The voice of the victim of Mei Yi case

12月 29, 2020 佛山桑拿

The coming New Year’s Day is of unique significance to the Shen Junliang family. After 15 years of reunion, it will finally be realized in 2020. Fifteen years ago, Shen Cong, a one-year-old son, was robbed. Since then, Shen Junliang has embarked on a 15-year long road to find his son. On March 6 this year, Shen Cong, his son, returned, and the family finally waited for the reunion they had not seen for a long time. After helping Shen Junliang find a son, detective Lin Yuhui did not put down his brush. He had his own “double hundred” plan: to paint pictures for 100 abducted children and 100 revolutionary martyrs. Now that the portraits of 100 abducted children have been completed, what he most wants to say to 2020 is “thank you.”.
Extended reading:
On the evening of September 30, Shen Junliang, who has been searching for his son for 15 years, took the whole family to a roast fish meal to celebrate the first Mid Autumn Festival after the family reunion. Shen Junliang said that today is the first time for our family to get together (Mid Autumn Festival) in 15 years. Looking back on these 15 years, I have many feelings. After drinking some wine, he said excitedly: “I never thought that our family would have such a reunion scene like today. I’ve been looking for children since I was 28, and the 15 years I’ve had tell me that nothing is more important than family reunion. “
It is reported that on the evening of March 6, Guangzhou police reported that Shen, a child robbed from Zengcheng rental house 15 years ago, had been found. His father, Shen Junliang, who has been looking for his son for 15 years, finally got good news. He said in the circle of friends: I can finally say with pride, “Hello, everyone, I’m Shen Junliang, Shen Cong’s father. My son has found it