Gamblers pretend to be principals to defraud more than 100,000 parents

9月 2, 2019 佛山桑拿

Modern Express News is approaching the beginning of school. Many parents will worry about their children’s enrollment. Wang Mou, a gambler in Suzhou, wrapped himself up as a “principal” in order to raise money for gambling. He falsely claimed that he could get the entrance quota of primary and secondary schools in Taicang City through the relationship, and cheated many people to “pay” more than 160,000 yuan successively. Modern Express reporter learned that recently, after the prosecution of Taicang City Procuratorate, Wang Mou was sentenced to four years and four months’imprisonment for fraud and a fine of 10,000 yuan.
Wang Mou, in his early 30s, was addicted to gambling for many years. After losing his family’s property, he made a living by setting up a floor stall in Taicang 1 Square all the year round. Although he does not earn much money, he knows a lot of people and likes to use the people he knows as a face.
In June 2018, Wang Mou learned in a chat with his friend Chen Mou that Chen Mou’s son had reached the age of enrollment, but could not report to the public because he did not meet the conditions. Wang Mou thought of his neighbour Jiangmou teaching in elementary school. He might be able to help him. He falsely claimed that he knew the leader of the Education Bureau, but he needed 20,000 yuan to “pay a fee” and Chen Mou, who was eager to learn, promised immediately.
Within two months, nine parents, such as Li, Liu and Gu, came to the school. Wang charged a total of 166,000 yuan for every admission quota ranging from 1 to 20,000 yuan, guaranteeing that he would definitely get the admission notice by the end of August. According to word of mouth, everyone called him “Mr. Wang”, and then slowly called him “Principal Wang”. Wang Mou is very satisfied with this title, and is accustomed to calling himself “principal” in public.
Wang Mou, who collected the money, did indeed “get things done”. He sent messages to all the people in the Wechat related to the education system and asked for help in admission. These people either had only one affinity with Wang Mou or had not even met Wang Mou before. Wang Mou’s unreasonable requests were directly rejected by the other party.
As Wang Mou received the money, there was no movement. Parents who had paid the money before were gradually worried about it. They kept urging for progress. More parents were suspicious of wanting to pay back the money.
Seeing that things can not be done, Wang Mou does not intend to “spit out” money again. In order to cover up the fact that he was rejected and stabilize the emotions of parents, Wang Mou had a good idea. He disguised his other micro-signal as “admission teacher” and “education Bureau leader” one after another. He falsified the dialogue and transfer records by sending his own micro-message. The screenshots were sent to parents to make the other party mistake that the money had been given away by Wang Mou as a gift. The matter is in progress.
The parents who still haven’t received the admission notice are very anxious as the beginning of school is approaching. At this time, Wang Mou can’t be connected like evaporation on earth. The parents who have come back to their senses realize that they have been deceived and report to the police one after another.


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