月度归档: 2020年7月

Brazil’s first lady is infected

The first lady and bosonaro’s wife, Michelle bosonaro, is in good health and will be treated in accordance with “all established norms,” the Brazilian presidential palace said on Sunday. The day before, Michelle and bosonaro attended a public event, both wearing masks.
Bosonaro announced on July 7 that his new coronavirus test results were positive, since then has been in the official residence isolation treatment and work. On the 25th, the last test result was negative. Brazilian media said bosonaro had been living with Michelle and their two daughters at the official residence.
So far, Brazil has more than 2.256 million confirmed cases and more than 90000 deaths. Brazil’s minister of science and technology, Marcos pentes, announced Monday that he was infected with the new coronavirus. So far, the novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by the senior ministers of the Brazil citizen ministers, education ministers, minerals and energy ministers, the president’s chief safety advisor and the head of the media office of the presidential palace.

Tall people are at high risk of infection

According to a new survey conducted on 2000 people in the United States and the United Kingdom, people over 6 feet tall are twice as likely to be infected with the new coronavirus as those who are shorter, according to a new survey conducted on 2000 people in the United States and the United Kingdom, according to the satellite news website on July 28.
The findings, conducted by a team of international scientists, including experts from the University of Manchester and the Open University in the UK, found that tall people were at a higher risk of infection with the new coronavirus. This finding suggests that NCV may also be transmitted by aerosols carried by air streams rather than by droplets. Droplets are larger than aerosols and travel a shorter distance in the air.
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Professor Evan Kontopantelis, of the University of Manchester, said in a university press release released on 27, “the results of this survey on the correlation between height and diagnosis show that the downward transmission of droplets is not the only transmission mechanism, and aerosol transmission is possible.”
“While maintaining social distance is still important because the possibility of droplet transmission is still high, it does show that there is no more effective preventive measure than wearing a mask,” he said In addition, the air purification of internal space should be further explored. “
The survey, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, also examined the impact of personal characteristics, environment and working conditions on the transmission of new coronavirus.

25 kilograms of gold are thrown into the river

From colonial times, the province of Antioquia, Colombia, was the center of gold trading. At that time, Spanish colonists came here to seek the legendary treasure. In the northeastern town of de Segovia, miners drill in the Songpi mine, where more than 700 miners are working. And gold has been produced here for more than 400 years, and there are thousands of tunnels dug out for gold mining.
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Now, due to the rising price of precious metals, illegal gold mining has generated about 7 billion US dollars (about 48.3 billion yuan) of economic value to armed groups and criminal gangs. These profits have surpassed cocaine as the main source of income for these criminal groups. Armed groups and drug cartels are setting up gold mining operations in Segovia, and both want to come here to earn a share of the money.
This is a picture of two miners standing in a basket, which is put into the mine by a crane. “You have to give them money, and if you don’t have money, they will kill you,” said Carlos Mario, 60, the head of the miner In the local area, manual miners, including many migrant workers from all over the country, were forced to “pay taxes” by criminal gangs, and many people suffered misfortune under their pressure. And they have complaints but dare not say.

Fan Bingbing’s crying at night

Even Fan Bingbing, who is known as “Fan Ye”, will cry bitterly at night when he is lovelorn!
On July 27, Fan Bingbing’s fans group showed several magazine covers of idols and the text version of Fan Bingbing’s interview with the magazine.
Fan Bingbing on the cover has long hair and shawl, wearing a Black Sequin skirt, still noble and cool, full of Queen style, but the interview content unexpectedly exposed her vulnerable side.
One of the questions is: have you ever cried at night? To this, Fan Bingbing responded: when you are lovelorn.
In addition to saying that she once cried at night because of lovelorn, Fan Bingbing also said that she would cry when she heard the song no longer let you alone.
Take a look at the lyrics of this song: dry your sad tears, let you know when you are lonely, there is a me with you, I no longer let you alone, go to the end of time together.
This full of profound lyrics also make many netizens guess: Fan Bingbing is not suggesting that he is very lonely, want to love?
As the topic queen, Fan Bingbing’s emotional road is not smooth. Although there have been many rumors, she has publicly admitted that her boyfriends are Wang Xuebing and Li Chen, and her relationship with Wang Xuebing has been years ago.
Therefore, many netizens, after seeing Fan Bingbing’s interview, first associate with her ex boyfriend Li Chen.
As is known to all, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing were in love with each other as early as 2014 when they cooperated with the legend of Wu Meiniang.
On May 29, 2015, the two showed a group photo on the social platform to publicize their love. On Fan Bingbing’s birthday in 2017, Li Chen proposed successfully, which made many netizens feel that “Ye Fan” is going to become “Li Tai”.
However, after Fan Bingbing fell into the scandal, the two people’s love began to be suspicious: first, Li Chen’s taking off the ring caused netizens to speculate that their relationship had changed. Then, Fan Bingbing’s birthday Li Chen did not send his blessing publicly, which further triggered heated discussion.
On June 27, 2019, the two men finally issued a high-profile official announcement to break up, which made many gourd eaters feel deeply sorry.
As a saying goes well: once there was much love, now there is much heartache, two people together for a whole five years, there have been many moments of love, it must be because of this, Fan Bingbing will break up and cry at night.
Now it has been a whole year and a month since the two broke up, which is the first time Fan Bingbing mentioned the topic of lovelorn after breaking up.
I hope that Fan Bingbing, 38, can find someone to accompany him to the end of time in the near future, and no longer cry secretly because of lovelorn or a song.

Hot pot shop and Zheng Kaifang reconcile

On July 18, Zheng Kai’s hot pot shop opened in Ningbo. Zheng Kai and his wife Miao Miao showed up in the hotpot shop, but unexpectedly, the head of a hotpot shop complained that his hotpot shop decoration style was suspected of plagiarism, and released a number of comparative pictures of the two stores.
After these pictures were put on the Internet, almost all people who have seen them think that the two stores are like twins. Both the furnishings and the small decorations of the stores are very similar. Therefore, they began to discuss this matter one after another. It seemed that Zheng Kai, as the boss, tolerated plagiarism in the team.
However, at that time, after the plagiarism storm was hotly discussed by netizens for a long time, Zheng Kai and his team did not open their mouth to explain. It was not until the afternoon of the next day that Zheng Kai noticed the negative impact of the plagiarism storm on his reputation, and finally released an explanation, saying: “if there is infringement, rectify immediately, and never tolerate it.”
Netizens still agreed with Zheng Kai’s attitude towards taking on the storm. In the past week or so, the two sides finally reached a common agreement on July 26, and at the same time, they successively issued statements on this day to explain the settlement process of the matter.
The official microblog of huofengxiang fresh hot pot released a statement in response to a recent wave of plagiarism in the design of hotpot shops. After team investigation and communication with houtang hot pot, the following statement is made to you:
From this statement, we can see (draw the key points): Zheng Kai elaborated the design creativity of huofengxiang fresh hot pot, admitted to learn from the design and concept of houtang old hotpot, indirectly acknowledged the “plagiarism” of the design team, and made a review on this, saying that he had the unshirkable responsibility.
Secondly, Zheng Kai has removed some of the “plagiarized” furnishings. Through the implementation of rectification, this remedy is still very timely.
Finally, it is stated that Zheng Kai is the manager of huofengxiang fresh hot pot brand, not the decision-maker of operation. In this way, Zheng Kai’s reputation loss can be minimized, which is very wise, and has obtained the understanding of houtang old hotpot.
Later, houtang old hotpot also issued a statement, saying that it accepted the sincere apology of huofengxiang fresh hot pot, and hoped to implement rectification and strengthen management measures as soon as possible. At the same time, laohotpot also said that the public opinion had a negative impact on Zheng Kai’s reputation, which was deeply regretted. However, the attitude to deal with the problem and the aversion to rectification are satisfactory. I highly appreciate this. Soon after, Zheng Kai posted a related statement on his microblog, saying that the incident had been resolved.
At this point, the whole Zheng Kai hotpot shop “plagiarism” storm, it should be clear that both sides have made a statement, to the public have a clear account.

Restaurant built in Qinhuai River Levee

Recently, affected by rainfall and other factors, Nanjing has launched the first level emergency response for flood control in Qinhuai River Basin. However, many high-end bars and restaurants are still open inside the yangjiawei Dyke on the Qinhuai River. These restaurants have dug in more than ten meters from the back surface of the dam and opened business in the “belly” of the dam. The deepest part of the restaurant has reached the middle line of the dam. Is it approved to build a restaurant by digging holes in the dam? Will it damage the dam body? During the reporter’s interview, Jiangning urban construction group, Nanjing Water Bureau and other relevant parties did not comment. As early as 2014, there were media reports that Jiangning urban construction group carried out the construction of bars and restaurants illegally without planning procedures. The former Jiangning District Planning Bureau has confirmed that there are no procedures for the construction, while Jiangning urban construction group has promised to “order the construction team to suspend construction and restart construction after the relevant procedures are improved.” However, in six years, the procedures promised in that year have not been completed.

Over 4.09 million in the United States

People.com.cn. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia, is reported on July 24 (reporter Zhang Mengxu). According to the global real-time statistics system for new crown pneumonia data released by Johns Hopkins University, as of July 24th, 6 hours in the eastern time, the United States reported 4097270 cases of new crown pneumonia, and 145184 cases died. In the past 24 hours, 70982 new confirmed cases and 1152 new deaths occurred in the United States.
The number of new confirmed cases in Florida reached 12444 on the 24th, 8701 in Texas and 4813 in Georgia. A total of 159 deaths were reported in California since the outbreak. According to statistics, during the week from July 5 to 12, the number of new cases in only 6 states decreased compared with last week; from July 12 to 19, only 9 states slowed down compared with last week. For two weeks in a row, only New Jersey continued to decline, and the decline rates were 15% and 22%.

Female tenant arrested for photographing

Recently, a media report said that “a department level cadre of Shanxi Provincial Department of culture and tourism found cameras, memory cards and video secretly shot in the house rented to a number of female tenants”, causing concern. The Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province is in contact with the public security department on the matter, with Wang Xiaolong, the landlord involved, serving as the deputy director of the financial department of the Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province, the surging News reported on the 22nd.
On July 23, Yingze Branch of Taiyuan Public Security Bureau reported that: in investigating the case of Ms. Guo and others who were secretly photographed, the Public Security Bureau found that the landlord, Wang Mou, had entered other people’s houses in secret and installed equipment for photographing without the permission of the tenant for many times, which had been suspected of criminal crime. At present, the suspect Wang has been detained by the Public Security Bureau. The case is under further investigation.
Previously reported
A department level cadre of Shanxi Provincial Department of culture and tourism (hereinafter referred to as “the Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province”) found cameras, memory cards and videotaped secretly in the house rented by a department level cadre to a number of female tenants, involving the shooting of bedrooms and bathrooms. The incident has drawn people’s attention. At present, the police have stepped in.
On the afternoon of July 22, Zhang Linlin (not her real name), a girl renting the above-mentioned house, told reporters that she believed the police would make an investigation as soon as possible. She is still in the postgraduate entrance examination stage. The incident also had some impact on her, “delayed for a few days.”.
Zhang Linlin said that the landlord involved often came to the house, suspected to replace the storage card of the camera equipment. “(he) comes at least once a week. We also feel that he is furtive, but we dare not think about it. “
The house involved is suspected of group rent. Zhang Linlin told reporters that there are upper and lower bunks in the room. When she checked in in in March, there were more than 10 people in her room. Most of the tenants were girls in their twenties. “Most of them graduated for one or two years, and some were preparing for postgraduate entrance examination.”.
According to previous reports, a girl who rented the above-mentioned house told reporters that she found and then rented the house on the information platform of “anjuke”. The camera has already shot more than 4000 videos, targeting the bed and bathroom in the bedroom. In the video, there are many girls living in the bedroom and taking a bath in the bathroom. She found that the memory card of the aforementioned device had been replaced. The landlord in question often came to the house. The memory card found so far is 32g.
On the afternoon of the 22nd, anjuke responded again, saying that the house in question was released by a certain person from the landlord Wang, which was a rental housing source. The lessor is Wang. At present, Wang’s personal account number has been added to the blacklist and banned.
For Wang Xiaolong released the number of housing units, the number of rental housing and other information, the Anju customer side has not responded.
On the afternoon of the 22nd, a staff member of the office of the Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province told reporters that at present, the Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province is in contact with the public security department on this matter, and the specific situation shall be subject to the police notice. Wang Xiaolong, the landlord involved, was indeed a staff member of the Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province and served as the deputy director of the financial department of the Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province.
In response to the question of “whether Wang Xiaolong goes to work normally”, the above-mentioned staff replied, “waiting for subpoena (call)”.
“Wang, the landlord involved, has been summoned to the case according to law.” Shanxi Taiyuan Public Security Bureau Yingze Branch issued a notice on the 22nd.
“On July 17, Wang Xiaolong, director of the financial department of Shanxi Provincial Department of culture and tourism, gave a comprehensive and systematic explanation on the topic of” Shanxi public cultural service system model construction and system innovation. ” Information released by Jiexiu Library of Shanxi Province on July 18.
Wang Xiaolong graduated from the school of Finance and finance of Shanxi University of Finance and economics with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He is mainly responsible for grassroots cultural construction, cultural policy research and cultural planning, according to the news.

Zhu danguan showed up after his second child

Netease Entertainment reported on July 20 that on the evening of July 18, a netizen exposed a video of Zhu Dan playing with her eldest daughter. This is one of the few photos of her appearance since the official announcement of her second child.
Zhu Dansu Yan appeared in the mirror, a familiar short hair face slightly gaunt. She wore a loose striped T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans on her lower body, which covered her belly well, but her legs were slightly fatter.

The first batch of new films in Cinemas

The cinema, which has been closed for nearly 180 days due to the epidemic situation, finally got the good news of opening and returning to work yesterday. The film makers who have been suffering a lot have ushered in the dawn, and the audience will also usher in a feast for watching films.
Although there are many new films accumulated at present, after returning to work on July 20, “Tang Tan 3”, “Jiang Ziya”, “champion” and other popular spring festival films are not ready to appear on the first day of returning to work, and the market is still in a wait-and-see state.
It is reported that after the opening of the cinema, in addition to the four new films, most of the old films will be shown again, and interested partners can relive the wonderful moments.
The first films are as follows:
China Film:
The first batch: “catching demons”, “Mermaid”, “Zodiac”, “love story in Beijing”, “journey of seeking dreams”
The second batch: why to be home, wolf totem, Chinese partner, warwolf 2, wandering earth (to be determined)
The third batch: Avengers 1, 2, Titanic, wind
The birth of Nezha’s devil child, Charlotte’s worry, the origin of the White Snake, the mission of a dog 1, 2, cohabitation beyond time and space, making a big fuss in heaven, the big fish Begonia, and the adventure of Afanti
Coordinating / pending: Star Trek, Harry Potter, avatar, Avengers 3, 4, etc
New film will be put on file:
“The first parting” 7.20, “Mr. Miao” 7.31, “I wait for you at the end of time” 8.25, “buckwheat crazy growth” 8.25
Coordination / undetermined: creed, Hua Mulan, 1917, dorit’s fantasy adventure, Qiao Qiao’s fantasy world, little woman, Jedi wartrooper 3, vanguard, Jiang Ziya, wishing dragon, Nezha’s rebirth
“The first parting” is directed by Wang Lina. It tells the story of a Xinjiang boy, Issa, with his childhood friend, Kelly, as a clue.
The film won the “best film” award in Berlin, Tokyo and Hong Kong International Film Festivals, and Wang Lina also won the best director of the second Hainan International Film Festival.
“I’ll wait for you at the end of time” is adapted from Zheng Zhi’s original novel of the same name. It is produced by Jiang Zhiqiang and directed by Yao Tingting. It tells the love story of Li Hongqi’s Lin Ge and Li Yitong’s Qiu Qian, who constantly meet, stay together and love each other in time and space.
Directed by Li Lingxiao, Mr. Miao is adapted from Bu sifan’s classic short film “Dharma protector”. It tells the story of a realistic and thrilling journey that the two apprentices, Liang Yan and Ding Guo, embark on to track the traces of flowers on the other side.
There are many characters and strong style in the film. The labels such as “sister film of Dharma protector”, “adult animated film” and “suggest people over 13 years old to watch” also make this animated film clear from the previous children’s animation.
Crazy buckwheat is a movie written and directed by Xu zhanxiong and starred by Ma Sichun, Zhong Chuxi and Huang Jingyu.
The film tells the story of two girls and a boy who have just entered the society in the 1990s. In the process of pursuing a new life, they go through the incredible fate test. In the vigorous development of the 1990s, they rose and disillusioned together with their dreams, and then recovered from the desperate situation.
At present, films such as Jiang Ziya, Tang Tan 3 and Hua Mulan, which are highly praised on the Internet, are still in further coordination. I believe that as long as the market returns to operation and the epidemic situation does not recur, we will soon be able to meet the audience!