月度归档: 2021年1月

Three million gold lost

Early in the morning of January 11, 2021, at the gate of a gold shop in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, employee Xiao Zhang opened the heavy security door in front of the gold shop as usual, preparing to start the day’s work. However, as soon as the shutter door was half opened, he was dumbfounded.
“Manager, it’s over, it’s all over…”
The manager of Jindian Road on the other end of the phone looked like earth, “what?! Is there no gold jewelry in the shop? Call the police
When the store manager arrived at the gold store, the police had counted the losses – the security doors and windows were intact, but more than 1400 pieces of gold jewelry worth more than 3 million yuan were missing!
After receiving the alarm, Liaocheng municipal and district public security organs attached great importance to it, and the criminal investigation police immediately launched the investigation.
Feng Menglai, the instructor of the second criminal investigation squadron of Dongchangfu branch of Liaocheng Public Security Bureau, carefully investigated the scene: the security door was intact and there was no sign of being prized. For a moment, the experienced “old criminal policeman” frowned.
If not, where did the suspect get in? Is there another way? With doubts, he began a search in the room, not letting go of any details.
When the case was at a deadlock, he entered the monitoring room of Jindian. He looked up and saw that there was a hole in the ceiling!
Smooth ceiling, there is an oval hole, in the middle of two steel bars, the surrounding dust will fall from time to time.
Police climb on the tripod, found that although the narrow gap is a new hole, but an adult is unable to pass. He waved to his colleagues below and said, “if you look at other places, this should not be the channel used by the suspect.”
Not far from the oval hole, there is a square hole with a certain width, which can probably accommodate a person to pass sideways. The square hole has obvious tool cutting marks.
Check! On the spot, the police made a quick decision to follow the square hole cut by hand. From the dark, invisible passage all the way up, there was light, which led to a vent in the staircase on the second floor.
Through on-the-spot investigation, the police found that the suspect entered the scene from a vent on the second floor staircase, crawled into the ceiling above the gold shop, cut the ceiling and went down to the scene. After a large number of monitoring, the suspect’s track in and out of the scene coincides with his whereabouts.
It’s hard to determine the whereabouts of the thieves after changing trains again and again
Police access to the monitoring screen, a frame by frame, with time constantly changing the scene, “stop!” Li, deputy director of Liaocheng Public Security Bureau, said: “I’m greedy! That’s him
On the screen, a man looks in a hurry, staggers, and carries a heavy backpack on his body.
Director Li found that the suspect entered the crime scene at about 1:30 a.m. and fled from a closed room in a fire passage in the underground parking lot at about 7:04 a.m. Entry and escape are not the same route.
The concrete image, the accurate time, and the means of stealing — tracing has already begun. Strike while the iron is hot. Through video tracking, the police found that after leaving the mall, the suspect first took a taxi and then changed to a tricycle twice after arriving at the railway station.
This change has really caused a lot of trouble to the police. Police on the “gold robber” in the original grasp of the tracking clues, in the vicinity of Tianzhuang bridge suddenly broken.
However, no matter how cunning the fox is, it can’t compete with a good hunter. The police are patient and have launched a further visit and investigation in the place where the suspect finally disappeared.
“Have you ever met a young man, about 30 years old, with a big backpack on his back, who is very heavy at first sight…” While taking out the video, while drawing that “heavy backpack.”. After several explorations, the police finally caught the trace of the suspect again.
Someone provided a clue: the suspect with a backpack appeared in a town 20 miles away. In order to prevent startling, the police immediately arranged personnel to lurk here. But the cunning suspect took another car and appeared in a town 10 kilometers away.
At this moment, the competition is speed. Arrest now! There’s no more room for suspects to escape! Police immediately decided to intercept him.
“Don’t move When the police rushed into the house, the suspect was lying happily in bed, guarding the gold and dreaming.
At eight o’clock in the evening, everything was settled. After only 10 hours, the “gold robber” had been arrested. All the stolen goods hidden in another place by the “gold robber” were also seized.
Stolen gold
Crazy theft, just to fill the huge gambling debt
After investigation, the stolen gold jewelry weighs about 6 kg and has more than 1400 pieces, worth more than 3 million yuan.
The suspect Li confessed that he had participated in the so-called “Macao online gambling” since last year, introduced by his friends. At the beginning, I tried a few, but I didn’t expect to win one after another. As a result, tasted the sweetness of Li slowly infected with the bad habit of gambling.
As the saying goes: long bet no winner. Over a long period of time, he owed millions of gambling debts, and was chased by the creditors into hiding and restless. In order to repay the debt, a little decoration construction technology of Li, then moved the idea of stealing gold shop.
The suspect Li explained that he stepped on the spot many times and found a fire passage on the second floor of the ladder in the shopping mall. With his own decoration experience, he believes that the vent inside is the best way to sneak into the gold shop to steal.
In this way, in nearly a month’s time, he repeatedly entered the vent to “make holes”, and bit by bit touched the position above the ceiling of the monitoring room of the gold shop. Finally, no one carried out the theft in the middle of the night.
“On the day of the crime, I entered the mall ahead of time and wandered around until dark. As soon as the people were gone, I entered the monitoring room of the gold store through the vent along the hole I had already made.”
“I thought, as long as I pay the gambling debt, I’ll stop.” The suspect Li explained his criminal process, his voice was low, and his face was full of regret. I didn’t expect that gold would turn into cold handcuffs before it was warmed up.
At present, the suspect Lee has been detained for criminal detention, and the case is being further investigated.

Hangzhou reality fan shengmei

A few days ago, Xiaomei, a girl born in 1996, as a hangpiao, after working for three years, her salary rose to more than 10000 and was squeezed by her family. It is reported that he was asked to buy the latest mobile phone for his mother, while he used the old one that his mother had eliminated. In addition, he was asked to buy all kinds of things for his younger brother who went to university. In October of nineteen, when he was in a bad mood and quarreled with his boyfriend, he went to Qiantang River alone to relax. As a result, he died unexpectedly in high tide. However, after the event, her mother even went to the company where her daughter worked in full make-up to ask for compensation, and the boss of the company paid 60000 yuan for humanitarian compensation. Three days later, his parents went to the company and asked the company to pay 410000 yuan to buy a house for his brother.

Some trains were shut down for some reason

As the Spring Festival is approaching, the idea of returning home is becoming more and more intense. On January 26, many netizens found that they had received SMS tips of “shutdown for some reason”. In this regard, the reporter contacted 12306 customer service staff. According to the train number information provided by the reporter, customer service staff responded that some high-speed trains were stopped due to insufficient passenger flow.
The 2021 Spring Festival transportation is about to start on January 28. According to media reports and local announcements, due to insufficient passenger flow, some high-speed trains and ordinary speed trains have been suspended. According to the reporter’s investigation, in addition to g62 and G191, there are also high-speed railway ticket purchasers ordering g1713, g8032, g6024, g8819 and g8814, all of whom have received the SMS prompt of “shutdown for some reason”. 12306 staff explained that the g62 train will be shut down from January 24 to February 12 because of “insufficient passenger flow”. For the same reason, G191 will be shut down from February 1 to February 15, and g1713 will be shut down from January 22 to February 4.

Is nucleic acid positive person infected

CCTV news: “Fuyang” will infect others? From 22 to 23 this month, 1130680 people in Xicheng District of Beijing completed nucleic acid test in different batches, and one person was found to be positive in preliminary screening. At 16:39 on January 22, he was tested at the lotus market inspection point in Shichahai. Xicheng District later reviewed the case and found that it was a confirmed case diagnosed after entering Shanghai in August 2020 and cured. After meeting the relevant regulations, the case entered Beijing in October. It did not rule out the possibility of re positive. The person had been transferred to the designated hospital for further diagnosis and treatment. The close contacts were isolated and observed, and nucleic acid testing was carried out. The places involved were tested and disinfected, and the relevant personnel and environmental samples were collected The nucleic acid test results were all negative.
In addition to the case in Beijing, which may be Fuyang, on January 24, a confirmed case was found in Fushan County, Shanxi Province. After recovery, the patient recovered from the disease. The patient was an immigrant who was positive for nucleic acid test after the period of home medical observation and isolation, and was diagnosed as asymptomatic infection. On January 18, a case of imported asymptomatic infection was found in Jieyang, Guangdong Province.
So why is it that nucleic acid is positive again after recovery? Is Fuyang still infectious? Is there a large proportion of “Fuyang”? For these concerns, let’s listen to the authoritative interpretation of Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of CDC.
Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of China Center for Disease Control and prevention, said that some patients were found to be nucleic acid positive in the follow-up after discharge. There are three possibilities for this phenomenon. First, nucleic acid test shows false negative or false positive. For example, the two nucleic acid negative before discharge are false negative or the follow-up nucleic acid positive results are false positive. Second, the virus is reactivated Third, reinfection. For the first case, the occurrence of false negative or false positive can be reduced by multiple sampling of multiple sites. For the second case, the mechanism is not clear. Limited studies suggest that the infectivity of this patient is not strong, and no case of transmission has been observed. For the third case of reinfection, its infectivity is similar to that of other first-time infected patients. Overall, the proportion of patients with nucleic acid positive again in the follow-up is not high, about less than 5%.

First tiger checked in 2021

Li Wenxi, former vice chairman of Liaoning Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference, is under investigation for serious violations of discipline and law, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission announced tonight.
The governor of Chang’an Street noticed that he was nearly 71 years old and was the first former provincial and ministerial level cadre to be dismissed this year.
According to public reports, Li Wenxi was born in March 1950 and worked in Liaoning public security system for a long time. He served as director of the provincial public security department in May 2002 and was promoted to vice chairman of the provincial people’s Political Consultative Conference in January 2008. It was not until March 2011 that he was removed from the post of director of the Department because he reached the age limit and became a full-time vice chairman of the provincial CPPCC.
The governor of Chang’an Street noticed that Li Wenxi, who retired from the leadership post, did not take a complete rest, but took up the post of vice president of the China Police Association. Until December 2019, he also attended the activities in this capacity and in the name of “chairman of Liaoning Provincial Police Association”.

Woman poisoned by cherry

Cherizi, because of its sweet and sour taste, has always been popular. This winter, chelizi has become popular again. Because of its lower price, many people have realized “chelizi freedom”, but don’t be too free!
Recently, when Ms. Wang of Chongqing came home for the festival, her relatives and friends gave her two boxes of chelizi. After washing the two boxes of chelizi, Ms. Wang packed two bags full of chelizi and took them to eat on the road. I didn’t expect that a few days later, Ms. Wang suddenly suffered from abdominal colic. When she went to the bathroom, she found that it was all bloody stools.
Later, Ms. Wang ran back and forth to the toilet more than 20 times, and finally fainted in the toilet. Her family found out and sent her to the hospital in time. Doctors diagnosed that Ms. Wang was eating too much chelizi, causing iron poisoning or cyanide poisoning.
According to the doctor, it’s good for your health to eat chelizi in an appropriate amount. It can replenish blood and iron, and beautify your face. But chelizi belongs to hot fruit, eating too much is easy to cause fire, fever, nausea and vomiting, nosebleed and other symptoms. Therefore, people with Yin deficiency and excessive fire, cough, fever, asthma and gastric ulcer should not eat chelizi.
The doctor also said that we can eat some pears, apples and oranges properly in winter. It is suggested that when we eat all the fruits, one is to buy them through regular channels, and the second is to wash and soak them carefully after coming back. We should eat as many meals as possible, and don’t eat too much at a time.
At present, the global production of cherries is mainly concentrated in Chile, New Zealand and Australia, of which nearly 90% of cherries in Chile are sold to China every year. On tmall, Jingdong and other online e-commerce platforms, cherizi is ranked in the forefront of web pages or app interfaces as a “star product”. The official account of major fruit also distributed the push of the car, similar activities meet the eye everywhere.
According to the preliminary forecast of Chilean cherry Association, the global export volume of fresh Chilean cherries will increase by 35.8% in 2020 / 21, reaching more than 300000 tons, of which 80% – 90% will be sold to the Chinese market.
On January 10, when the reporter investigated Hongxing fruit wholesale market, the largest fruit wholesale market in Hunan Province, the relevant person in charge of the market introduced that at present, the wholesale price of cherizi 5kg in 2J in Hongxing market is 350 yuan, which is about 400 yuan in previous years, and the most expensive one is not more than 600 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 15%.

Inside story of isolated Hotel collapse

On the evening of the 23rd, the third episode of “sticking to the iron rules” of the four episode TV feature film “Zhengfeng anti corruption is around us” was broadcast on CCTV comprehensive channel, revealing the inside story behind the “3.7” collapse of Xinjia hotel in Quanzhou, Fujian Province.
On March 7, 2020, the Xinjia hotel in Quanzhou, which is used for centralized isolation, collapsed. A total of 71 people were trapped in the building at the time of the accident. Most of them came from other places to Quanzhou for centralized isolation and health observation. After rescue, 42 people survived and 29 others died.
The investigation conclusion of the accident investigation group of the State Council shows that this is a major production safety responsibility accident mainly caused by illegal construction, reconstruction and reinforcement construction. With the deepening of the investigation, the whole process of some party members, cadres and public officials engaging in formality, going through formality, dereliction of duty and failing to keep the bottom line of safety has been gradually revealed, which eventually led to a tragic accident.
Bribe 10000 yuan to build illegal buildings
The survey results show that the collapsed Xinjia hotel is an illegal building from the first day of foundation excavation in 2012, and it should not exist from the beginning.
Yang Jinqiang is the owner of Xinjia Hotel and the person directly responsible for the accident. In July 2012, Yang Jinqiang wanted to build a four story steel structure building. In order to save money and trouble, he did not go through any legal procedures, contracted the project to unqualified personnel and started directly.
In order to build first and then approve, Yang Jinqiang found Zhang Huiliang, then Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changtai sub district office of Licheng District, Quanzhou City, and hoped that he would greet the urban management and give him 10000 yuan on the spot. Yang Jinqiang also asked Zhang Huiliang to apply to the district for approval of “housing policy under special circumstances”. This so-called policy is to replace administrative permission with Meeting opinions, and to examine and approve construction projects in violation of regulations and ultra vires, which is a serious violation of national laws and regulations.
With this shield, the illegal building was successfully built and put into use without the completion acceptance record, and the relevant departments did not carry out the follow-up supervision.
Major hidden danger of illegal reconstruction
Fire department cadres accepted bribes and passed the audit
In 2016, Yang Jinqiang illegally rebuilt the building, adding mezzanine to the interior of the building, changing from the fourth floor to the seventh floor, separating several rooms. It was this reconstruction that laid a major hidden danger that eventually led to the collapse of the building.
The housing and construction departments at all levels in Quanzhou are responsible for the supervision of construction activities and project quality, but the long-term illegal behaviors of Xinjia hotel construction have never been found and investigated.
The fire department also has a major responsibility. At that time, the fire record adopted the sampling system. Yang Jinqiang knew that his building was illegal, and once he was selected, he would not be able to pass. So he went to Huang Zhitu, who opened a tea shop opposite the fire brigade, and offered to contract the fire engineering to him on condition that he could pass the inspection smoothly
Huang Zhitu asked Liu Deli, a cadre of the fire department who often came to the tea shop, to help him. Liu Deli accepted a bribe of 100000 yuan from Yang Jinqiang, so he took some measures to prevent him from being selected for examination and passed the examination automatically.
The investigation found that Liu Deli helped Yang Jinqiang muddle through more than once. In 2018, Yang Jinqiang plans to open a hotel after adding floors to the building, so he must go through the completion acceptance and fire control record again, and get the fire safety inspection certificate before he can apply for a special industry license from the public security department. Yang Jinqiang then found Liu Deli again, asked him for a blank certificate, and made a fake one himself.
When the hotel collapsed on March 7, 2020, Liu Deli, as a firefighter, also participated in the on-site rescue. Only then did he realize how serious the consequences of his actions were.
Liu Deli, then deputy leader of the combat support brigade of the Logistics Department of Quanzhou Fire Brigade: we were all on the scene for seven days. Our duty is to save people. On the contrary, I have done harm to so many people because of my malpractice. All of a sudden, life has been overturned and gone.
False and missing declaration materials
The local Public Security Bureau failed to control the situation
The declaration materials submitted by Yang Jinqiang have serious fraud and many deficiencies. If they are carefully examined, they will never be approved. However, the investigators found that from the window of Licheng Public Security Bureau to the police, then to the deputy team leader and deputy director, all the people who handled it did not seriously audit, leading to the failure of each level.
The receiving window is the first pass. According to the duty, the materials should be checked, but the window staff only receive the materials, not check them. The next step was to go to the scene for inspection, but it also became a formality.
There are obvious mistakes in the inspection and acceptance opinion form and the materials with many problems provided by Yang Jinqiang, which were later approved by the leaders of the public security brigade of Licheng Public Security Bureau and the deputy director in charge. However, they just read and sign directly.
In this way, Yang Jinqiang obtained a special industry license. In June 2018, in this building with serious security risks, Xinjia Hotel officially opened.
The relevant departments select the site hastily
Xinjia hotel with serious hidden danger was selected as isolation hotel
On January 10, 2020, when Yang Jinqiang redecorated the part of the building, he found that three steel columns were seriously deformed, but Yang Jinqiang asked the workers to keep quiet.
Yang Jinqiang had no sense of safety and responsibility, and thought that there would be no problem with the reinforcement. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was identified as a new spring fever after the Spring Festival.
As it is relatively far away from the densely populated areas, Xinjia hotel was selected as the health observation point for the centralized isolation of foreign personnel. In fact, this selection was made hastily without serious investigation and safety investigation, and leaders at all levels did not go to the scene to inspect.
Three days before the accident, Yang Jinqiang also organized workers to the hotel to start welding and reinforcement work. For three consecutive days, he went in and out of the centralized isolation health observation point at random, and no one came to intervene.
On March 7, 2020, the structure of the building was overloaded seriously for a long time, and it was already overburdened. The disturbance of unprofessional welding and reinforcement operation finally broke the fragile balance at the critical point, causing continuous collapse, and 29 lives died suddenly.
Vice governor’s experience of anti epidemic and final result: very guilty!
Not long before the collapse of Xinjia Hotel, Zhang Zhinan, former member of the Standing Committee of Fujian provincial Party committee and former executive vice governor of Fujian provincial government, also went to Quanzhou to inspect the epidemic prevention and control work. However, Zhang Zhinan did not go to the quarantine point for inspection, nor did he make any arrangements or reminders to the local authorities about the relevant work.
Zhang Zhinan: when we go to the grassroots level for research, we are basically arranged, which becomes a formalistic inertia and bureaucracy.
Focusing on the accident, the discipline inspection and supervision organs investigated 49 public officials. Seven of them were suspected of serious violations of discipline and law, and were transferred to the judicial organs for criminal responsibility. 41 were punished by Party discipline and government affairs, and one was admonished. Among these 49 people, only a few people have received property from Yang Jinqiang. The vast majority of them have no interest relationship. However, due to their lack of conscientiousness and responsibility, they jointly created this illegal and life-threatening building.
Formalism and bureaucracy are hidden style problems, which are difficult to find and deal with. Once they appear, they are easy to lead to serious consequences, so the alarm bell must ring for a long time.

Xichang confirmed the death

On the evening of January 21, 2021, “Mocha official”, the up owner of station B, who was born in 1998, was reported by netizens that poverty and disease caused death, and rushed to the microblog hot search. The last dynamic of “Mocha official” stayed on December 31, 2020. He said, “however, I am still lying in the hospital bed, which is very impressive.”. Before his death, he once made a news that “since childhood, most of them didn’t eat dumplings in the winter solstice” and “they wanted to eat strawberries, but they were too expensive”, which made Netizens feel sad.
On the evening of January 22, a staff member of the Propaganda Department of the Party committee of Huili County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, confirmed: “if the child (Mocha) died about 10 days ago, it was discovered by the landlord, and the family members had been informed. The body had been cremated, and the mother would deal with it later.”
I’d like to have black tea with strawberries
The first video of mocha in station B, released on February 27, 2020, is about the game. If strictly divided, mocha is a game blogger, although before his death, there were only more than 100 fans. Of Mo Cha’s 95 current trends, 28 are clips of live games, and the remaining 67 are his daily life.
On December 29, 2020, mocha wrote in the news, “I always want to eat strawberries. Recently, I’ve been suffering from illness, so I vomit what I eat, and then I want to eat strawberries. Unfortunately, strawberries are too expensive. ” A week ago, mocha just said, “I’m all eating dumplings, but I haven’t eaten dumplings in the winter solstice since I was a child. I know this custom for the first time.”.
Station B up host @ Yuban Ilyich updates the situation of inked tea in the dynamic. It is understood that they are netizens and friends. As early as August 30, 2020, @ Yuban Ilyich once asked for help for mocha. According to his description, mocha felt unwell a few months ago. When she went to the hospital for examination, she found a tumor in her nasal cavity. The doctor suggested that she be hospitalized and have a pathological examination. However, because of lack of money, mocha did not make a diagnosis and treatment at that time.
When asking for help, the tumor had made Mo Cha difficult to breathe and oppressed his visual nerve. “Kwai Sakyi,” in his help seeking, wrote that ink tea is a low income worker who can not afford to pay for treatment. He hopes to get everyone’s help and let him operate as soon as possible. At that time, some netizens suggested that Mocha open online fund-raising method for treatment, but because Mocha had no money to do the examination, the relevant materials needed for crowdfunding were not enough.
Chen sixu is also a net friend of mocha. They met with the QQ fans of @ Yuban Ilyich. Chen sixu told the new times that in his impression, mocha didn’t speak much. He occasionally spoke in the group, which was also a brief talk about his illness. After learning that he was ill and had no money for treatment and owed the hospital the cost of treatment, the group Friends subsidized him in the name of “borrowing”. The computer he used to edit the video is also a patchwork of computer parts that his friends have eliminated. After Mocha expressed that he wanted to eat strawberries, a group of friends sent him strawberries, but Mocha failed to eat them.
Chen sixu said that from the beginning to the end, Mo tea didn’t want to trouble you too much. In his dynamic, he will forecast his live time of the game, write about his physical condition, and update his daily life: “the small rice cooker bought by pinduoduo has arrived. It’s 20 yuan. I hope it will last longer.” “There are too many mosquitoes to have a good rest.” “I’m back from the fight. I can finally eat. I’m starving.” The picture is a bag of instant noodles

The man was asked to apologize to the dog

On January 20, 2021, some media reported that Mr. Qin, a citizen, responded to them that he was frightened by a dog without a leash, but the owner of the dog asked him to apologize to the dog.
On the afternoon of the incident, Mr. Qin came home from work. On the way, he met a man and a woman walking the dog, but one of them was not tied with a dog rope. When he was about to get home, the dog without a leash ran to Mr. Qin. For fear of being bitten by the dog, he subconsciously drove him out with his feet.
However, to Mr. Qin’s surprise, the dog walker stopped him, claimed that Mr. Qin had scared his dog and asked him to apologize to the dog. After hearing this, Mr. Qin felt very insulting. Later, the two sides had a dispute. The dog walker was very emotional, and then he wanted to raise his hand to hit people, threatened and intimidated him. Then he spat on Mr. Qin’s face, and the unbearable Mr. Qin spat on the dog walker. The contradiction between the two sides escalated.
The dog walker turned around and hit Mr. Qin. The two faced each other. During this period, Mr. Qin was pressed on the ground all the time. The woman who accompanied the dog walker rushed up and kicked him three times. After a while, a community owner passed by, trying to persuade, but did not stop, the two continued to fight. At this time, the dog walking woman stepped forward again and kicked Mr. Qin four feet.
Three minutes later, with more and more owners passing by, the security guard and the person in charge of the property also rushed to the scene, and the two sides were dissuaded. Afterwards, Mr. Qin called the police, and both sides were taken to the police station to make a record.
Three months after the incident, the police investigation found that the two sides had a fight over the issue of walking the dog, causing Mr. Qin and Li, the man walking the dog, to be injured to varying degrees. The result of the police’s treatment was that Mr. Qin beat others, the violation was minor, and he was sentenced to administrative detention for three days. Li, the man walking the dog, beat others. If the violation is general, he will be detained for eight days and fined 500 yuan. If a woman who walks her dog beats others, if the violation is general, she shall be detained for five days and fined 500 yuan.
It can be seen from the surveillance video on the same day that Mr. Qin met two dog walkers on his way home. After seeing the dog, Mr. Qin stopped many times to watch the dog’s movements. Unexpectedly, a dog suddenly rushed over. Mr. Qin subconsciously raised his foot to drive him away, but didn’t kick the dog.
After the punishment result was issued, Mr. Qin thought it was unreasonable. He thought his behavior should belong to self-defense. In this regard, the police said that the punishment was made in accordance with the relevant provisions. If they are dissatisfied, they can apply for administrative reconsideration or file an administrative lawsuit.
On the morning of January 20, Li, the man walking the dog, responded to the incident, saying that on that day, they walked the dog normally and did not carry out aggressive behavior. Mr. Qin raised his foot to scare the dog. As for Mr. Qin’s apology to the dog, Mr. Li denied it.
It is understood that Mr. Qin suffered from ankylosing spondylitis 14 years ago. He said that he has maintained well over the years. After this time, his old disease recurred acutely. Up to now, Mr. Qin has spent more than 20000 yuan in hospital treatment. He once confessed that he had demanded 50000 yuan compensation from the other party during the police mediation, but the two sides did not reach a settlement.
Li, a dog walker, believes that in a normal fight, he did not ask for compensation of 50000 yuan without injury. At present, Mr. Qin has initiated administrative reconsideration.

Ticket price of Beijing Harbin high speed railway

Beijing Chengde section of Beijing Harbin high speed railway (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Chengde section of Beijing Harbin high speed railway) will be opened on January 22 and tickets will be sold at 10 am today. Beiqing – Beijing headline reporter logs on the 12306 mobile phone client of the railway and inquires that the second-class ticket price is 339 yuan and the first-class ticket price is 542 yuan from Chaoyang to Shenyang north; the second-class ticket price is 584.5 yuan and the first-class ticket price is 934.5 yuan from Chaoyang to Harbin West.
Beiqing Beijing headline reporter noticed that after the opening of the Beijing Chengdu section of the Beijing Harbin high speed railway, three stations, Shunyi West, Huairou South and Miyun, were set up in Beijing. The time from Beijing Chaoyang Station to these three districts was greatly shortened. For example, the high-speed railway from Chaoyang to Shunyi West in Beijing takes 17 minutes, the second-class ticket price is 14 yuan and the first-class ticket price is 22 yuan; the high-speed railway from Chaoyang to Huairou South in Beijing takes 22 minutes, the second-class ticket price is 19 yuan and 22 yuan, the first-class ticket price is 30 yuan and 39 yuan; the high-speed railway from Chaoyang to Miyun takes 26 minutes, the second-class ticket price is 32 yuan and the first-class ticket price is 51 yuan.
At the same time, the time from Beijing to Chengde, the summer resort, has been reduced to less than one hour. From Chaoyang to Chengde south, the fastest high-speed rail journey is 52 minutes. The second-class ticket price is 85 yuan and 95 yuan respectively, and the first-class ticket price is 135 yuan and 152 yuan respectively.
Second class seats from Beijing to Shenyang and Harbin cost 339 yuan and 584.5 yuan
After the opening of Beijing Chengde section of Beijing Harbin high-speed railway, the whole line of Beijing Harbin high-speed railway has been completed. The high-speed railway from Beijing Chaoyang to Shenyang north is more than two hours faster than the current high-speed railway from Beijing south to Shenyang north. According to the query of 12306 mobile phone client, the fastest time of the whole high-speed railway from Beijing Chaoyang to Shenyang north is 2 hours and 45 minutes. The second-class ticket price is 339 yuan, and the first-class ticket price is 542 yuan It’s about two and a half hours faster than the current high-speed railway from Beijing south to Harbin West. According to the query of railway 12306 mobile phone client, the fastest speed of the whole high-speed railway from Beijing Chaoyang to Harbin West is 4 hours and 52 minutes. The second-class ticket price is 584.5 yuan and the first-class ticket price is 934.5 yuan.