月度归档: 2020年4月

Written by Chen Derong

On April 29, Chen Derong, a famous “Qiongyao girl”, accepted an interview with Taiwan media and officially announced her divorce. Although she has been in the semi retirement state, the status of the performing arts circle is still there, and her marriage state has attracted many people’s attention.
At 11 o’clock on the night of the 29th, Chen Derong updated his microblog, took photos with his mother and posted: Thank you for every real encounter in his life!
There are also several topics:
The princess does not lack prince charming
Be your own queen
Family is the support forever
A New Beginning
Please give me more advice
Obviously, Chen Delong’s publicity this time is for the sake of re creating. I wonder if there is any chance to return to the entertainment circle to make a film?
Chen Derong, 45, has joined the entertainment circle since she was a child. In everyone’s impression, she should be more than 50 years old, but in fact, she started her career at the age of 15 and worked too long, so she gave everyone such an illusion.
Chen Derong is the heroine of “three lanes of plum blossom” series and “one curtain of dreams”. The image of “jade girl” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. After getting married in February 2011, she lived a low-key family life, rarely came out to make movies, occasionally went on Variety shows, bringing memories to the audience.
Chen Derong said in an interview that her husband Wang Zance, a rich businessman in the real estate industry, and she had signed for divorce as early as last August, but it had not been announced. She said that the two sides separated peacefully, without any third party, quarrel or property problems.
In the early morning of April 30, Taiwan media revealed that in terms of property distribution, Chen Derong and his ex husband’s former Taipei House had been given to the woman by the man, and that the two’s fading feelings should be related to the absence of children.
However, the report of the Taiwan media is a bit contradictory. The first paragraph says that Chen de Rong still plays after his marriage, and the second paragraph turns into no play after marriage
Maybe at the beginning of her marriage, Chen Derong still made movies, but in recent years, her dramas are not very busy.
Half a year after the divorce, Chen Delong was finally able to say that she was an insider and really should give the audience an account, but her ex husband was an outsider. She begged the media reporter not to disturb the other party and not affect him.
From Chen’s attitude, she and Wang Zance are really like peacefully breaking up. She will care about each other, which proves that they are calm.
Chen also admitted that now he has become friends with his ex husband, and will continue to contact and greet each other when he meets them. He has not died of divorce.
Chen Derong has been married for eight years, and most of the time he lives a leisurely family life. It would be hypocritical to say that such a state is not to have children.
However, over the years, she has not given birth to half a man and half a woman. She also told the media that “marriage is not for the sake of inheriting the family, just let it be as it is, not necessarily to have children.” she was tough.
At that time, she also found a way out for herself, saying that if she wanted to have children in the future, she would consider adopting or looking for a surrogate mother.
At the beginning of the month, the media pointed out that Chen Derong was promoted to be a producer, and the new film was to be shot in Hainan Island and Xiamen, but it was postponed due to the outbreak of the epidemic, and declined invitations for several programs (approaching its territory, rotating bar holiday).
In addition, she has been living in Taipei since January. She will shoot new photo albums in the local area. She will also consider shooting Taiwan’s TV series.
Chen de Rong is well maintained. He also has the burden of idolatry. He doesn’t eat snacks, oil or salt. He doesn’t eat after 6 p.m. and only eats two meals a day plus sports and beauty.
She once confessed that even when she went out to the convenience store to buy something, she had to wear special make-up to keep the good condition of the female star, and she didn’t worry about getting married.
Vivian Chan’s mother suffered from three stages of kidney cancer a few years ago, but her treatment was good and her health was OK. The old man knew that her daughter was going to divorce, and he was very open-minded to show respect for her daughter’s decision.

One new local case

From 0:00 to 24:00 on April 28, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 22 newly confirmed cases, of which 21 were imported cases from abroad, 1 case was local case (1 case in Guangdong); no new death cases; 2 new suspected cases were imported suspected cases from abroad (1 case in Inner Mongolia, 1 case in Shanghai).
On the same day, 23 cases were cured and 627 close contacts were released from medical observation. The number of severe cases remained unchanged.
553 confirmed cases (including 22 severe cases) and 7 suspected cases were imported from abroad. There were 1660 confirmed cases and 1107 discharged cases.
As of 24:00 on April 28, according to the reports of 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, there are 647 confirmed cases (including 50 severe cases), 77578 cured and discharged cases, 4633 dead cases, 82858 confirmed cases and 10 suspected cases. There were 731910 close contacts and 8283 close contacts still under medical observation.
There are no newly confirmed cases, no newly cured discharged cases, no newly dead cases, no existing confirmed cases and no severe cases in Hubei. 63616 cases (46464 in Wuhan) were cured, 4512 cases (3869 in Wuhan) died and 68128 cases (50333 in Wuhan) were confirmed. No new suspected cases, no existing suspected cases.
31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 26 new asymptomatic infections, including 5 imported asymptomatic infections, 1 confirmed case on the same day (no imported overseas), 29 relieved medical observation on the same day (4 imported overseas), 993 asymptomatic infections still under medical observation (131 imported overseas).
A total of 1511 confirmed cases have been reported from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Among them, 1037 cases were discharged from Hong Kong SAR (811 cases, 4 deaths), 45 cases were discharged from Macao SAR (33 cases), 429 cases were discharged from Taiwan SAR (307 cases, 6 deaths).

Antibody does not mean immunity

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has recently been issued to some countries. In response, who officials said 27: “patients infected with the virus after about a week or two will produce antibody response, but there is no evaluation of antibody response and immune related research.” In addition, the current research shows that there is no difference in the transmission ability of new coronavirus found in different countries.

89 year old woman jumped window and was caught

On April 25, an 89 year old man was trapped on a balcony when a fire broke out in a residential building in Shenyang. Downstairs residents quickly pulled up the mat and shouted “jump” to the old man. The old man jumped down and was caught by the mattress. After arriving at 120, the old man was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment.
After that, firefighters rushed to the scene to put out the fire, residents said or the explosion caused by the leakage of liquefied gas tank.
At present, the specific cause of the fire is under investigation.

Zero diagnosis thank China

As of April 25th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was maintained in Samoa, a South Pacific island country. “Prevention is the best treatment. Samoa has not been diagnosed so far, we would like to thank China! ” Samoan chief epidemic prevention and control expert Hansel said.
Samoa has a population of about 200000 and fewer than 100 doctors. There is only one general hospital, and anti epidemic supplies are completely dependent on imports and assistance. Since 2018, China has sent three groups of medical teams to Samoa, completed nearly one thousand operations and treated tens of thousands of patients, significantly improving local medical and health conditions.
In order to join hands with local authorities to fight against the epidemic, under the leadership of the Chinese Embassy in Samoa, the Chinese medical aid team in Saudi Arabia promptly exchanged the experience of China’s epidemic prevention and control with local medical staff to assist them in formulating guidelines for epidemic prevention and control. In early March, China held a video conference of health experts with Samoa and other Pacific island countries to share the experience of epidemic prevention and control. Samoa has taken a series of prevention and control measures based on China’s practices, such as suspending overseas travel, limiting supermarket opening hours, and regulating social distance.
In terms of medical supplies, China also provides assistance to Samoa within its capabilities. Chao Xiaoliang, China’s ambassador to Samoa, said that urgently needed medical materials such as testing reagents, protective clothing, masks, goggles and forehead thermometer for China’s emergency assistance will arrive in SA in batches. Guangdong provincial government, Ma Yun foundation and other local governments and non-governmental organizations in China have actively donated anti epidemic materials such as respirators.
“Under the current severe situation, China attaches great importance to health cooperation with Samoa, which fully proves the friendship between the two countries.” The head of state of Samoa, tuimalai alifano, said.

My mother-in-law has been rejected. High speed retrograde

On April 21 in Yubei, Chongqing, an old man was dragging his luggage on the highway in retrograde direction. During this period, he also crossed the green belt and tried to cross the road many times. The vehicles slowed down to avoid. It is understood that the old man ran away from home in a rage because his daughter-in-law thought he didn’t love hygiene and tried to walk back to his hometown to celebrate the festival.

Harbin epidemic spread again

On April 23, there were 4 new cases in China, including 3 in Heilongjiang (1 in Daqing, 2 in Harbin) and 1 in Guangdong.
From 0:00 to 24:00 on April 23, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 6 newly confirmed cases, of which 2 were imported cases from abroad, 4 were local cases (3 from Heilongjiang, 1 from Guangdong); there were no new deaths; 2 NEW suspected cases were imported cases from abroad (2 from Shanghai).
On the same day, 50 cases were cured, 607 close contacts were released from medical observation, and 6 severe cases were reduced.
769 confirmed cases (including 32 severe cases) and 17 suspected cases were imported from abroad. There were 1618 confirmed cases and 849 discharged cases.
As of 24:00 on April 23, according to the reports of 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, there are 915 confirmed cases (including 57 severe cases), 77257 cured and discharged cases, 4632 dead cases, 82804 confirmed cases and 20 suspected cases. There were 728590 close contacts and 8362 close contacts still under medical observation.
There are no new confirmed cases in Hubei, 22 cases cured and discharged (Wuhan 22 cases), no new death cases. There are 47 confirmed cases (Wuhan 47 cases), including 1 severe case (Wuhan 1 case). 63569 cases (46417 cases) were cured, 4512 cases (3869 cases) died and 68128 cases (50333 cases) were confirmed. No new suspected cases, no existing suspected cases.
31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 34 new cases of asymptomatic infection, including 1 imported asymptomatic infection; 3 confirmed cases (no imported cases); 36 cases of medical observation (10 imported cases); 979 cases of asymptomatic infection still under medical observation (157 imported cases).
A total of 1507 confirmed cases have been reported from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Among them, 1035 cases were discharged from Hong Kong SAR (699 cases, 4 deaths), 45 cases were discharged from Macao SAR (27 cases), 427 cases were discharged from Taiwan SAR (253 cases, 6 deaths).
Three newly diagnosed cases and 8 asymptomatic cases in Heilongjiang Province
From 0:00 to 24:00 on April 23, three new confirmed cases were found in Heilongjiang Province (one in Daqing and two in Harbin). Among them, one case was the grandson of Chen Yujun (male, 87 years old), the grandson of Wang Yuhui (confirmed case on April 16), the patient on the same floor and in the same ward during his stay in the first hospital of Harbin Medical University, and one case was Chen Yujun( Male, 87 years old) was the husband of Duan anying (confirmed case on April 12), a patient in the same floor of the second hospital of Harbin City; Daqing was the daughter of Chen Yujun (male, 87 years old), a patient in the same floor of the first hospital of Harbin Medical University, Jiang Yuyuan, a daughter of the patient in the same floor of the same floor of the first hospital of Harbin Medical University.
Eight new cases of asymptomatic infection were found in Mudanjiang (7 cases in Mudanjiang and 1 case in Harbin). Among them, three of the seven new cases in Mudanjiang were confirmed cases of Gong Mou (female, 66 years old) in the same area during his stay in the Kangan Hospital of Mudanjiang city. Two of them were accompanied by patients in the same period, one by relatives and one by real A close contact of Gong (female, 66 years old) was diagnosed; a new case in Harbin was the son of Liu Xiefu (confirmed case on April 21) who was hospitalized in the same floor of the first hospital of Harbin Medical University; all the 8 asymptomatic patients were close contacts who had been included in the centralized medical observation.
As of 24:00 on April 23, 543 cases of local confirmed cases were reported, 470 cases were cured and discharged, 60 cases were confirmed (57 in Harbin, 2 in Mudanjiang and 1 in Daqing), 34 cases were asymptomatic infection (20 in Harbin, 12 in Mudanjiang and 2 in Suihua). There were 943 fever outpatients on that day. 18373 close contacts have been traced, 16459 have been removed from medical observation, and 1785 are undergoing medical observation.
At 0-24 o’clock on April 23, there were no new confirmed cases imported from abroad in Heilongjiang Province. As of 24:00 on April 23, 385 cases of imported confirmed cases were reported, including 119 in Heilongjiang Province and 266 in other provinces, 370 cases of imported confirmed cases and 15 cases of cured discharged cases. 2094 close contacts abroad have been traced, 2048 have been removed from medical observation, and 46 are undergoing medical observation.
At 0-24 o’clock on April 23, there was no new imported asymptomatic infection. As of 24:00 on April 23, 23 cases of asymptomatic infection had been imported from abroad, including 11 from Heilongjiang Province and 12 from other provinces.
One newly confirmed case and four newly asymptomatic infections in Guangdong Province
At 0-24 o’clock on April 23, there were no new confirmed cases imported from abroad in Guangdong Province. A total of 192 imported cases were reported.
One newly confirmed case in China was imported from Guangzhou. It was found through community investigation that the case was transferred from asymptomatic infected person to confirmed case.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in 1585 cases in Guangdong province at 24 hours in April 23rd. 1528 cases were discharged and 8 cases died.
10 cases were discharged. Of the 49 cases (21 of them were imported from abroad), 10 were light, 35 were common and 4 were heavy.
There were 4 new asymptomatic infections. Three cases were reported in Guangzhou

Luo Zhixiang and Zhou Yangqing break up

Zhou Yangqing announced that he broke up with Luo Zhixiang, his boyfriend of 9 years. He confessed that they had broken up for some time. Writing this long article is not revenge. Zhou Yangqing said that Luo Zhixiang has a special mobile phone to flirt with her younger sister. She has a long-term improper relationship with her female artists and even makeup artists. What’s more, Luo Zhixiang and her friends often hold “multi person sports” that normal people can’t imagine. Zhou Yangqing also thanked Luo Zhixiang for his kindness to make him better, but he did not regret breaking up and said “you are not worth it at all”.
In early April, a netizen revealed in the video that Luo Zhixiang and his friend, nenmo, rented a villa together to have a swimming pool party.
The original text is as follows:
Luo Zhixiang and I have been separated for some time (I haven’t said that it’s because of the sudden outbreak of disease a while ago that we don’t want to occupy public resources)
I have been able to explain the whole thing to you in a completely calm and even slightly joking tone for a long time. Of course, as long as I write this article, it is not because of the impulse of breaking up just now or the revenge mentality of not calm down.
The following letter is for him
Hi Luo Zhixiang:
When we were together, I once joked that I asked you, “what do you say if one day we break up?”
You said, “you will write a super long rap to scold me.”
You even made up the lyrics for me
But you guessed wrong! I didn’t write a song
I still choose to write you a piece of text. Before that, I used to help you edit the microblog copy. This is the last long text I wrote to you
The reason for breaking up is that I saw your mobile phone. Although you have told me more than once that the most important thing for two people to be together is mutual trust. Seeing each other’s mobile phone will break this trust. You don’t like it! (I’ve listened to you for nine years and haven’t seen your mobile phone for so long) but this time, for some reasons, I just watched it
It’s good to see!
If you don’t look, I don’t know that you have another cell phone that is specially used to talk about girls
It turns out that almost every day when I’m away, you ask girls to come home. The key is different
When you go to every city, there are girls who can make an appointment to the hotel
You have a long-term relationship with the female artists and even your makeup artists that I’ve been introduced to
And you and your brothers are so disrespectful to the girls you call out to play
What’s more, you will often hold “multiplayer sports” that normal people can’t imagine
All these things that subvert my three views happened to you who I love most for nine years
Now think about how stupid you really are. Why didn’t you let go the first time you caught you cheating? Every time you are moved by your commitment and repentance, forgive your betrayal again and again, but still have expectations that you are the only one who knows you can accompany you to change you
Do you say you really love me, Luo Zhixiang? Must have been really in love
Otherwise, how could you get rid of your work just to spend an important holiday with me
I’ve never disclosed my girlfriend, but I’m willing to introduce me to the public
A lion of such prestige is even willing to make friends think that you are afraid of me (you said that fear is because of care and love)
You’ve done a lot of romantic things for me
I feel unhappy and sad about everything I do. I’ll tell you at the first time
After so many years of communication, I still call my cell phone every day
Cry for me and laugh with me
(God! I can’t write your words faster than your bad ones.)
But a man who loves me so much
How can we do this
The key is where do you come from?!!
I don’t say good night until three or four o’clock every night
Don’t you go to bed to ask p?!
If it’s because of our personality or you fall in love with someone else, I will be a good ex girlfriend
We are still good friends after breaking up
But I’m sorry this time it’s so special
Because I know that there will be a lot of girls who are cheated by you at the same time. They may think they are the only one
Girls should not be so confident that they think they are the one who can change him
Because some people are born with their own dregs
Your real wife is so X100
Thank you all the same
Although the nine years of youth have no results (and fortunately no results), I am happy with you most of the time
If it wasn’t for the last blow, the memories you left me would be nice
Thank you for your company these years!
If you ask me regret? I don’t regret
Because it’s you who made me better
Because I love you, I grow up and become more independent
If you ask me sad?
Not sad
It’s not worth it!

4.18 million Americans tested

“This has set a record anywhere in the world,” according to the guardian, US President trump said at a routine White House briefing Tuesday that 4.18 million Americans have been tested for the new coronavirus.
“The number of tests exceeds the sum of all of the following countries: France, the UK, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Austria, Australia, Sweden and Canada,” trump said at a press conference.
Not only that, trump also “boasted” at the press conference that the United States has “great detection capability”, the United States is “the king of respirators”, and “we have a lot of respirators.”
Trump also said they were “close to an agreement” with the Democratic Party on the latest relief bill for small businesses and workers, which could be voted on as soon as tomorrow, the report said.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were reported in Beijing at 5:38 on April 20th, according to the Johns Hopkins University real-time statistics. 755533 cases of new crown pneumonia were reported in the United States.

Collective infection in Japanese hospitals

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in 0 hospitals in three hospitals, according to the daily news released by Japanese media.
So far, the meizhiqiao hospital in Matsumoto, Osaka, has confirmed that there are 8 medical staff and patients infected, and one female patient in her 100s died. In addition, the “Qishan hospital” in xiongchochocho, Osaka Prefecture, has so far confirmed that three medical staff and patients are infected, and two women in their 70s have died. Among them, in Osaka City, a rehabilitation hospital in Shengye District, up to now, it has been confirmed that the total number of medical staff and patients is 55. On April 19, Osaka City Health Center launched an investigation, planning to carry out a new coronavirus test for all medical staff and inpatients.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia is not treated in all three hospitals, and the infection route has not been identified yet. At present, relevant hospitals have cancelled accepting transferred patients and refused to accept emergency treatment.