月度归档: 2020年5月

Two nurses help Hubei get acquainted and get married

Before the expedition to Hubei
Zhenjiang nurse Zhang Hongtao and Xie Nianye
No way
They will be on the battlefield
Meet each other for life
Zhang Hongtao is a general psychiatric nurse of Zhenjiang mental health center, and Xie Nianye is a respiratory nurse of Zhenjiang integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital. They were two people who had never known each other before, because they came together with Hubei anti epidemic.
In 38 days in Wuhan, they have gone from acquaintance, acquaintance to love. On May 12, nurse’s day, they received their cards from the Civil Affairs Bureau.
On May 28, the two married in their hometown of Huai’an and Zhenjiang, the second hometown.
In the morning, Zhang Hongtao changed into a suit early. Accompanied by his brothers, he successfully expressed his love to the bride Xie Nianye after many “dangers”.
“Thank you for every day you spent with me in Wuhan. Take care of me in Wuhan. Now I am back safely. I will take care of you later. Please marry me.”
Love in the epidemic period is the most silent confession and the longest waiting for them. Zhang Hongtao said that although some people said that they knew each other for a short time, it was flash marriage, but they never thought like this, “my wife and I both think that one day of war epidemic is equivalent to one year, and they are facing life and death every day, so I feel that we are not flash marriage.”
At the wedding, Zhang Hongtao and Xie Nianye, the same group of medical team members who helped Hubei Province, also sent their blessings.
The blessing from his comrades in arms made Zhang Hongtao very happy. He confessed that he once confessed to Xie Nianye during his assistance to Hubei Province in February this year, but the situation of epidemic prevention and control was severe at that time. Xie Nianye said that he would talk about personal feelings after overcoming the epidemic.
From the front line of anti epidemic in Wuhan to now, Xie Nianye has stepped into the palace of marriage hand in hand. This scene, Zhang Hongtao thought many times in his dream, “and thought thousands of times in his dream, and you finally became my bride.”
Bless them!

Statement by Li Wenliang’s wife

Today, Fu Xuejie, Li Wenliang’s wife, tweeted that recently it was learned from the Internet that an American congressman proposed to change a section of the Chinese Embassy in the United States to “Li Wenliang square”. I’m sorry to hear that. Wen Liang is a communist and deeply loves his motherland. If he knew it, he would not allow anyone to hurt his country in his name. I really hope that there will be no more unprovoked sadness, let the dead rest and the living move forward.

Custom face mask for photo studio

During the outbreak of the new crown, many people wore masks that were difficult to recognize. A photo studio in India has launched a face photo mask to print customers’ photos on the mask, which is not only easy to identify, but also very personalized.
According to the Hindustan Times, a photo studio in Bole wallam, Chennai, has launched the mask, printing photos of customers’ nose to chin on the mask, making it easy for customers to be recognized even if they wear the mask.
Talking about the idea, anto, the owner of the photo studio, said it was difficult to recognize each other because of the mask, so he thought of making a face mask. In addition, the business of the photo studio was poor during the epidemic. This idea can bring a lot of business to the photo studio.
Anto said customers can customize masks online, send photos of their heads to photo studios by email, so that staff can make three cotton washable masks for a total price of 500 rupees (47.2 yuan). Customers can also go directly to the photo studio to take photos and use the photos to make masks, which can be obtained in an hour.
Today, photo studios receive orders from doctors and nurses.

Two newly diagnosed cases in 31 provinces

From 0:00 to 24:00 on May 27, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 2 newly confirmed cases, all of which were imported cases from abroad (1 from Shanghai and 1 from Fujian); no new deaths; no new suspected cases.
On the same day, 8 cases were cured, 368 close contacts were removed from medical observation, and 1 case of severe cases was reduced.
46 confirmed cases (no severe cases) and 4 suspected cases were imported from abroad. There were 1734 confirmed cases and 1688 discharged cases.
As of 24:00 on May 27, according to the reports of 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, there are 73 confirmed cases (including 4 severe cases), 78288 cured and discharged cases, 4634 dead cases, 82995 confirmed cases and 5 suspected cases. There were 743799 close contacts and 5641 close contacts still under medical observation.
31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 23 new cases of asymptomatic infection (no foreign input); no transfer to confirmed cases on the same day; 14 cases of medical observation on the same day (3 cases of foreign input). 413 cases of asymptomatic infection (24 cases imported from abroad) were still under medical observation.
A total of 1552 confirmed cases have been reported from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Among them, 1066 cases were discharged from Hong Kong SAR (1034 cases, 4 deaths), 45 cases were discharged from Macao SAR, 441 Cases were discharged from Taiwan SAR (419 cases, 7 deaths).

I’m not qualified to comment

On May 26, he Jiong posted an apology for Ouyang Nana’s acting on the social platform. He Jiong said that he felt his expression was not appropriate after seeing the clips of the online program. The vague expression may hurt you by mistake. And when it comes to their future, they will be cautious.
He Jiong apologized because in the program with Ouyang Nana, he Jiong mentioned that Ouyang Nana was not good at black acting. He said that maybe because of some clips or program settings, Nabi would bear the label of not acting for a period of time. He Jiong also caused controversy after speaking for Nabi, so he sent a special apology.
In fact, he Jiong has always been a high EQ person, who is also very clear about many things. He often shows a high EQ in the program. In a program, he Jiong talked about that after some things happen, many people may have an attitude if they don’t know the truth, but he thought it was necessary to have a basic judgment or to see what the parties said.
There are many golden sentences of this kind of high EQ expression. He Jiong often uses very popular words to enlighten those who have problems and ask for help in the program “friends listen well”. Once, he Jiong said very seriously that he thought that the thinking that the things he didn’t like were not allowed to exist was robber logic. It’s supported by a lot of people.
In the recording of “yearning for the afterlife”, he Jiong and Huang Lei will get along more easily. Maybe they can put themselves down temporarily and get along easily in front of very familiar and close people. And some of the two people’s programs are also called large-scale teaching scene of human feelings by netizens.
Such a high EQ, strong adaptability, willing to voice for others and take the initiative to take responsibility of he teacher, who doesn’t like it?

Luo Zhixiang likes it quietly

Preface: on May 24, 2020, Catherine Yang posted the photos of dinner with Jolin Tsai and Wilbur pan on her microblog. “Have a meal with your brother and sister.” In the photo, Catherine Yang’s long curly hair is compared to the camera lens, Jolin Tsai’s long hair is gentle with a smile, and Wilbur pan is standing between them in a baseball cap.
At the same time, pan Weibo also released a group photo of the party with Yang Chenglin and Cai Yilin on INS. It is reported that this party is a treat for Pan Weibai. Five years ago, when pan Weibai finished his concert in xiaojudan, he had the same frame with Luo Zhixiang, Cai Yilin and Yang Cailin. Now, Luo Zhixiang is the only one missing in the party, which some people feel sorry for.
There are also netizens with big brain holes: “is Luo Zhixiang taking photos?” Luo Zhixiang ended isolation on May 23. If he wants to go, he can go. Although Luo Zhixiang didn’t appear in the group photo, he quietly praised pan Weibai’s blog. He wanted to keep a low profile, but he was found by netizens.
Why is Luo Zhixiang so low-key? Because he didn’t want to involve his friends any more. Since Luo Zhixiang was exposed by Zhou Yangqing, many of his friends have been suspected. Wu Qinggong, a non famous entertainment commentator, pointed out that as early as 2010, Luo Zhixiang had been rumored to have X disease, which also spread to female stars such as Catherine Yang and Caijie Guo.
Luo Zhixiang held a press conference early and denied the rumor. Unexpectedly, 10 years later, the rumor came out again. Guo Caijie was so angry that she wanted to sue the rumor mongers. However, she didn’t make a sound. She didn’t think it was necessary to emphasize that the Qing people were self-cleaning. It also shows that Yang Cailin and Luo Zhixiang are friends, while Guo Caijie and Luo Zhixiang are not.
Cai Yilin has also been implicated by Luo Zhixiang because they have performed many ambiguous actions in public. At the beginning, Jay Chou and Jolin broke up and had a certain relationship with Show Luo. After all, who can bear his girlfriend and other male stars so ambiguous? And Luo Zhixiang is so much more handsome than Jay Chou.
Let alone pan Weibai, who is said to be one of Luo Zhixiang’s friends. It is said that Pan Weibo has a trumpet, which is specially used to hook up with netred. When pan Weibo learned that he had been on the hot search because of Luo Zhixiang, he shouted at the staff: “is there any mistake? If you hook up with netred, you will know how to scribble.”
Pan Weibai was so angry that he stuttered, but he still explained, “my trumpet is for my family and friends. Is there any problem?” So, in this stormy moment, Luo Zhixiang will definitely not appear at the Party of Pan Weibai, Yang Cailin and Cai Yilin. Even if we get together, we can’t take photos with them. It’s responsible for our friends.

Xiao Zhan recording new variety

After being interviewed by many mainstream media, Xiao Zhan’s “comeback” can be said to be in full swing. Recently, he also participated in the recording of the new variety show “youth Tour 2” of Zhejiang satellite TV, and many netizens published a lot of Reuters photos through microblog. Although the photos are too far away to see clearly, they are enough for fans who like Xiao Zhan to recognize him.
Zhejiang satellite TV has been famous for many star guests and many stars. Youth Tour 2 is no exception. Although it is the second season, the star guest lineup is more eye-catching than the first season. In addition to the above Xiao war, the host of “trump to trump” Jia Ling also appeared in the star lineup, it can be said that the lineup is also very strong.
Promotion of weight loss method ranking: running third, ranking even higher than this! It’s great!
After all, since Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo became popular in the petition, Xiao Zhan has participated in few variety shows, and Xiao Zhan’s ao3 experience is regarded as a negative story by his fans.
In the latest net friend Lu transillumination, Xiao Zhan appears at the airport, wearing a white T-shirt, reflecting his sunny boy’s cool temperament. In the program recording, he looks far away in dark green, flocculent clothes, walking with the wind, very elegant! However, it is particularly noteworthy that Xiao Zhan is protected by a group of “bodyguards”. They held up several umbrellas to protect Xiao Zhan.
There are good netizens lament that Xiao Zhan is indeed the top traffic. From the perspective of strict protection, they all have different treatment from other stars. It seems that for many fans who support Xiao Zhan, low-key shooting and low-key participation are the best way to save their reputation.

Actors are paid according to their titles

Beijing, China, May 23 (Xinhua) — from the TV series don’t talk to strangers, if you are the one, to the drama Teahouse and mutiny, Feng Yuanzheng, the leader of the cast team of Beijing People’s Art Theatre, has brought many popular roles to the audience.
As a member of the CPPCC National Committee, Feng Yuanzheng also pays close attention to the trend of the literary and art circles. Under the epidemic situation, the performance industry has been greatly impacted. To this end, Feng Yuanzheng put forward a proposal on the restoration of the performance market. He hoped that the National Art Fund could help the private enterprises with greater influence to regain their confidence.
In addition, he also suggested that the new literature and art group professional title evaluation system should be introduced to incorporate the new literature and art group professional title evaluation into the existing professional title evaluation system. “If the new literary and art groups have professional titles, it is a protection for the actors, and it can also limit the remuneration.” Feng Yuanzheng said in an interview with chinanews.com.
On the crisis of performance industry
In fact, Feng Yuanzheng had prepared other proposals before. But in March, affected by the epidemic, the performance industry ushered in a wave of “cancellation”. By asking friends who do performances, Feng Yuanzheng learned that many performance companies have fallen into a downturn.
According to his understanding, there are 5000 companies with performance qualification in Beijing, and 3000 to 4000 companies without performance qualification, totaling nearly 10000. Of the 5000 companies with performance qualifications, 80% are state-owned, and the rest are all privately owned. “They make money when they perform, and they have no money when they don’t perform.”
Feng Yuanzheng said that last year many performance companies have arranged all the performances of this year, and now many of them have been cancelled. If the theater opens in the future, these performances may not be able to be shown again, because the theater has been arranged to the end of this year. Feng Yuanzheng laments that they are very difficult. The salary of the staff and the rent of the office may be all problems.
Some time ago, the market management department of the Ministry of culture and tourism issued the guide to prevention and control measures for the reopening of theatres and other performance venues, which mentioned that the number of audience in theatres and other performance venues should not exceed 30% of the number of theater seats. In the view of the insiders, if the attendance rate is less than 30%, the performance company does not make money at all, and may lose money.
It is in this case that Feng Yuanzheng put forward a proposal to restore the performance market. The National Art Fund has played an important role in the prosperity of art creation, the cultivation of art talents, the creation and promotion of fine masterpieces, and the healthy development of the art industry. In Feng Yuanzheng’s view, under the epidemic situation, the state will definitely issue relevant policies to help the performance market, but for performance companies, if they only rely on themselves to rise again, it may be more difficult, especially some private companies.
In Feng Yuanzheng’s proposal, he hoped that the special affairs department would come up with the National Art Fund to supplement them. In addition to the subsidies on the project, each performance can also be given some subsidies, so that practitioners can survive better. “Those who can do art and art performance must be very dreamy people. I don’t want their dreams to be broken in this epidemic, which makes me decide to make this proposal.” Feng Yuanzheng said.
Talk about new changes in the performance industry: online performance or future hot spots
After pressing the pause button for offline performances, people in the industry began to help themselves. For example, various “cloud performances” were launched, and Beijing People’s art continued to open several online script readings.
In this regard, Feng Yuanzheng also has his own observation. In his view, this was a helpless move first, and then it became a matter of active exploration. He believes that in the future, in addition to traditional theater performances, online performances may also be a hot spot. “For online performances, the kind of broadness is beyond the reach of theatrical performances, and the audience can come from all over the world.”
Recently, theaters around the country are gradually reopening. However, it is not known how many audiences would like to go to the theatre. Feng Yuanzheng thinks that now everyone has become more cautious. For example, on May 1 this year, many people think there will be retaliatory consumption, but the result is not as expected.
“We are also thinking that the capital theater is open. How many people dare to enter and are willing to enter. If I go into the theater and see people, I may be scared. Even if the theater is open now, can it really have 30% of the audience? And the audience are wearing masks, which will also have a strong psychological pressure on the actors on the stage. ” Feng Yuanzheng said that it will take time for the audience to really summon up their courage to enter the theatre.
On the new literature and art group: it is suggested to introduce the title evaluation system of the new literature and art group
In recent years, new literary and art groups, including online writers, contract writers, freelance writers, independent producers, independent actors and singers, and free art workers, are rising. At the same time, their rights and interests are also concerned.
This is related to another proposal of Feng Yuanzheng. He suggested that a new title evaluation system for literary and art groups should be introduced. The title evaluation of new literary and art groups should be included in the existing title evaluation system. Barriers should be broken as soon as possible, talent channels should be unblocked, and they should be recognized.
In his view, since the new literary and art groups are defined, in addition to their identity, they should also be given some affirmation in terms of artistic achievements. If the new literary and art groups have the title evaluation, it is also a protection for the actors, but also can limit the pay.
“We all have professional titles, from national first-class actors to national fourth class actors. I am a visiting professor of Shanghai Academy of drama and Beijing Film Academy. The reason why I am a visiting professor is that,

Pompeio has been exposed again

U.S. Secretary of state Peng Peio used taxpayer money to host dinner parties and entertain politicians, business people, media and entertainers after he was revealed as secretary of state Tuesday. Some US media believe that these dinners are held by pompeio to realize his personal political ambitions. After this incident was exposed by the media, the public opinion rebounded greatly and there were four criticisms.
“Madison dinner” of pompeio Edition: only 14% of the invitees are from the diplomatic community
According to novel coronavirus pneumonia, NBC has held a dinner with his wife Susan since 2018 as secretary of state, and has been held 24 times until March, due to the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. The dinner was not disclosed on the public agenda of pompeio. An internal schedule from the State Department before the outbreak obtained by NBC shows that the dinner will last at least until the end of October.
△ nbc20 daily report
These dinners are called “Madison dinners.”. James Madison is the fourth president and the fifth Secretary of state of the United States. During his tenure, he has the habit of inviting foreign diplomats to exchange ideas at dinner parties.
Promote the three evil chaos, save the lives, don’t give up, to the end!
△ invitation letter of “Madison dinner party” of pompeio Edition (picture source: NBC)
The database of dinner invitees obtained by NBC details the name, title, spouse, eating habits of each invitee and the date of invitation and acceptance. The database will be operational from July 2018 until the beginning of 2020.
According to the report, at the “Madison dinner party” in pompeio, about 29% of the invitees were from the business community, including Texas real estate tycoons and hedge fund managers. About 23% of the invitees are from the media and entertainment industry, of which conservative media accounts for the majority and about 39% are from Fox News.
About 30% of the invitees are political related. They are current or former government officials, judges and their spouses. The invited members of the Senate and the house of representatives are Republicans. Only 14% of the invitees are diplomats or foreign officials, and nearly two-thirds of the invited ambassadors are from European and Middle Eastern countries, while only a few are from Asian, Latin American and African countries.
In November last year, President Trump’s impeachment hearing was in full swing that month, and Trump’s main defenders in the impeachment process were also on the invited list.
The cost of each dish could be as high as a few hundred dollars, and so far the total cost of the dinner has been about six figures, the source said.
The dinner also bypassed the normal process of holding formal events for the Secretary of state, but was arranged informally between the office of the chief of protocol and the office of pompeio, which meant there was no coordination with State Department regulators.
U.S. State Department officials question: the dinner is for the benefit of pompeio
Pompeio’s way of hosting these dinners has raised many concerns, such as the use of taxpayer funds. According to NBC, the cost of the dinner is paid for by the State Department’s emergency diplomatic and consular services. Current and former State Department officials said that in order to comply with the funding requirements, State Department officials usually ensure that a considerable proportion of foreign dignitaries or officials are present.
But historians point out that no Secretary of state has hosted such a frequent dinner, funded by the State Department and attended by political and business leaders.
State Department officials at the dinner said they were concerned that the activities were essentially using federal resources to build contacts for pompeio’s political ambitions. Forbes magazine’s website also believes that the move “is clearly to win influential friends in the future political campaign.”.
In addition, the outside world also questioned pompeio’s wife, a non-governmental official, but became the leader of the “official dinner party”. Susan’s previous appearance at the State Department’s official visit also raised questions. Susan plays a central role in the Madison dinner, where she communicates directly with State Department officials, lists guests and dates, and arranges menus.
All information obtained during the invitation process, including the name and contact information of the guest, will be sent to Susan’s personal email account, officials said. Some congressional officials worry that if Mr. pompeio runs for office again, the information could become a list of potential donors. According to NBC, pompeio is considered a potential presidential candidate in 2024.
On the 15th, State Department inspector general Steve lenik was dismissed suddenly. The White House didn’t give the specific reasons for his dismissal, but Elliot Engel, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee of the Congress, said in a subsequent statement that lenik had launched an investigation into pompeio, suggesting that lenik’s dismissal was related to the investigation of pompeio.
NBC reported that it was not clear whether lenik was also investigating the “Madison dinner party”, but two government officials said that lenik had made some investigations to the concierge in charge of the dinner party before being dismissed, and the office of pompeio was informed later.
Several congressional committees are also reportedly investigating the dinner.
A senior trump administration official said: “if the president knew that, he would have fired pompeio a few months ago.”

More than 1.57 million cases diagnosed in the United States

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in 5075181 cases and 330981 deaths were recorded in Beijing at about 6 hours in May 22nd, according to real-time statistics released by Johns Hopkins University.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia continues to spread worldwide novel coronavirus pneumonia. The US experts estimate that if the United States can implement social distance measures in advance of March, the number of new crown pneumonia deaths will be reduced by about 36 thousand. The Prime Minister of Italy said that the peak of the epidemic has passed, and that the restart of the economy is a more difficult task. The Spanish parliament has approved the extension of the state emergency again; India is hard to push under the epidemic. Russia’s prime minister said the country’s epidemic has become increasingly stable.
Experts diagnosed 1573534 cases in the United States: if the United States takes measures ahead of time, 36000 lives can be saved
According to the epidemic data released by Johns Hopkins University, as of 6:00 on May 22, Beijing time, 1573534 cases have been confirmed and 94566 cases have died in the United States. Compared with the previous day’s 6:30 data, 24888 new confirmed cases and 1403 new deaths were found in the United States.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths will be reduced by about 36 thousand people if the United States starts implementing social distance measures one week in advance, according to experts from the Columbia University epidemiological model in March. According to the study, 83% of deaths in the United States can be avoided if the United States starts to block cities, restrict social activities and implement home quarantine orders two weeks in advance from March 1. The model also shows novel coronavirus pneumonia is easy to get out of control with the re opening of States, unless officials closely monitor infection and control the new outbreak immediately. The delay will only come at a greater cost.
228006 confirmed cases in Italy
Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 642 new cases in Italy at 18 hours local time May 21st. 228006 cases were confirmed, 156 new deaths and 32486 deaths.
Italy has survived the worst phase of the new crown epidemic, but it will be a more difficult task to restart its economy than to fight the epidemic, Prime Minister konte said Tuesday. The government’s measures are aimed at “restarting the country’s production engine,” Mr. Conte said. Since May 18, Italy has lifted most of the restrictions imposed in early March to contain the new crown.
A total of 233037 confirmed cases in Spain approved by parliament to renew the state of emergency
Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in Spain, which was 233037 cases, compared with the previous day, according to the latest report from Spain’s national newspaper. The total number of new cases of 48 cases of death increased to 27940 in 344 cases.
In order to continue to prevent and control the new crown epidemic, the Spanish parliament approved another extension of the state of emergency on the evening of the 20th. That means Spain’s national emergency will last at least until June 7. Western government issued a decree that day, asking people to wear masks in public.
Spanish Prime Minister Jose Sanchez has reportedly asked parliament to extend the country’s emergency until the end of June to contain the spread of the virus.
2392 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Iran province are not optimistic.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in Iran, according to reports from the Ministry of health in Iran, according to the media in May 21st. In addition, 2392 new cases of newly diagnosed crown pneumonia were added, and over two thousand cases were added for 4 days, 129341 cases were accumulated, 66 cases were newly killed, and 7249 cases died.
A spokesman for the Ministry of health of Iran said that in addition to the fact that the province is still in a high-risk situation, the situation in the neighboring province of lorestan is not optimistic. In view of the complicated epidemic prevention situation, the Ministry of culture and tourism of lorestan province banned any travel group and tourist attractions were not allowed to receive any tourist group until further notice, the Ministry of culture and tourism of lorestan province said in an emergency statement Tuesday.
Germany has confirmed 178748 cases of Berlin’s largest airport planned to be temporarily closed
According to real-time data from Johns Hopkins University, as of 6:00 on May 22, Beijing time, the total number of confirmed cases in Germany was 178748, an increase of 2741 over yesterday. 113 new deaths occurred, 8203 in total.
Berlin – Brandenburg airport company announced on June 20 that teger airport, the largest airport currently in operation in Berlin, will be temporarily closed for a period of two months from June 15 due to the sudden drop of passenger flow caused by the new crown epidemic. According to the Berlin Brandenburg broadcasting company, at present, the sum of daily passenger flow of two major airports in Berlin is only about 2000 people. The Tagore airport, which has stopped the main terminal and used only the smaller terminal C since mid March, still costs 7.5 million euros a month.
A total of 144163 cases were confirmed in France. French businessmen suggested selling Mona Lisa to deal with the epidemic
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in France in May 21st, 318 cases were confirmed, and 144163 cases were confirmed, 83 new deaths and 28215 deaths were reported.
A French businessman suggested that the country should sell the famous painting “Mona Lisa” for 50 billion euros (388.390 billion yuan), in order to cope with the economic impact of the new coronavirus epidemic.
A record 250908 cases of unemployment have been confirmed in the UK
Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed on 2615 new cases in Britain, 250908 cases were confirmed in total, 338 new cases died and 36042 died in total, according to data updated by the Ministry of health on 21 th.
The number of people claiming unemployment benefits reached nearly 2.1 million in April, an increase of 856000 from last month, according to figures released by the National Bureau of statistics on April 19. Experts pointed out that the data basically reflected the situation in the UK