sicong chose to go abroad to enjoy his luxurious life. Although Mr. Wang is abroad, no matter where he goes, there is a circle of friends belonging to him.
A while ago, he had a picture of skiing abroad, and he had fun in the snow with his friends. Especially Wang Sicong, who is rarely in a good mood, has exposed his luxurious houses and cars in foreign countries, which makes people drool.
Of course, these are not the key points. The most important thing is that Wang Sicong took a picture of himself drinking high-end red wine in the sun on February 21, and also took a picture of the wine to show you what it looked like.
Ordinary people really haven’t seen it, but according to the verification of netizens, this bottle of good wine is worth nearly 900000 yuan when it is most expensive. In other words, this bottle of wine is worth a suite in the new first tier city, or one with fine decoration.
If you want to drink this wine if you have money, you may think wrong. It’s not easy to get this wine if you have money. It needs relationships.
Look at this wine bottle. It’s the one under Wang Sicong’s hand. I want to drink 880000 yuan for a simple meal. I don’t know what flavor Wang Sicong drinks. Can I share the taste with you?
The black bottle next to the bottle is not too expensive, but its value is also great!
A simple bottle of wine even if you drink the money that others have worked hard for a lifetime, I don’t know what you think of this kind of rich people’s life? More are the envious voices of netizens. “He’s really too rich to compete with others,” netizens said. “He’s still Mr. Wang. A skinny camel is bigger than a horse. A bottle of wine drinks a suite!”
Wang Sicong also exposed his own luxury car in a foreign mansion, and sent a message claiming to go out to blow up the street!
In the eyes of outsiders, Wang Sicong is a wealthy second generation childe, and now has been restricted from consumption. But in the eyes of people who really know him, it is estimated that Mr. Wang is still the rich master, whose career and life are completely unaffected, and still enjoying his own happy time!
I don’t know if everyone envies Wang Sicong. If I give you 2 billion yuan, how can you spend it?

Doctor Peng Yinhua died of infection

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Peng Yinhua, First Hospital of Jiangxia district and Jiangxia Hospital of Jiangxia and Wuhan, Wuhan, was reported dead on February 20, 2020 evening. The first time, the first time, the first time, the first time, the first time, the doctor was in the hospital. She died at the 21:50 hour in Jiangxia, the hospital.
According to the report, Peng Yinhua was admitted to the first people’s Hospital of Jiangxia District on January 25 after being infected, and the hospital immediately made full efforts to treat him; on January 30, the disease became worse, and the hospital sent him to Wuhan Jinyintan hospital for treatment. He died at 21:50 on February 20, 2020 at Jinyintan hospital due to the deterioration of his condition and ineffective rescue. The Health Bureau of Jiangxia District of Wuhan City expressed deep mourning for the unfortunate death of Dr. Peng Yinhua and sincere condolences to his family members.
According to Jiangxia financial media reported on January 28, Dr. Peng Yinhua had planned to hold a wedding ceremony on the eighth day of the first month, but with the development of the epidemic, Peng Yinhua decided to stick to the front line. And the wedding invitation was still in the desk drawer, not distributed. Peng Yinhua and his wife have reached a consensus that the epidemic will not spread and the marriage will be delayed.
On the new year’s Eve, colleagues loved Peng Yinhua and wanted him to go home to rest and accompany “his wife who has not passed by”. He smiled, “let more colleagues with family rest more, I’m young, I’ll top first.”. After a brief talk with his wife, Peng Yinhua once again put on his isolation suit and devoted himself to the battlefield that needed him more.

Response to total infection in mental hospital

Xiantao health and Health Committee today (February 20) released a message: it is a rumor that “all the patients in HUTANG mental hospital are infected”. The details are as follows:
Recently, the Internet spread that “all the patients in HUTANG mental hospital are infected” and “the confirmed patients in HUTANG mental hospital have run out” and other information are untrue, which is a rumor. Novel coronavirus pneumonia hospital is a private psychiatric hospital in our city. In February 17th, many people in the hospital had fever symptoms. After checking the nucleic acid tests and related examinations of 130 patients and 49 medical staff in the hospital, 18 patients (16 cases in the hospital and 2 nursing workers) were diagnosed. The rest of the novel coronavirus pneumonia is under centralized isolation medical observation according to the new crown pneumonia diagnosis and treatment standard. There was no phenomenon of the confirmed patient leaving.
Please don’t believe or spread rumors!
Xiantao Health Committee
February 20, 2020

Four of Chang Kai’s family died

The novel coronavirus pneumonia, director of the Hubei film studio director and director of the film and Television Department, died with her parents and elder sister in 19 days. According to friends and colleagues, Chang Kai was born into a scholarly and gentlemanly family. His parents were both professors of Wuhan Tongji Hospital in Hubei Province, and it was unexpected that a disaster would come to this happy home. Hundreds of millions of netizens cheer on Chang Kai’s wife, who is still in hospital, and hope she will recover soon.
Chang Kai and his sister died on the same day last Friday (14), and his parents died on the 27th of last month and the 2nd of this month respectively. Novel coronavirus pneumonia after the Hubei film studio, which means Chang Kai died of the treatment of new crown pneumonia, died at the people’s Hospital of Huangpi, aged 55. According to the obituary, Chang Kai loves his job and is willing to work hard. He is kind and helpful to others. He is highly respected and praised by the staff of the studio. His death has made the studio lose excellent cadres.
Some friends who have known Chang Kai for many years recalled that they rode bicycles together and ate hot and dry noodles, soymilk and flour pits together in the breakfast shop. They pointed out that “in the past 30 years, our bits and pieces are more vague and clear like the scenes in the movie.” Chang Kai’s former colleagues and friends said that he was optimistic, open-minded, elegant and tasteful.
The experience of Chang Kai’s family not only makes his friends and film peers feel sad, but also touches the hearts of countless people on the Internet. The boss of a film and television company said in the circle of friends that the tragedy of Chang Kai’s family should not have happened. Some netizens left a message: “we are just trapped at home, some people are forever trapped in 2020.”.