Large oil fields discovered in Qingyang

10月 27, 2019 佛山桑拿

Changqing Oilfield has discovered a large Qingcheng oilfield with a reserve of 1 billion tons in Qingyang, Gansu Province. On October 25, Changqing Oilfield Company released the good news to the public in the press release Department of the provincial government information office. The new discovery also marks a major breakthrough in the field of unconventional oil exploration in China.
It is reported that Qingcheng oil field reservoir is located in the Chang-7 reservoir of Ordos Basin, which belongs to the category of shale oil that is very difficult to develop effectively. At present, the proved geological reserves are 358 million tons, and the predicted geological reserves are 693 million tons, forming a reserve scale of 1 billion tons. On September 25, the new proved reserves of shale oil (tight oil), named after Qingcheng oil field, in the Chang-7 source reservoir, passed the final review of the Ministry of natural resources. The discovery of Qingcheng oil field with a reserves of 1 billion tons will build a production capacity of 3 million tons in the next 3 to 4 years, which will play an important role in supporting the national oil and gas security strategy of Changqing oil field.
Changqing Oilfield has made a great breakthrough in the exploration of inner source oil in Longdong area, thanks to the continuous innovation of Changqing Oilfield in the geological theory of oil exploration, 3D seismic and imaging logging technology in Ordos Basin, and more from the breakthrough of the core technology of horizontal well drilling and hydraulic sand fracturing. Since 2011, Changqing Oilfield has carried out the geological theory innovation of unconventional oil exploration, technological core supporting technology research and horizontal well test area construction for nearly ten years. In recent two years, by continuously strengthening the key scientific and technological problems such as the reservoir densification mechanism, reservoir formation mechanism and enrichment rule, it has been clear that the formation mechanism of the reservoir in chang7 source is controlled by the stable structural background; the “four control” enrichment mode of chang7 reservoir has been established; a new understanding of the macro, three-dimensional and all-round oil resources of chang7 reservoir has been formed, and the geological conditions for the large-scale exploration and benefit development of chang7 reservoir have been established. Theory.
At the same time of speeding up oilfield exploration, Changqing Oilfield practices the new development concept, carries out early industrial production test, integrates the application of new technology of geological engineering integration and reservoir volume transformation, creates a new mode of production capacity construction and production organization under the condition of Loess Plateau landform, takes platform management as the core, forms factory operation and intelligent ground matching, and rapidly promotes the national level million The construction of ton demonstration area has formed an efficient development mode. Since September 2017, a large-scale production capacity construction has been organized. Up to now, 216 horizontal wells have been drilled and 100 oil wells have been put into production in Qingcheng oilfield, with a daily crude oil production of 1464 tons and a crude oil production of 640000 tons in the year. By the end of this year, 255 horizontal wells will be drilled, forming an annual capacity of one million tons of crude oil. Not only that, the successful exploration and effective development of oil in chang7 source area of Mesozoic in the basin has become the second time to accelerate the development of Changqing Oilfield with an annual oil and gas equivalent of 60 million tons of actual replacement reserves.

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