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11月 1, 2019 佛山桑拿

“R & D brothers sorry, I tried my best.”
This is the title of a post in the inner voice community of Huawei forum.
The author is a Huawei employee who has transferred from R & D to HR. Her name is Hu Ling. This 5000 word long post tells us that during her several months in HR, when she was trying to improve the working environment of R & D engineers and solve problems, she found that the original HR team and leaders ran counter to their original responsibilities.
When R & D employees work over 160 hours a month, HR team leaders only care about how long of 160 hours is rowing;
The leader ate the company’s 200 yuan pair of hairy crabs, but thought that the R & D to give suggestions to the canteen should be eliminated;
When 32-year-old R & D performance B + was dissuaded, 40 year old HR colleague went to work and fished for performance three times, but B was still at will.
Faced with 25000 R & D employees working hard and overtime in the whole research institute, and HR colleagues on the other side of “bullying”, Hu Ling found that she had become a lonely person on the way to help R & D employees solve problems, and was forced by the leaders to sell the R & D with opinions, and watched the leaders violate the labor law.
All the information she revealed gained more than 800000 views before disappearing in the Xinsheng community. The problem is that 8.6 million people have watched on Zhihu platform.
It happened in Huawei 2012 lab. In the case of constant foreign invasion, Huawei has attracted attention for the first time due to internal concerns.
R & D vs. HR, full of contradictions
In her post, Hu Ling exploded a lot of big data from the human resources department of Huawei 2012 laboratory.

  1. Since we can’t solve the problem, we should solve the person who raised the problem
    Hu Ling’s post after transfer to HR is “employee vitality experience officer”. Her job responsibility is to collect feedback from R & D engineers, mainly to provide support for the company’s employees in all aspects, find and solve problems in time.
    Because she was so quiet, she used the special account of the public mailbox and internal communication system to communicate with her R & D colleagues about problems in her work. She also assured the R & D staff that she would never disclose the problems raised by them and won their trust. Some even commented that “as long as Hu Ling is still there, the staff experience is very good.”.
    When Hu Ling collected some questions from the R & D Engineer, Yang Ruifeng, her leader, said, “it’s time to see who is the person who gives the feedback. If you have time here to ponder about the shuttle canteen, just quit.”.
    You know, when this leader went to Suzhou Research Institute for business trip, he ate 200 yuan hairy crabs of the company!
    There are quite a few “do not solve the problem, to solve the problem of people” thinking.
    And Yang also hopes that Hu Ling can hand in the account code of the internal communication system that communicates with the employees. You know, since it’s a discussion of work issues, there must be a lot of content related to the employee’s supervisor in the chat record of this account. If it’s handed in, it’s equivalent to selling the R & D brother. Hu Ling was forced to send this post and publicize these content.
  2. Working overtime for 160 hours free and going to fitness is said to be fishing
    Hu Ling’s lab in 2012, this year’s overtime situation is particularly serious. Even some R & D employees work overtime for more than 160 hours without overtime pay in the case of hypertension and hyperlipidemia.
    In order to solve this problem, Hu Ling collected the overtime records of the employees and wrote a report to Yang Ruifeng. Yang Ruifeng asked directly, which overtime is invalid, and whether there is any water drawing?
    It is this sentence that makes Hu Ling angry. The 160 hour class every month is still rowing, which is obviously illogical. “160 hours? Which HR shall I see? ” Hu Ling asked in the post.
    What is the concept of 160 hours? This means working 22 days a month and working over 7 hours a day. If you are working 30 days a month due to the tight project time, the average overtime time per day is more than 5 hours.
    Considering that the R & D post usually comes to work late, working for 8 hours and overtime for more than 5 hours, it is basically after 12 o’clock.
    A member of Huawei’s Xinsheng community said that his roommate, who works with Huawei, could hardly get home until the second half of the night for a month.
    According to the national labor law, employees are not allowed to work overtime more than 36 hours a month.
    As for why he thinks the employees are rowing, Yang gives the reason that some employees go to the gym during overtime hours and don’t return to work until 8:40.
    But these R & D engineers themselves work overtime free of charge. They don’t pay for overtime or take a rest. What’s the crime of using their own time to get fit? The purpose of the company’s gym is to let employees go to exercise after work.
    Even in this case, Yang reported to his superiors that “overtime data has been reduced for a long time”.
  3. The R & D overtime is so tired that HR work is easy or even lax
    Hu Ling also dislikes that the ease of HR department is in sharp contrast to the tension of R & D department.
    The HR department has about 100 employees, and the R & D department works 57 hours overtime per month. HR often organizes small activities, democratic life meetings and movies.
    Hu Ling also revealed that Gao Yan, another employee of her department, had been clocking in for a long time in a different place and took up working time to commute between Xi’an and Shenzhen. Even when working in Shenzhen, Gao Yan is often late. He can’t get to the company until more than 11:00 p.m. and hasn’t made any achievements in three months.
    “R & D brothers, 32 year old performance B +, are considered to be slow in development and discouraged; why HR can be a 40 year old triple B

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