Jiangxi juvenile leave notes

11月 8, 2019 佛山桑拿

“Goodbye, dear parents. Thank you for giving birth to me. Maybe you will have a better… I may not meet your requirements. Goodbye, goodbye! “
On the morning of November 4, 17-year-old xiaodai left a letter at home and left without saying goodbye. When xiaodai’s father saw the contents of the letter, he learned that his son had run away from home and had to look for a short-term idea. He was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. He asked the police for help and started relatives and friends to look around. When his family was looking for him, Xiao Dai walked into the police station of Duqiao of Jinxi County Public Security Bureau alone that morning.
Seeing xiaodai’s dejected appearance, the police of the police station keenly realized that he had something in mind, so they led him into the household registration office, handed over boiled water and asked patiently. Xiaodai then opened the conversation box and threw up his chest. It turns out that 17-year-old xiaodai is a junior high school student, so “old” because he dropped out of school for several years, his father often scolded xiaodai, and xiaodai felt that he could not meet his father’s requirements. In a fit of anger, xiaodai left a note and ran away from home.
After listening to xiaodai, the police gave xiaodai some guidance. Xiaodai’s mood gradually calmed down, and confessed that his intention of leaving a suicide note to run away from home was to “scare and scold his father often”, not really want to go to Qingsheng.
At the same time of communicating with xiaodai, the police contacted xiaodai’s father through police communication and population information system. Little Dai’s father was very surprised when he learned that his son was in the police station of Duqiao. He repeatedly said on the phone: “I will help my son look after him. I will drive to pick him up right away.”
Later, xiaodai’s father rushed to the police station, thanked the police repeatedly, and said that he would pay attention to his own way of education in the future.

作者 kuku