Hydrogen ball rope break

10月 4, 2019 佛山桑拿

During the 7-day holiday of National Day, everyone will go out to play, bring their family members or meet up with friends on three or five scenic spots to see the beautiful scenery. Some of the more courageous friends may also experience the other kind of excitement brought about by extreme sports. Although extreme sports can give people a different experience, but the risk is still very large, if you want to go to a formal place, this is a guarantee for your own safety.

Some dangerous sports are jokes about taking customers’ lives if they don’t have strict safety precautions. Recently, there is a hydrogen balloon project in the Majiagou scenic spot in Yantai. Due to the lack of necessary safety protection measures, it has caused a disaster. It is understood that this hydrogen balloon is drawn by a rope, and the passengers are touring in the basket below the balloon. On this day, when a mother and son were riding a hydrogen balloon, the rope suddenly broke, and the hydrogen balloon flew uncontrollably toward the sky. Finally, the hydrogen balloon exploded, and the mother and son fell from the sky and died on the spot.

After the accident, the local emergency management bureau handled the matter urgently and responded that an accident investigation team had been established. Initially confirmed that the hydrogen balloon project was illegal, the public security organs characterized the accident as a criminal case. At the same time, the Majiagou Scenic Area indicated that all the projects of the playground have been suspended and accepted by the relevant departments for investigation and rectification. No matter how the matter is investigated, the lives of both the mother and the child are irreparable, and the pain in the hearts of their families cannot be erased. Since the hydrogen balloon project is illegal, why did you approve the project? Is it necessary to know that it is illegal and insecure in addition to human life, will it be rectified?

Every major scenic spot should be a snack. Don’t make a joke about the customer’s life in order to earn two money. Don’t hold a lucky feeling, think that there will be no accidents, and no one can afford it if the accident happens. Visitors should not try these dangerous projects, and it is good to accompany their families.


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