Xie Na also serves as the host of CCTV

10月 18, 2019 佛山桑拿

Xie Na’s name is now in the entertainment circle and no one knows it. No one knows. At the beginning, she was recommended as the moderator because she participated in a fast book. This has been done for 20 years. Xie Na from a Sichuan Shantou to the famous host, this road is very difficult to come, once left a fast book, but back again. Because of the outstanding performance on the fast-book, Xie Na has received more and more attention from everyone, and she has hosted several programs on her own and achieved good results. These days, Xie Na has been a host of CCTV, but there has been no official announcement. Until October 17, Xie Na took the initiative to announce that she was invited by CCTV to host the first issue of “I want to go to the Spring Festival Evening” and will be the leader. That is to say, this program is already “contracted” by her.

This news is undoubtedly a great progress in the career of Xie Na. In the past, she presided over the skills, but it was only hosted at the local station, or hosted by the network. But this time she went to CCTV, which is not a grade. The so-called people go to the heights, the water flows to the lower, Xie Na this move is also for their own future considerations.

Now there are so many hosts, if they can be recognized by the mainstream media, then her worth will rise, and it will not be necessary to host the Spring Festival Evening. After the news came out, everyone thought that the happy family would bless her, but did not expect that a few hours passed, no one blessed. However, it is also reasonable. After all, the program is different. Although it is a very good friend in private, it should be cautious on the open platform to avoid unnecessary public opinion. Xie Na presided over the book for 20 years. Because of her help, this road is also a smooth ride. From career to family, from friends to children, she is almost a winner in life. However, in the host, there are still people who have doubts about it. I don’t think she will leave when she leaves. After all, there are several large parties, and Xie Na has made some mistakes. This time, she left the shelter of He Wei, and finally she can pick the girders alone. This is a great opportunity. It will also be a difficult test. I look forward to Xie Na’s wonderful performance.


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