Zhang Tianai’s oar board Yoga

10月 6, 2019 佛山桑拿

Zhang Tian-ai has become the “fitness model” and “self-discipline benchmark” in people’s hearts since “Ouch Good Body”, but Zhang Tian-ai also has his own weaknesses, namely, fear of heights and water. In the show, Jiang Luxia and her girlfriends went to play paragliders, but finally failed to overcome the fear of high altitude and gave up paragliders. Can Zhang Tianai’s oar board Yoga succeed this time?
In the latest program, Zhang Tian-ai, in order to perform better in the theatre, took the initiative to challenge water yoga and overcome the psychological fear of water.
Then Zhang Tian-ai continued to challenge the extremely difficult paddle support. The coach put his foot against Zhang Tian-ai’s hip bone and supported Zhang Tian-ai hanging in the air. At this time, Zhang Tian-ai suddenly lost her balance of gravity. The whole person fell into the water seriously choking. After being rescued, Zhang Tian-ai covered her face and coughed all the time. She dared not open her eyes for a long time and looked very distressed. But what is gratifying is that in the end, Zhang Tianai succeeded in mastering the essentials of water yoga, the coach showed a knowing smile, and Wang Ju, sitting in the observation room, applauded Zhang Tianai.
It is worth mentioning that after Zhang Tianai’s hot search, many netizens raised a question. Why do they want to take part in this weight loss reality show? After all, Zhang Tianai’s figure is very good, unlike Wang Ju, Qiao Shan, and she, they are really the ones who need to lose weight. Maybe Zhang Tianai is trying to make her figure better for this problem, so Zhang Tianai will become more beautiful when she shows her stewardess.


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