Ma Yun showed up at boarding school

10月 22, 2019 佛山桑拿

On October 21, Ma Yun, who just returned from the Internet Conference, appeared in Chun’an, Zhejiang Province. He came here to see the rural boarding school and visited the dormitory, activity space and canteen of teachers and students.
The children said happily, “I finally met Mr. Ma. “
A school teacher wrote in the circle of friends: accident, too unexpected. Surprise comes too suddenly: at 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, Mr. Ma Yun suddenly appeared in our school, visited the fun center, teachers and students dormitory, children’s palace classroom, to understand the learning and living conditions of teachers and students. It’s the time for extracurricular activities. When the boarding children see it, they are excited to take a group photo.
It is reported that Zitong primary school in Chun’an is one of the pilot boarding schools in Mayun village. In December 2018, the transformation of the school’s living space was jointly completed by Ma Yun public welfare foundation, Zhejiang Hupan Shanqi public welfare foundation and local education department. At present, Ma Yun public welfare foundation has carried out the pilot transformation of rural boarding system in 9 villages nationwide.
According to the report on the development of students in rural boarding schools, the one-way school distance for rural primary school students is 5.4km, and the school distance for rural junior high school students is 17.5km. Many rural students spend four to five hours to go to school every day.
In this regard, Ma Yun provides a solution for the left behind children in rural areas. He once said that the boarding system in Europe and the United States is very mature, and they can learn from their advanced development experience. Schools of less than 100 people in poor villages should be merged and removed. The children will be sent home by school bus on Friday and sent to school on Monday. Rural left behind women can take care of their children’s life through training.
In addition, Ma Yun has repeatedly called on entrepreneurs to participate in business practices to do public welfare, giving people fish is better than giving people fish.

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