Construction of large domestic cruise ships

10月 20, 2019 佛山桑拿

Yesterday, China’s first large-scale domestic cruise ship officially started construction in Shanghai and is scheduled to be delivered for operation in the second half of 2023.
The large domestic cruise project is the highlight of the first Expo to promote China’s industrial upgrading by opening up. On the second day of the first opening of the fair, China Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. signed a 2+4 135 thousand ton Vista class construction contract with the carnival group of America and Italy Finn Cantini group.
A year later, the opening of the second fair was about to take place. After close cooperation and careful preparation by all the Chinese and foreign parties, the large domestic cruise ship fired and cut steel plates yesterday, and entered the substantive stage of construction. Another open and innovative journey started from Shanghai.
Build a “sea concentrated city”
The large cruise ship is known as the “Pearl of the crown” in shipbuilding industry. Its design standard is much higher than that of other ship products, and its design work is very large. It is the only high-tech ship product that has not been conquered yet.
“The construction of large cruise ships should take the land giant entertainment complex to ship while carrying out weight, mobile noise and cost control on the premise of ensuring safety and progress.” Wu Xiaoyuan, Minister of cruise Project Department of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Company, said that the large cruise liner has long gone beyond the concept of the ship, and is more like a “sea concentrated city”.
The first class Vista large cruise ship is 323.6 meters long, 37.2 meters wide and 72.2 meters high, with a value of more than 5 billion yuan, which can accommodate up to 5246 passengers and 2125 rooms.
This type of cruise consists of 25 million components, about 10 times the size of large commercial aircraft. Although individual components are not difficult to produce, assembling them together is a very complicated process. China is starting from scratch in this respect.
After the takeoff of the domestic large aircraft in Shanghai in 2017, the big cruise ship, the Mount Qomolangma of shipbuilding industry, will be another deep fusion of China made and global open cooperation.
In the cruise project, China Shipping cruise Technology Development Co., Ltd. has launched strategic cooperation with cruise operation company, American Carnival group, and cruise ship company Finn Cantini group of Italy, and set up a Sino foreign joint venture ship Carnival and China Shipping Finn Cantini. The former is the buyer and operator of the cruise ship, which is used to introduce the mature international cruise operation experience. The latter is the main designer of the cruise ship, responsible for introducing advanced international design concepts and cruise technology, and jointly with Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., jointly designing and constructing the first large domestic cruise ship in China.
Deep integration with global industrial chain
Some people worry that the market can not change technology and fear that foreign businessmen have reservations. Wang Yanguo, deputy general manager of China cruise ship, does not look at this way.
Industry statistics show that the annual demand for large cruise ships around 15, but the annual average supply capacity is only about 7, which is a serious shortage of demand. At present, cruise ships have more than 90 orders, and orders have been delivered to 2026. Although China’s cruise market started late, it has developed rapidly, and is now the second largest cruise market in the world. It still maintains a high speed growth trend and has great potential in the future. Against this background, the foreign side also hopes to cooperate with the powerful shipbuilding enterprises in China.
“We are deeply tied up with the carnival and Finn Cantini Du. We are a community of interests, mainly aimed at China’s incremental market. The future route operation will also co-ordinate the planning, coordinate development and avoid internal friction.” Wang Yanguo introduced.
To build large cruise ships, China’s shipbuilding industry is still lacking experience. Take the cruise as a whole, almost all suppliers are from Europe now. Chinese enterprises do not lack the ability to manufacture, but they do not know what standards they need to meet for the cruise supply and what certificates they need to apply.
Even though China is fully aware of its capacity to build, there are hundreds of core suppliers involved in the about 25000000 components of a large cruise liner, with thousands of suppliers, and the characteristics of the cruise also determine that it must be completed by multiple parties.
“There is no contradiction between open cooperation and independent innovation.” Wang Yanguo said that independent innovation requires Chinese enterprises to control and innovate their products, but not necessarily everything.
Overseas suppliers want to take root in China
Last year’s first Expo, in addition to the formal signing of the cruise project, China Shipping Group also actively docking international companies on the cruise chain. Over the past year, a number of overseas enterprises have enjoyed the dividend of the fair and found a convenient access to China’s industry. At present, some enterprises have intention to enter the cruise Industrial Park located in Baoshan, Shanghai, to help domestic large cruise ships achieve key matching localization, but also plan to take root in the Chinese market.
At the upcoming second fair, the delegation of the China Shipping Group will also hold talks with the delegation of Italy, hoping to introduce more international partners to help them settle in China.
The central ship cruises have visited a number of European cruise supporting suppliers. They are actively seeking change and hope to participate in the development of China’s large cruise industry. Many overseas suppliers believe that the Chinese market represents the future.


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