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11 year old girl sexually assaulted by netizens

Recently, an 11 year old girl in Taiyuan was sexually assaulted when she met a netizen, Shanxi Radio and television reported. Recently, the girl’s mother reported to the police that her child had been sexually assaulted. After receiving the report, the police immediately launched an investigation and successfully arrested the man. Later, according to the man’s confession, he and the girl were netizens, and the girl still had a relationship with her when she was a minor. At present, the man has been detained by the police according to law.
It is understood that the girl was the man who met in the online game. After chatting online for a period of time, the two met in Taiyuan Yingze Park. The man then took him to a nearby hotel. After arriving at the hotel, the girl had stressed to the man that he was a minor, but the man did not listen to it and still insisted on having sex with him. After returning home, the girl told her mother what had happened to her, and the mother immediately called the police.
Through the description of the girl, the police learned the appearance, characteristics and other information of the man. After a lot of monitoring and investigation and monitoring of all the streets, the police finally locked the scope on a young man. After many times of careful investigation and careful verification by the police, the last suspect was caught in the home of Yuanping.

Yang Huiyan continues to be the richest woman

*** Yang Huiyan, 39, was the richest woman in China for four consecutive years with an increase of 50 billion yuan.
Zhong Huijuan, 59, from Lianyungang, a 59 year old woman from Lianyungang, has a wealth increase of 51 billion to 135 billion, surpassing Wu Yajun, Queen of real estate, and becoming the richest woman from scratch in China and the world for the first time. Peng Lei ranked the top 2.5 billion companies in the list of Alibaba’s top 20 billion companies.
In addition, there are 16 inheritors of wealth, accounting for 29%. New hope’s 40 year old Liu Chang’s personal wealth increased by 3 billion to 27 billion.
A total of 13 female entrepreneurs were dropped out of the list, namely, Xiao Wenhui, a new Hualian entrepreneur, who was in financial crisis due to default on debt; bosden Meidong, Wu Yulan of Hengrui, Zhang Jing of Maoye, Lu qianfang of Yajule, Xu Huiqing of Minhua, Wang Qiuyang of Jindian, Zhou Yanqi of Hailan family, Zhao Yilian of Nandu, Fu Fang and Shen of Shengnong, who were not listed on the list Chen Xiaoying of Tong, Lin Xuyan of Yongfeng and Zhang Sichuan of Momo.
“Chinese female heirs are expected to inherit 19.5 trillion in 20 years.” According to the Hurun wealth report, it is estimated that 17 trillion yuan of wealth will be passed on to the next generation within 10 years, 39 trillion yuan will be passed on to the next generation in 20 years, and 60 trillion yuan will be passed on to the next generation in 30 years, with half of them being men and women.
“In five years’ time, there should be more than a dozen trillion entrepreneurs and several hundred billion philanthropists in China. According to the speed of wealth creation in recent years, the saying” wealth can’t be more than three generations “will be subverted. Such a large amount of wealth will never be spent by three generations.”
“European and American families, especially the old aristocratic families, will transfer the ownership of the company to their children relatively early, mainly considering the inheritance tax. In China, this form has just begun, and Yang Huiyan and Ji kaiting are the representatives.”

Room n chief jailed for 40 years

According to Yonhap reported on November 26, the Central District Court of Seoul, South Korea, sentenced Dr. Zhao (his real name is Zhao Zhubin), the main criminal of “room n”, in the first instance and sentenced him to 40 years’ imprisonment. In October, prosecutors demanded that Zhao Zhubin be sentenced to life imprisonment and wear an electronic foot chain for 45 years.
Zhao Zhubin, 25, graduated from the Department of information and communications of a South Korean University of technology, calling himself “Dr. Zhao.”. From May 2019 to February this year, he was suspected of coercing dozens of women to shoot abnormal and indecent videos, and set up chat rooms on encrypted software for paid sharing, earning billions of won. In addition, he also used the spread of indecent video as a threat to instigate an accomplice in sexual assault on underage girls, facing a total of 14 charges.
On March 19, Zhao Zhubin was arrested by police on suspicion of violating the sexual protection law for children and adolescents. On the 25th of March, when he was publicly confessed to the public for his help, he stopped. In October, the prosecution demanded that Zhao Zhubin be sentenced to life imprisonment and wear a 45 year electronic foot chain. Five accomplices who were jointly prosecuted were sentenced to five to 15 years’ imprisonment respectively.
What is the “room n” incident? Since 2018, many criminals in South Korea have lured young women into uploading nude photos or indecent videos through part-time fashion models. Then they threatened to shoot the video of sexual exploitation and share it in the chat room of the instant messaging software telegram for the paid members to watch or download.
In order to avoid the search, the criminals built a number of chat groups in advance, and continued to build and dissolve the chat groups, which were named “room 1” and “room 2” respectively, so they were collectively referred to as “room n”. Among them, the chat group run by Zhao Zhubin is the most rampant, known as “doctor room”.
Dr. Zhao in room n
Dr. Zhao in room n
After the exposure of the “room n” incident, South Korea immediately aroused public anger. In March this year, the Korean President moon Jae in Yin said that the case was a crime of trampling on the victim, instructing the police to investigate the case thoroughly, and to make all the offenders get the punishment they deserve. He promised that the government would delete all videos involved in the case and provide legal and medical support to the victims.
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Suspect arrested in South Korea’s room n case
Suspect arrested in South Korea’s room n case: juvenile pornographic video in chat room, 260000 people watching live broadcast (source: pear video)
[suspect arrested in South Korea’s room n case ᦇ pornographic video of minors in chat room, 260000 people watching live broadcast] ා 200000 people in South Korea petitioned to disclose information about suspects in room n ා according to South Korean media SBS, the operator of “room n” program was detained on the night of the 19th for threatening minors to shoot video of sexual exploitation and spread it on SNS. According to the police: since 2018, the suspect posted pictures of sexual exploitation in chat rooms for members to watch and collect membership fees, up to 260000 members. At present, more than 200000 people have petitioned to disclose the suspect’s information.
The founder of room n, who was charged with 12 charges and 260000 onlookers, was sentenced indefinitely
According to Yonhap news agency, the founder of “room n” under the pseudonym godod was charged by South Korean prosecutors with 12 charges. South Korean prosecutors asked the court to sentence him to life imprisonment and allow him to wear electronic foot chains and employment restrictions.
It is reported that although the death penalty clause is retained in the criminal law of South Korea, it has not been carried out since 1997, so it has been included in the list of countries that have actually abolished the death penalty. In other words, life imprisonment is the most severe punishment in Korean criminal trial.
The criminal admitted that there were 50 victims
According to overseas network earlier reported, Wen Hengxu is an architecture major college student. Since 2018, he was suspected of creating “room n” chat groups, threatening several underage girls to shoot sexual abuse films and spread them in chat groups to obtain illegal gains. The parents of three of the victims tried to call the police but were threatened by Wen Hengxu.
On May 13, South Korean police decided to disclose his personal information and photos.
South Korea’s n-homeowner jailed for 40 years: forcing dozens of women to shoot sexual exploitation videos
On May 18, Wen Hengxu was publicly exposed by South Korean police (source: News 1)
On May 18, Wen Hengxu was publicly displayed. On that day, he appeared in front of the media in black without a mask and hat. He said he apologized to the victims and said his previous sexual beliefs were wrong.
When asked whether all the victims were 50, he replied “yes”. At the scene, the public angrily denounced Wen Hengxu: “go to hell!” “Murderer!”
Before his arrest, Wen was studying in a university in dao’an City, Gyeonggi, South Korea. He was about to graduate in a year. He was busy preparing his graduation work. However, in April this year, he suddenly applied to his tutor to suspend school because of his “personal situation”, which was not long before Dr. Zhao was arrested in “room n”.
His classmates evaluated him as “down-to-earth” and “not in trouble”
When the identity of the founder of “room n” was announced, the students around him were greatly surprised. They said that Wen Hengxu was gentle in appearance and introverted. He didn’t talk much at ordinary times. He didn’t like to participate in community activities or make trouble.
“Down to earth, ordinary architecture students.” Another said.
“Not socializing.” “No trouble.” “Quiet and timid, is the kind of ordinary people who have one in every class.” This is the evaluation of his classmates around him. He also worked as a social worker in child care institutions in 2017. In October last year, he was praised by teachers and students for his conscientiousness in publishing his paper

Relatives respond to marriage in secret

“The case of female infertility who was beaten to death by her mother-in-law” will open on the 27th. During the public’s waiting for the court session, it was reported that Fang Yangyang, the victim, was married by her mother’s family after her death, and her family also received several thousand yuan “betrothal gifts”. In this regard, Fang Yangyang’s cousin Xie Shulei explained that Yin marriage is a local old custom. In order to make the children not lonely after death, “this thing is done by my uncle. I didn’t take a cent of the money collected. It’s mainly used for aftercare and shopping.”
Yin marriage, also known as ghost marriage, refers to the death of a single man or woman with a female corpse (male corpse), both parties in the name of husband and wife buried together, is an old custom in some areas, has a history of thousands of years. Nowadays, there are still superstitious customs in some rural areas of China.
“We young people don’t understand this very well. It’s mainly operated by our uncle, and we have collected thousands of yuan.” Fang Yangyang’s cousin Xie Shulei said that in the local countryside there is a custom of shady marriage, especially when young people die. When white haired people send black haired people, in order to make their children no longer lonely under the nine springs, they will hold a Yin marriage, which is also a kind of comfort for the dead and a spiritual sustenance for their families.
Xie Shulei said that after Fang Yangyang died, his sick mother was mainly taken care of by Fang Yangyang’s uncle, who was responsible for the affair. As for the thousands of yuan collected, it is also kept by my uncle. “I can’t make it so clear where it is used. The funeral money, the money for gifts and shopping, are usually given to her mother. Thousands of yuan, even in the countryside, can do nothing. Anyway, I didn’t take a cent. It’s not suitable for me to take it. I can’t live with it. “
After the “matchmaking” incident was fermented on the Internet, Xie Shulei said that he had received questions from many media reporters and netizens. He also explained on the Internet. He hoped that everyone would still pay attention to the case of his cousin’s being maltreated to death. As for the “matchmaking” affair, “there are some old customs in the countryside, and the situation at home is more complicated. Long live is better understood.”
According to his introduction, Fang Yangyang’s case of being maltreated and killed was originally scheduled to open on the 27th. If there is any change, the lawyer will get accurate information tomorrow.

Actor and daughter-in-law face to face celebration

On November 22, famous actor Shi Xiu posted his 73 year old birthday photo on the social platform.
Among the pictures, there is a very special picture of Shi Xiu’s nine grid palace made up of different photos of different age stages since he was a child star. It is obvious that Shi Xiu has always had an amazing high appearance value, from good-looking to big from childhood to the age of rarity, and can still maintain a super good state.
Shi Xiu’s family atmosphere is very warm and his relationship with his daughter-in-law seems very close. One of the pictures is a recent photo of him and his daughter-in-law, and their looks are very online.
As a well-known actor in Hong Kong, he has participated in various types of TV dramas, such as drama, comedy, martial arts drama, costume drama and Republic of China drama. He can easily switch between different roles, and his acting skills are perfect.
Shi Xiu’s most well-known TV play is “Tianlong Babu”. The role of Mu Rongfu in this play has made him famous and gained a large number of fans. His popularity and attention have been improved qualitatively. He is also known as “the most handsome murongfu in history”.
He made his debut at the age of 8, and later won the favor of TVB. He made several TV series produced by TVB, such as “march forward bravely” in cooperation with CAI Shaofen. He also had three in three out of TVB, did not limit his development in one place.
On one occasion, he suddenly fainted, but there was no sign. After examination, it was no big problem. After a while, Shi Xiu was unable to absorb nutrition. Hearing that Tai Chi was useful, he kept practicing Tai Chi slowly. After several months, he finally got better.
Shi Xiu is not only successful in his career, but also in love. He and Huang ruli have been in love for 50 years. The couple have been in love with each other for 50 years. During this period, neither of them has been reported to have an affair. It is not difficult to see that they are deeply in love.

Uncover pornographic traps in recruitment websites

A reporter from the Beijing News found that many companies were suspected of sexual recruitment, including “intermediaries” who were looking for women for “clients”, or bosses who personally tried to find women in villas, and even some companies called recruitment assistants were actually looking for sexual partners for “clients”.
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“If you have chest, let me feel it.” On a black business bus near a hotel in Sanyuanqiao, a reporter of Beijing news is being “interviewed”, a 30-year-old man said as he tried to reach out to touch the interviewee as a candidate.
Since this year, netizens in many regions, including Beijing, Hangzhou and Nanjing, have encountered “erotic Recruitment” in boss direct employment. This kind of recruitment information often carries the banner of “assistant to the chairman” and “life assistant”. The description of the job content is simple and vague, and the actual requirement is to provide sexual services.
In early November, the Beijing News reporter applied to more than 20 similar recruitment enterprises in boss direct employment, including “assistant” and “secretary” positions. Seven enterprises obtained further contact with reporters. However, during the interview, a reporter from the Beijing News found that the above-mentioned companies were suspected of engaging in erotic recruitment, including the “intermediary” who specially searched for women for “clients”, some bosses who personally tried in villas and used their hands on the candidates, and even some companies called recruitment assistants were actually looking for sexual partners for “clients”.
The above-mentioned interview sites are not official company offices. In the secret interview of Beijing News reporter, the interview places required by the recruiter include hotel cafe, private villa and even business “nanny car”.
It’s called recruiting assistant. It’s actually a broker who is hunting for customers
In the first ten days of November, an organization named “World Fortune elite Association” recruited the post of “special assistant of China Rolls Royce club” on the boss direct employment, with salary ranging from 10000 yuan to 15000 yuan per month. Beijing News reporter initiated communication as a candidate.
According to the company introduction on boss direct employment, the “World Fortune elite” is “a comprehensive organization for the lifestyle and family affairs management of high net worth and super rich families in China. It started from the family club in England and has a great reputation for providing services to the Rothschild family and the Rockefeller family. In China, it only serves family customers with net assets of more than 100 million yuan per capita.”
The page shows that the work content of “China Rolls Royce Club recruiting special assistant” is “responsible for assisting leaders to carry out relevant Club resources and cooperation affairs, handling public relations, organizing dinners and high-end entrepreneur gatherings, social management and activity research and development, arranging and accompanying conference activities, as well as daily assistant related work

17 new confirmed cases in 31 provinces

Beijing, November 22 According to the website of the National Health Commission, from 0:00 to 24:00 on November 21, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 17 new confirmed cases, including 14 imported cases (4 cases in Fujian, 3 cases in Shanghai, 2 cases in Shaanxi, 1 case in Beijing, 1 case in Tianjin, 1 case in Zhejiang, 1 case in Guangxi and 1 case in Sichuan), and 3 local cases (2 cases in Inner Mongolia and 1 case in Shanghai) were reported by Xinjiang production and Construction Corps There were no new suspected cases.
On the same day, 9 cases were cured and discharged, 1107 close contacts were relieved from medical observation, and 4 cases of severe cases were increased compared with the previous day.
301 confirmed cases (including 1 severe case) were imported from abroad, and no suspected cases were found. There were 3775 confirmed cases, 3474 cured cases and no death cases.
As of 24:00 on November 21, according to the reports of 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, there were 316 confirmed cases (including 5 severe cases), 81481 cured and discharged cases, 4634 death cases, 86431 confirmed cases reported, and no existing suspected cases. A total of 876138 close contacts were traced, and 11375 were still under medical observation.
31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 11 new cases of asymptomatic infection (all imported from abroad); 1 case turned into confirmed case on the same day (imported from abroad); 23 cases were relieved of medical observation on the same day (all imported from abroad); 365 cases of asymptomatic infection still under medical observation (361 cases imported from abroad).
A total of 6217 confirmed cases were received from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Among them, there were 5560 cases in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (5248 cases discharged, 108 cases died), 46 cases in Macao Special Administrative Region (46 cases discharged), 611 cases (546 cases discharged and 7 cases died) in Taiwan.

Trump or his final appearance

He refused to use the official background of the APEC meeting in the video as other leaders did.
On the evening of November 20, the 27th APEC informal leaders’ meeting was held by video. U.S. President trump, who has always been uninterested in multilateralism and is now devoting himself to challenging the outcome of the general election, also participated in the meeting “infrequently”, but it is a bit “different” from the picture alone. He refuses to use the official background of the APEC meeting in the video images like other leaders.
Agence France Presse said that the video background of all the leaders attending the meeting was the official background of the current APEC provided by the host country. There was a huge green dome of Malaysian Prime Minister’s office in the picture, except for Trump’s background, only the background behind him was beige. A source who arranged for trump to attend the meeting revealed that trump refused to use the official background. This is the second time trump has attended the APEC leaders’ meeting, the last time in 2017. The US side has not released the contents of Trump’s speech to the media for the time being. According to the report, Hu Yishan, an analyst at the Singapore Institute of international affairs, said Trump’s aim was to “appear on the global stage as president.”. “Trump will certainly take advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate his current presidency for the sake of domestic political interests,” he said
Taiwan’s Lianhe Daily said it was Trump’s first appearance at an international conference since the US election. Since Biden, the Democratic candidate, is expected to win the 2020 presidential election, trump has faded out of public view. But he has refused to admit defeat and devoted all his energy to the legal challenges aimed at turning the tables, but these efforts have largely failed. Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post said the outgoing trump administration was criticized over the weekend for sending low-level officials to attend a series of leaders’ meetings on East Asian cooperation. “Voice of Germany” said that this may be Trump’s last grand appearance on the international stage after losing to Biden in the election, although trump himself is still trying to overturn the election results.
“This is a rare public appearance since trump lost to his opponent in the election.” Despite Trump’s participation in the meeting, most leaders in the Asia Pacific region expressed the hope that the United States will return to a more multilateral response after Biden takes over from Trump, according to Bloomberg on the 20th. Liu Yongyu, an assistant professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of public policy at the National University of Singapore, said Trump’s attendance was “more symbolic than substantive” because of his lack of interest in the multilateral system. “It’s hard to get other APEC leaders to take seriously what trump said, but they will avoid commenting on the internal affairs of the United States,” Liu said. “Trump wants to show that he is still the president and commander-in-chief of the three services and send the message that he has not lost the election. This has more impact on US domestic politics than on regional or global trade. “
During Trump’s term of office, the issue of relations with Russia has been controversial in China. Russia’s “Daily News” network earlier reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the APEC and G20 summit to be held on the 20th and 21st respectively by video. This will be his last communication with trump. The brief and unclear “Romance” of both sides is coming to an end. Trump is one of the most contradictory US presidents Putin has to face. Trump has always been inconsistent with his words and deeds, while Putin is polite and tries to interact with him as much as possible

Four more local cases in Tianjin

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 4 of the Tianjin’s Dongjiang port area, which was reported at 2 a.m. and 5 hours in November 20th.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia was transferred to the designated hospital in 4 cities. According to the results of nucleic acid detection, clinical manifestation, blood examination and CT examination, the municipal expert group of our city comprehensively judged and confirmed that shen Mou was a confirmed case of 141st cases of new crown pneumonia in our city (General type), and Yang was identified as 142nd confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in the city. 143rd novel coronavirus pneumonia cases (novel coronavirus pneumonia) were identified in our city, and Yang (a son of Yang) was identified as the 144th confirmed case of new crown pneumonia in our city.

Mother disgrace case party out of prison

On the morning of November 18, 2020, Yu Huan, a party involved in the case of humiliating his mother, was released from prison with commutation of his sentence. Previously, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for stabbing the insulting mother, and later was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment. On April 14, 2016, Su Yinxia Yu Huan’s mother and son were unable to repay the usury, so they were restricted their personal freedom by 11 debt collectors, and were insulted by abuse, slapping, shoes covering the mouth, etc. Du Zhihao, the debt collector, took off his pants in front of Yu Huan and insulted Su Yinxia with extreme means. Desperate Yu Huan picked up a fruit knife and stabbed four people. Du Zhihao, who was stabbed, died the next day. On February 17, 2017, Liaocheng intermediate people’s court sentenced Yu Huan to life imprisonment for intentional injury.
The Supreme People’s Procuratorate sent its staff to Shandong for examination.
On May 27, 2017, the second trial of Shandong high court reported the relevant information of the trial by live broadcast.
On June 23, 2017, the Shandong high court decided that Yu Huan was in excessive defense and was sentenced to 5 years’ imprisonment.
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On trial of gang involved in the case of Yu Huan
After 12 days’ trial on the 14 day and three days in a row, the people’s Court of Liaocheng District of Shandong province ended the trial of Wu Xuezhan’s criminal syndicate criminal organization behind the Huan case. There are 15 accused in Wu Xuezhan’s gangland Gang criminal organization, involving 9 counts.
The public prosecution organs allege that since 2010, the defendant Wu xuezhan has successively established Taichang Investment Co., Ltd. and Taihe Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in Guanxian County, Shandong Province. Zhao Rongrong, the defendant, is in charge of accounting management. More than ten defendants, including Guo Yangang, Guo Shulin and Wu Fengzhi, have been gathered together to become a criminal organization with a nature of underworld.
Prosecutor Kong Yu: the gang organized many criminal and illegal activities by means of violence and threat. In order to force usury to illegally invade Su Yinxia’s house, he illegally detained Su Yinxia and Yu Huan.
The public prosecutor accused Wu Xuezhan of 15 accused persons suspected of organizing, leading and participating in criminal organization of gangland, 9 crimes of forced transaction, illegal invasion of residence and illegal detention. Among them, the crime of illegal invasion and the crime of illegal detention are directly related to the Yuhuan case.
In April 2016, the defendants Wu xuezhan and Zhao Rongrong forced Wu Fenglei, Du Zhihao and others to illegally intrude into Su Yinxia’s house, forced the moving company to remove the interior furniture, and pressed Su Yinxia’s head into the toilet. On April 14, in order to exert pressure, the defendant Wu xuezhan instructed Zhao Rongrong to gather people to go to Yuanda industry and trade company of Su Yinxia to collect debts, and illegally detained Su Yinxia and his son Yu Huan. During this period, Du Zhihao, a gang member, humiliated Su Yinxia by exposing his lower body. Finally, Yu Huan stabbed Du Zhihao with a knife and stabbed three gang members.
According to the evidence presented by the procuratorial organ in court, Wu xuezhan, who rushed to the scene to deal with the case in private, tried to persuade the police on duty not to arrest the person and hand it over to himself, in order to avoid being out of control after the intervention of public power, but he was rejected by the police.
Later, Wu xuezhan invested 2 million yuan to appease the family members of the gang member Du Zhihao who were stabbed to death, and gave Yan Jianjun, a member of the gang who was injured, to contact the hospital in Beijing for treatment. At the same time, the funds of criminal gangs should be transferred quickly to avoid the attack of the police.
According to the accusations of the public prosecution organ, 15 defendants, including Wu xuezhan, granted usury and forced transactions in the local area to dominate and harm one party, which had a significant impact on the local financial industry and seriously damaged the economic and social order. What are their specific criminal facts?
The public prosecution organ accused Wu xuezhan and other 15 criminal gangs with the nature of underworld to obtain economic benefits through crimes and illegal activities, including forced transactions and usury. In April 2015, Guanxian people’s hospital invited public bidding for the ward building construction project. After Wu xuezhan failed to borrow other people’s qualifications, he forced two local enterprises that normally won the bid to transfer the bidding project to him by means of malicious reporting, threats and threats, and received more than 10 million yuan from Guanxian people’s hospital.
In addition, because of the land dispute, Wu xuezhan also used a knife to cut the face of sun Guangjun, who was in conflict with him, leading to six stitches on Sun Guangjun’s face, which constituted a minor injury level II; he also instructed gang members to deliberately hurt several victims such as Lang Baoting.
The public prosecution accused Wu xuezhan of deliberately destroying property and public telecommunications facilities, cutting off the local Unicom’s communication cable, causing more than 4800 households to lose communication for more than one hour.
In order to make exorbitant profits by issuing usury, Wu xuezhan’s Gang also maliciously reported relevant enterprises to local financial institutions such as CCB and Qilu bank, and made trouble in some banks to prevent banks from lending to enterprises normally. The defendant Wu xuezhan denied or disagreed with the facts of the crime and the relevant evidence presented by the public prosecution organ.
The public prosecutor refuted Wu xuezhan’s denial according to the evidence. For gang members involved in the crime of forcibly insulting women, rape and other criminal facts, the court conducted a closed trial in accordance with the law. During the three-day trial, the public prosecutor, the victim, the agent ad litem, the defendant and the defender all fully expressed their opinions.
It is also understood that after the Yu Huan case, while the local political and legal organs cracked down on Wu xuezhan and other 15 criminal gangs involved in the underworld, they are now investigating Wu Deming, former head of Donggu Town, Guanxian County, and Chen, former leader of the Criminal Police Brigade of Guanxian Public Security Bureau