Xiao Ma Yun after four years of popularity

2月 20, 2021 佛山桑拿

In Shima Town, Yongfeng County, Jiangxi Province, the boy who looks like Ma Yun has come back.
On February 19, fan Jiafa, who works in the field, told Zhongqing daily. Zhongqing.com that his youngest son, fan Xiaoqin, will go back to the village’s primary school to continue to study in grade 4. Liu Changjiang, the “boss” who took fan Xiaoqin to study in Hebei Province, arrived in Shima town before New Year’s day this year, went through the transfer process with him, and “terminated the contract” with fan Jiafa.
On January 5, 12-year-old fan Xiaoqin was sent back to Yanhui village of Shima town by “nanny” Wang Yunhui. His luggage is a bag of clothes and a schoolbag, which is all his “belongings” for more than three years. This time back to the village, he will not go back to Shijiazhuang. Wang Yunhui didn’t stay much longer, saying things like “safe to send home” and “he’s in good health.” he took a video and left. In the past three years, she has been fan Xiaoqin’s “nanny” and “elder martial sister”.
The fan family is one of the poorest in the village. Fan Jiafa was bitten on his right leg by a poisonous snake when he was young. Because of the delay in treatment, his right leg was amputated. His wife is mentally disabled. When she was young, she was blinded by a bull’s horn. There are two sons in the family, fan Xiaoqin and fan Xiaoyong. The work at home and abroad is run by fan Jiafa, who is famous for his ability in the village.
Fan Xiaoqin and his brother are “skinny and dirty” children in the eyes of villagers. The villagers gave clean old clothes to the fan family. After a few days, they were too dirty to see the color. Walking on the road, the two brothers catch up with the mouse and use it as a toy in a bottle. They like to climb the two bamboo poles in front of their house and sleep on the ground when they are tired of playing. Their clothes are often wet. The kindergarten in the village refused to accept the brothers.
In November 2016, 8-year-old fan Xiaoqin was popular on the Internet because he looked like Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba group. The invitation for endorsement, live broadcast and film making continued. His house with only one light bulb once became a “scenic spot” for netizens to punch in.
In the autumn of 2017, fan Jiafa let Hebei’s “boss” Liu Changjiang take his son away. Since then, fan Xiaoqin has become “general manager of pony”. His life on the social platform is very lively: he participates in TV programs and fashion shows, has a car to pick him up and down from school, and is taken care of by “Ali nanny”. His birthday is April 30, the first birthday of others, and the date is set on May 20. The long dining table is full of adults, and the video matches the word “Prince Alibaba’s birthday party”.
Now, the social platform account that released these videos empties all the content, and fan Xiaoqin’s life as “general manager of Xiaoma” is nowhere to be found.
In a school in Shijiazhuang, the school security guard saw that fan Xiaoqin once wandered around the campus alone during class hours. His classmates remembered that he seldom took the exam, occasionally took it once, and only drew circles on the test paper. On November 28, 2020, a note issued by the school showed that fan Xiaoqin “asked for leave every three or five times and did not take part in the final exam” from December 18, 2019. In 2020, he did not appear in class for nearly two semesters.
Fan Jiafa’s understanding of his son is not as good as that of netizens on the video platform. When his son arrived in Hebei, he would hardly take the initiative to call each other. “Nanny” Wang Yunhui will contact him “when something happens”. Fan Jiafa only knows that in Shijiazhuang, which is 1500 kilometers away from home, fan Xiaoqin has books to read and clean clothes to wear. Unlike at home, he only knows that he is wild everywhere and “can be managed after school”.
During the National Day holiday, the boss will send someone to pick him up to visit his son once. During the winter vacation, fan Xiaoqin will also stay at home for 10 days. “The boss also said that if the fan family couldn’t go (visit), they would give an extra 2000 yuan a year.” Fan Jiafa refused. His family’s annual income of three mu of rice is more than 6000 yuan. He would rather pay less for one mu of rice than see his son. Last year, because of the epidemic, fan Jiafa was not taken to Shijiazhuang.
In an interview with zhongqing.com, fan Jiafa said that he and Liu Changjiang did not have a written agreement or a contract. The other side promised him that he would take fan Xiaoqin to a school in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, and train him well. “If he studies well and goes to college, if he doesn’t, he will arrange to work in the boss’s company.” Fan Jiafa said.
After fan Xiaoqin was brought to Hebei, fan Jiafa would receive “8000 yuan of living expenses” from his boss every year. Liu Changjiang helped fan Jiafa decorate a two-story building with tile, toilet, new furniture and doors.
Fan Jiafa was taken to Nanchang to sign and became the legal representative of Jiangxi Xiaoma general culture media Co., Ltd. registered in January 2019. In 2020, fan Jiafa, who accounts for 2.8% of the shares, will receive a dividend of 3000 yuan from the company.
He recalled to the reporter of Zhongqing daily and zhongqing.com that at that time, the boss said, “you have become a ‘legal person’, and people in the village will not look down on you in the future.” Until December last year, village cadres came to his home to explain clearly the responsibilities of the legal person. He was a little worried, “I don’t understand, I don’t care, and I don’t have the money to pay the company back.”
According to the information on tianyancha, the equity of Xiaoma general (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd., which was established in October 2018, was changed in June 2020. The legal representative, executive director and general manager of Xiaoma general (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd. were changed from Liu Changjiang to fan Jiafa. Liu Changjiang and Wang Yunhui also withdrew from natural person shareholders, and fan Xiaoqin was added as a natural person shareholder.
As of February 19, fan Jiafa, who was in the third grade of primary school, was still the legal representative of the two companies. “The boss said that the contract has been terminated,” he told zhongqing.com. “Didn’t he say that I was nothing and that everything was relieved?” When he learned that he was still the legal representative, fan Jiafa repeatedly said, “what he told me was that I was not studying there any more, so it was over.”
According to fan Jiafa, in addition to “rescinding the contract”, Liu Changjiang said that the company would continue to bear the cost of fan Xiaoqin’s study, but the annual living expenses of about 10000 yuan were gone.
Fan Jiafa said frankly, “primary school doesn’t cost much, hundreds of yuan a year.”. Huang Guoxing, the village branch secretary, once introduced to the reporter of Zhongqing daily and zhongqing.com, “compulsory education does not cost money, but also subsidizes it. A year’s subsidy for primary school students is 500 yuan, and that for junior middle school students is 625 yuan. ” According to the student subsidy policy of Jiangxi Province (2020), all students in the compulsory education stage are free of tuition and textbooks, and students from poor families are entitled to living subsidies. Each student of non boarding primary school is 500 yuan per year, and each student of junior middle school is 625 yuan per year.
Fan Xiaoqin has no idea of the amount of “money”, although he is famous for “looking like the richest man in China”. Now, after returning to Shima Town, there are still media and network anchors who continue to rush to the village at the foot of the mountain, which is more than 60 kilometers away from the county seat and more than two hours’ drive away, claiming to “take netizens to see how little Ma Yun is now.”.
In front of the camera, someone took out a 100 yuan note and asked him, “how much is it?” Fan Xiaoqin fingers across the red paper money, “two duck eggs.”
Fan Jiafa began to admit that his son might not be so smart. In the fourth grade, he can’t simply add and subtract. Fan Xiaoqin’s height and stature is small, and four years ago “popular” little difference. Wang Yunhui, a former “nanny”, sent out a medical certificate of fan Xiaoqin in a hospital in Hebei Province on December 19, which showed that he might be suffering from dwarfism.
Fan Jiafa also received this certificate from Wang Yunhui, but he didn’t know what it meant.
At the end of December 2020, “boss” Liu Changjiang came to Shima town. Fan Jiafa recalled that the boss said that after Xiaoqin, he would study in his hometown instead of going back to Shijiazhuang. The reason is that the media interviewed Nanli primary school in Shijiazhuang, where fan Xiaoqin was studying. The school was worried that the teaching order would be affected and suggested that he return to his hometown to study. According to a relevant staff member in Shijiazhuang, fan Xiaoqin’s student status has not been transferred.
To this end, the reporter of Zhongqing daily and zhongqing.com called Zhao Yunxiao, director of education of Nanli primary school in Shijiazhuang. The other party refused the reporter’s interview on the ground that “the school has regulations and does not accept online interviews”.
Referring to the next days, fan Jiafa was in a state of anxiety. A few months ago, he told the China Youth Daily. Com that although his son had not been to school for nearly 10 months, he still didn’t want to take him back to the countryside. He just wants to live a good life in front of him, so that his family can have enough to eat, and his son has books to read, so it’s better to be managed.
Now, life is back. Taking care of the children and cooking would squeeze him out of the time to work in the field. The man with only one leg felt that he had no skills to separate himself. Fan Xiaoqin was diagnosed with the disease, he did not care to take his son to diagnosis and treatment, he is also worried that the family can not afford medical expenses.
Fan Xiaoqin went back to the “skin and dirty” child before he became “popular” and ran around the village wearing clothes stained with oil. Every so often, strangers come to visit the fan family, and local villagers have seen “a large group of people with many cameras”. Fan Xiaoqin would invite each other to his home for dinner, with green vegetables and porridge for lunch. Visitors take him to choose gifts. Most of the time, he will choose two of each, one for his brother fan Xiaoyong.
“Happy, of course Xiaoqin is happy.” There was some helplessness in fan Jiafa’s tone. Only when he was “caught” by the visitors, fan Xiaoqin would repeat the sentence he learned in Shijiazhuang over and over again, “Hello everyone, I’m Xiao Ma Yun, and I love you.”