The doctor engraved words on the patient’s liver

12月 26, 2020 佛山桑拿

A British doctor has been suspended from practicing medicine by engraving his initials “sb” on the surface of a patient’s liver.
Simon bramhall, 55, was suspended from medical practice for five months after he wrote his initials “sb” on the livers of two anesthetized patients, the Daily Mail reported Sunday. But he himself argued that it was because of “great pressure at work” that he made such a move, and the court did not revoke his medical qualification considering his reasons.
According to previous reports, Simon bramhall worked in Queen Elizabeth Hospital for 10 years and was a famous local liver transplant expert.
Simon had “branded” his initials “sb” on the livers of two patients during the operation. Doctors usually use non-toxic argon helium cryosurgery to stop liver bleeding, or burn the surface of the liver to delineate the surgical area, but Simon uses an argon helium knife to “carve” a signature on the surface of the patient’s liver.
Simon’s behavior was exposed because a doctor found Simon’s signature on the transplanted liver when he visited the patient, so he reported it to the hospital. The crown prosecutor’s office said Simon’s behavior was “abusing the patient’s trust in him” and “attacking” the patient with illegal force. Patient rights groups have denounced that the patient’s organs are not books for autographs.
On January 12, 2018, the Birmingham Royal Court sentenced Simon to 12 months of free community service and a fine of 10000 pounds.