Qingdao Yellow Sea successfully

10月 26, 2019 佛山桑拿

I’m glad to hear that Qingdao Huanghai football club has successfully overtaken you in the 2019 China first league. On this occasion, Nantong Zhiyun football club would like to extend sincere and warm congratulations to all coaches, athletes, staff and fans of your club!
Nantong Zhiyun will visit Qingdao at the end of the 2019 China first league. We look forward to a wonderful match for the fans and share your happiness! I also wish Qingdao Huanghai football club a great success in the future in the Chinese Super League. As the first grade new army of China, Nantong Zhiyun will take Qingdao Huanghai football club as an example and strive for the city honor! To contribute to the development of Chinese football!

作者 kuku


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