Wechat will push its own input method

1月 20, 2021 佛山桑拿

On the evening of January 19, on the wechat night of the pro version of 2021 wechat open class, Zhang Xiaolong, the father of wechat, gave a lot of data and new materials. For example, more than 200 million people may set the circle of friends to be visible for three days. The next version of wechat will have new expressions and “golden sentences” at the same time. Before the creation of wechat, he did not like QQ, but wechat is still a small and beautiful product now
Zhang Xiaolong also revealed that wechat will soon have its own input method, but the purpose is not to seize the market, but to protect user privacy.
Zhang Xiaolong said that wechat didn’t want to be an input method, but received many complaints from users, saying that their chat records were stolen by the input method, because they would see the corresponding ads if they input anything.
Wechat doesn’t keep chat records, and it also stipulates that anyone who looks at a user’s chat records will be expelled. Therefore, for the purpose of protecting the user’s privacy, wechat has to make its own input method, and it will conduct gray scale test soon.
Zhang Xiaolong: wechat input method is about gray scale test, just for privacy protection
In addition, Zhang Xiaolong also revealed that the floating window function of wechat will be updated.
He explained that the reason why wechat has the floating window function is that many users have not finished their feedback articles, so they have to look up the new news, and then they need to look for the articles again and click in to look at them again.
However, Zhang Xiaolong doesn’t like the current floating window design because it looks like a dog skin plaster. He just made it urgently after receiving feedback from users. The current floating window is not a good solution.
According to him, the new floating window no longer needs to occupy a screen, but it can quickly cut back to the article you want to read.
Zhang Xiaolong: wechat input method is about gray scale test, just for privacy protection