Inside story of isolated Hotel collapse

1月 24, 2021 佛山桑拿

On the evening of the 23rd, the third episode of “sticking to the iron rules” of the four episode TV feature film “Zhengfeng anti corruption is around us” was broadcast on CCTV comprehensive channel, revealing the inside story behind the “3.7” collapse of Xinjia hotel in Quanzhou, Fujian Province.
On March 7, 2020, the Xinjia hotel in Quanzhou, which is used for centralized isolation, collapsed. A total of 71 people were trapped in the building at the time of the accident. Most of them came from other places to Quanzhou for centralized isolation and health observation. After rescue, 42 people survived and 29 others died.
The investigation conclusion of the accident investigation group of the State Council shows that this is a major production safety responsibility accident mainly caused by illegal construction, reconstruction and reinforcement construction. With the deepening of the investigation, the whole process of some party members, cadres and public officials engaging in formality, going through formality, dereliction of duty and failing to keep the bottom line of safety has been gradually revealed, which eventually led to a tragic accident.
Bribe 10000 yuan to build illegal buildings
The survey results show that the collapsed Xinjia hotel is an illegal building from the first day of foundation excavation in 2012, and it should not exist from the beginning.
Yang Jinqiang is the owner of Xinjia Hotel and the person directly responsible for the accident. In July 2012, Yang Jinqiang wanted to build a four story steel structure building. In order to save money and trouble, he did not go through any legal procedures, contracted the project to unqualified personnel and started directly.
In order to build first and then approve, Yang Jinqiang found Zhang Huiliang, then Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changtai sub district office of Licheng District, Quanzhou City, and hoped that he would greet the urban management and give him 10000 yuan on the spot. Yang Jinqiang also asked Zhang Huiliang to apply to the district for approval of “housing policy under special circumstances”. This so-called policy is to replace administrative permission with Meeting opinions, and to examine and approve construction projects in violation of regulations and ultra vires, which is a serious violation of national laws and regulations.
With this shield, the illegal building was successfully built and put into use without the completion acceptance record, and the relevant departments did not carry out the follow-up supervision.
Major hidden danger of illegal reconstruction
Fire department cadres accepted bribes and passed the audit
In 2016, Yang Jinqiang illegally rebuilt the building, adding mezzanine to the interior of the building, changing from the fourth floor to the seventh floor, separating several rooms. It was this reconstruction that laid a major hidden danger that eventually led to the collapse of the building.
The housing and construction departments at all levels in Quanzhou are responsible for the supervision of construction activities and project quality, but the long-term illegal behaviors of Xinjia hotel construction have never been found and investigated.
The fire department also has a major responsibility. At that time, the fire record adopted the sampling system. Yang Jinqiang knew that his building was illegal, and once he was selected, he would not be able to pass. So he went to Huang Zhitu, who opened a tea shop opposite the fire brigade, and offered to contract the fire engineering to him on condition that he could pass the inspection smoothly
Huang Zhitu asked Liu Deli, a cadre of the fire department who often came to the tea shop, to help him. Liu Deli accepted a bribe of 100000 yuan from Yang Jinqiang, so he took some measures to prevent him from being selected for examination and passed the examination automatically.
The investigation found that Liu Deli helped Yang Jinqiang muddle through more than once. In 2018, Yang Jinqiang plans to open a hotel after adding floors to the building, so he must go through the completion acceptance and fire control record again, and get the fire safety inspection certificate before he can apply for a special industry license from the public security department. Yang Jinqiang then found Liu Deli again, asked him for a blank certificate, and made a fake one himself.
When the hotel collapsed on March 7, 2020, Liu Deli, as a firefighter, also participated in the on-site rescue. Only then did he realize how serious the consequences of his actions were.
Liu Deli, then deputy leader of the combat support brigade of the Logistics Department of Quanzhou Fire Brigade: we were all on the scene for seven days. Our duty is to save people. On the contrary, I have done harm to so many people because of my malpractice. All of a sudden, life has been overturned and gone.
False and missing declaration materials
The local Public Security Bureau failed to control the situation
The declaration materials submitted by Yang Jinqiang have serious fraud and many deficiencies. If they are carefully examined, they will never be approved. However, the investigators found that from the window of Licheng Public Security Bureau to the police, then to the deputy team leader and deputy director, all the people who handled it did not seriously audit, leading to the failure of each level.
The receiving window is the first pass. According to the duty, the materials should be checked, but the window staff only receive the materials, not check them. The next step was to go to the scene for inspection, but it also became a formality.
There are obvious mistakes in the inspection and acceptance opinion form and the materials with many problems provided by Yang Jinqiang, which were later approved by the leaders of the public security brigade of Licheng Public Security Bureau and the deputy director in charge. However, they just read and sign directly.
In this way, Yang Jinqiang obtained a special industry license. In June 2018, in this building with serious security risks, Xinjia Hotel officially opened.
The relevant departments select the site hastily
Xinjia hotel with serious hidden danger was selected as isolation hotel
On January 10, 2020, when Yang Jinqiang redecorated the part of the building, he found that three steel columns were seriously deformed, but Yang Jinqiang asked the workers to keep quiet.
Yang Jinqiang had no sense of safety and responsibility, and thought that there would be no problem with the reinforcement. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was identified as a new spring fever after the Spring Festival.
As it is relatively far away from the densely populated areas, Xinjia hotel was selected as the health observation point for the centralized isolation of foreign personnel. In fact, this selection was made hastily without serious investigation and safety investigation, and leaders at all levels did not go to the scene to inspect.
Three days before the accident, Yang Jinqiang also organized workers to the hotel to start welding and reinforcement work. For three consecutive days, he went in and out of the centralized isolation health observation point at random, and no one came to intervene.
On March 7, 2020, the structure of the building was overloaded seriously for a long time, and it was already overburdened. The disturbance of unprofessional welding and reinforcement operation finally broke the fragile balance at the critical point, causing continuous collapse, and 29 lives died suddenly.
Vice governor’s experience of anti epidemic and final result: very guilty!
Not long before the collapse of Xinjia Hotel, Zhang Zhinan, former member of the Standing Committee of Fujian provincial Party committee and former executive vice governor of Fujian provincial government, also went to Quanzhou to inspect the epidemic prevention and control work. However, Zhang Zhinan did not go to the quarantine point for inspection, nor did he make any arrangements or reminders to the local authorities about the relevant work.
Zhang Zhinan: when we go to the grassroots level for research, we are basically arranged, which becomes a formalistic inertia and bureaucracy.
Focusing on the accident, the discipline inspection and supervision organs investigated 49 public officials. Seven of them were suspected of serious violations of discipline and law, and were transferred to the judicial organs for criminal responsibility. 41 were punished by Party discipline and government affairs, and one was admonished. Among these 49 people, only a few people have received property from Yang Jinqiang. The vast majority of them have no interest relationship. However, due to their lack of conscientiousness and responsibility, they jointly created this illegal and life-threatening building.
Formalism and bureaucracy are hidden style problems, which are difficult to find and deal with. Once they appear, they are easy to lead to serious consequences, so the alarm bell must ring for a long time.