月度归档: 2020年8月

The girl was caught in the air by a kite

According to the boiling point video, on August 30, at the kite festival held in Hsinchu, Taiwan, the wind suddenly increased. A girl was entangled by the tail of the kite and rolled into the air, flying up and down in the wind. The scene staff kept screaming. Fortunately, after the girl lowered her height, she was snatched down by the crowd who tried to jump up. She was only frightened and her neck was bruised.

Secondary infection of meixinguan

Overseas network 28 August novel coronavirus pneumonia in a Nevada, a new study found that two cases of infection and symptoms were detected in the first month of the disease, the first two cases of infection found in the United States, a report from 28 US media reported on the afternoon of March 2, 2008.
Screenshot of the report
According to the US “Newsweek” report, the study showed that the patient is 25 years old, From Reno, Nevada. The patient was tested positive on April 18 and presented with sore throat, headache, nausea and diarrhea. By April 27, the symptoms had subsided, and the two tests received on May 9 were negative.
On May 31, the patient again reported fever, headache, dizziness, cough, nausea and diarrhea. Five days later, the patient was hospitalized after the symptoms worsened, and the new coronavirus test was positive again. In addition, analysis of samples from patients showed that there were antibodies against new coronavirus in their bodies. The study said the patient did not have any immune system diseases and did not take immunosuppressive drugs. Scientists analyzed the virus gene in the patient’s body and concluded that the difference in the virus was enough to indicate that the patient was infected twice. The researchers also said the data supported that this was “a case of secondary infection with the new coronavirus”, but also called it “possibly rare”.
Newsweek pointed out that the study is currently in a pre publication state and has not been peer reviewed. U.S. media said that in view of the rapidly changing situation of the epidemic situation, the release of research in this way can allow scientists to discuss as soon as possible. “This is just a study, but it shows that people can be re infected with the new coronavirus,” mark pandoly, director of the Nevada public health laboratory, said in a statement. If secondary infection can occur in such a short period of time, it will bring significance to vaccine research and development and population immunity At the same time, pandoly stressed that this is a single study, and it is impossible to determine whether secondary infection will occur.
On the 24th, the microbiology team of the University of Hong Kong reported the world’s first case of secondary infection. Following media reports, the Netherlands, Belgium and Brazil also reported cases of secondary infection or suspected secondary infection. Who has also stated that there will be secondary infections, but not necessarily often.

Cecilia Cheung is suspected of having four children

In the early morning of August 28, 40 year old actor Cecilia Cheung exposed a video on the social platform, which instantly attracted the attention of many netizens.
In the video, Cecilia Cheung, dressed in a suit jacket and hot pants, is showing her beautiful legs in the “missing under clothes” show. She is shooting an advertisement for her own brand. It has to be said that Cecilia Cheung has been “hidden” for a long time in the near future, and his appearance is still as good as ever.
It is worth noting that when Cecilia Cheung lifted his coat, he accidentally exposed his slightly convex abdomen. From the side, the bulge was still very obvious. Some netizens even said frankly: there will not be a fourth child again, right?
When Cecilia Cheung turned to the front, the protrusion of his abdomen was still very conspicuous. I wonder whether it was the problem of too much clothing or too much food during the stay at home. In the face of the discussion, Cecilia Chang himself did not respond.
It is reported that Cecilia Cheung’s studio published an article in mid December two years ago confirming the news that Cecilia Chang was born with three children, and said that the little prince was already in the full moon. Therefore, it can be judged that she gave birth to her third child in mid November that year. In this way, it’s not surprising that we are pregnant with a fourth child.
However, it is still a mystery who is the father of Cecilia Cheung’s third child. If there are four children now, I don’t know if it is the same father.
Now that Cecilia Cheung has three sons, she often shares her daily life with her baby on social platforms.
In May, she aired a video that accidentally exposed the appearance of her third son. The youngest son Marcus is plump and cute, just like his mother Cecilia Cheung. He doesn’t have the feeling of mixed blood, which breaks the rumor that the child’s father is a foreigner.
Some time ago, she also showed the trend of swimming with her sons. Luacs, the eldest son, had obvious abdominal muscles at the age of 13. Although the whole body bone was still somewhat thin, it still showed a kind of beauty of strength.
As for whether there is a fourth child, we still don’t know, but Cecilia Cheung is indeed a great mother, which deserves our affirmation. We wish her and her children a better and better future.

Cai Shaofen’s mother and son play in the water on holiday

Netease Entertainment reported on August 28, Cai Shaofen posted a group of photos of her holiday in Sanya on social media on August 28. In the photo, she is wearing a hat and a mask to cover her face. She is playing in the water with her 9-month-old baby “fish eggs”. Cai Shaofen said that the baby likes to play with water, joking that “fish eggs” must be a master swimmer in the future.
Cai Shaofen holds the baby in both hands, so that he can float in the water, and the mother and son are happy. She also sun out a baby’s back, only 9 months of “fish eggs” in the sun can not get a rest, very lovely.

Unknown odor in the air of Qingdao

According to the official microblog of Licang branch of Qingdao Environmental Protection Bureau @ Licang Environmental Protection Bureau in the early morning of the 27th, the Licang branch of Qingdao ecological and Environmental Protection Bureau has received netizens’ feedback on the odor situation and is carrying out an inspection together with the public security department. According to the preliminary investigation of Qingdao Petrochemical Company, there is oil and gas leakage point in the circulating water tower in the sewage treatment unit area of the enterprise, resulting in the unorganized emission of waste gas, affecting the downwind direction.
According to the investigation of Qingdao Petrochemical Company, there are oil and gas leakage points in the circulating water tower in the sewage treatment unit area of the enterprise, which causes the unorganized emission of waste gas, which affects the downwind direction. The current wind direction is northwest wind, and the downwind area will be affected. At present, the enterprise has identified and blocked the leakage point, and is increasing the circulating water. It is expected that the odor will be eliminated in a period of time.
A cooling circulating water tower in the southeast corner of the plant area of Qingdao Petrochemical Company, due to the diesel leakage problem, the peculiar smell was extracted by the fan and carried into the air, which affected some areas in the downwind direction. According to the verification of the enterprise, the escaping gas is harmless to human body and will not produce inflammable, explosive or secondary derivative disasters. At present, through the emergency treatment of the enterprise, the leakage point has been handled at 0:20.

A new investigation into the case of kicking indecent men

Yongzhou news network news (reporter Tang Botao) the reporter learned from Yongzhou public security bureau that the recently concerned case of “male students kicking and injuring indecent men” that netizens pay close attention to, has ordered Lengshuitan branch to cancel the case, immediately lift the criminal detention of Hu, and promote the investigation by the municipal public Security Bureau. For Lei’s indecent act, Lengshuitan sub Bureau will take administrative detention for 15 days according to the law of the people’s Republic of China on public security management punishment.
Yongzhou Public Security Bureau said it would adhere to strict standards, fair and civilized law enforcement and respond to netizens’ concerns about the case.

Details of the case of father falling to death

On August 24, the Beijing News reporter learned the details of the case of a 2.5-year-old boy killed by his father from Jintai district police in Baoji, Shaanxi Province. On August 19, the man Liu and the woman Feng had a dispute over the custody of their illegitimate son. After drinking, Liu threw the child and made him unconscious and died. Police said Liu had a bad temper and Feng was very afraid of him at ordinary times. At the time of the incident, Feng was extremely afraid, and his leg was disabled. He did not dare to stop Liu. He could only take video to leave evidence for police.

Being beaten if you don’t drink a toast from a leader

Recently, a screenshot of “a new employee who is slapped and insulted for not drinking a leader’s toast” has become popular on the Internet.
The screenshot shows that a new employee of Zhongguancun Branch of a bank was beaten and insulted by a leader for not drinking the wine of “a Jiao” when they were having dinner with their colleagues in Pangu seven star hotel in Beijing. He slapped me in the face and accused me of “your mother X” one by one, indicating that he was optimistic about me, but I didn’t drink the wine of corner a and asked if it was stupid.
Later, Yang Mou, who left first, was chased and scolded to the elevator by his impulsive colleagues.
Yang heard that after he left, the dining room also happened to drop a glass of wine hit the table, the situation of touching female colleagues, and even called the police.
Jinkou Yuyan noted that the message was sent in the “2020 campus recruitment of new employees” group.
Some netizens disclosed that the incident happened in a bank of Xiamen International Bank in Beijing.
Jinkou entertainment comparison found that the head of Yang in the screenshot is consistent with the real name of Yang in a workplace website. According to the website, Yang’s status is “on duty” and his unit is Beijing Branch of Xiamen International Bank Co., Ltd.
Jinkou Yuyan noted that the screenshots were forwarded 12000 times and more than 6000 comments were made after the microblog was disclosed. Netizens also talked about it.
@Big eye Bole: these greasy thinking of the middle-aged and the elderly still stay in decades ago, so we can still expect them to keep pace with the times and promote the development of the country? Expect him to be a good leader? Check it and finish class as soon as possible!
@Mr. Han, who has a cat at home: public funds are used to eat and drink under the environment of calling for economy.
@Lei Wulong Tian: many people of that generation didn’t even line up when they went out. They became very seniority oriented when they came to the wine table. They also called them “rules” and “eyesight”. Please save some food for the country
@I’m not a humble brother: at the dinner party of the sub branch, Pangu seven stars drank too much, and asked the eight regulations of the Discipline Inspection Commission whether it was regulated or not?
@The seed of our happiness: the disgusting so-called wine culture, the most vulgar and backward behavior. I think high-quality people will be better.
@There is a word in time to say: the leadership is not correct, bring out a stick of crooked goods, really should that sentence, the IQ of people in the group dropped seriously.
@This kind of wine table culture is to test subordinates’ bullying and obedience. I hope that the post-90s and post-00s can make the culture of drinking and drinking table disappear.
This afternoon, Jinkou Yuyan contacted the official microblog of Xiamen International Bank to verify the matter. As of the time of publication, no reply was received.

There are heavy rain in 7 provinces and cities

According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a blue rainstorm warning at 6:00 on the 23rd: it is estimated that from 8:00 on the 23rd to 8:00 on the 24th, there will be heavy rainstorms in northern and southern Shaanxi, northern Shanxi, central and northern Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, western Liaoning and southwest Sichuan Basin. Among them, there are heavy rainstorms (100-120) in southwest Beijing and southwest Sichuan Basin Mm).
Some of the above areas are accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall (the maximum hourly rainfall is 20-50 mm, and locally it can exceed 60 mm), and there are severe convective weather such as thunderstorm and gale.

A woman with a seat

On a flight from Hangzhou to Beijing, a woman forcibly occupied her seat on a flight from Hangzhou to Beijing and refused to get up despite the persuasion of flight attendants. The woman’s surname was Wang. Her seat was located in the middle of the flight. She decided to change to the empty seat in the back of the plane because of the large number of people around her. But Wang didn’t know that the empty area in the rear was the isolation area designated by the crew. If there were fever symptoms, they could be separated from the back. Finally, Wang was fined 200 yuan for disturbing the order of public transport. (when the rule of law is in progress)