Former president of Brazil released from prison

11月 9, 2019 佛山桑拿

Brazil’s former President Lula left the federal prison in the southern city of Curitiba on the afternoon of 8th local time, temporarily ending more than a year and a half of prison life.
Brazil’s Supreme Court passed a resolution on the evening of the 7th, saying it is unconstitutional for the suspect to go to jail after being convicted in the second instance, because the suspect still has a last chance to appeal. Lula’s defense lawyers have asked for the release of Lula, who was jailed for a second trial conviction.
Curitiba’s barana state judiciary accepted the request of Lula’s defense lawyer on the 8th and approved Lula’s release from prison.
Lula was convicted of corruption and money laundering in the coastal city of gualuya in 2017, and was sentenced to nine years and six months. In January 2018, the Fourth District Court of the federal government upheld a conviction and extended the sentence to 12 years and one month, and Lula was arrested and jailed in April of the same year. In April this year, his sentence was reduced to eight years, 10 months and 20 days.

作者 kuku