Sui Wenjing and Han Cong win the championship

11月 10, 2019 佛山桑拿

On November 9, Beijing time, the 2019-2020 International Skating Federation figure skating Grand Prix China Station held a two person free skating competition. Sui Wenjing / Han Cong, two World Championships champion and Chinese player, scored 147.47 points with outstanding performance, and won the championship with a total score of 228.37 points. Peng Cheng / Jin Yang won the second place and made it to the finals with one championship and one runner up this season. Canada’s ilyushkina / biluoduo came in third.
Sui Wenjing / Han Cong, a famous Chinese general, kept last season’s rain in your eyes. The three weeks of twirling at the beginning was quite high, and the quality of completion was quite high. Then, he finished the three weeks of post freezing and the two weeks of continuous jumping of post freezing. The movement synchronization was quite good. The next three circle throw jump of the back inner knot ring is high and far, and the combined rotation quality of the back outer helix and the double is high. In the second half of the jump, the male partner only finished two weeks, and the height and distance of the jump were amazing.
Their programs are more connected, their performances are delicate and moving, their emotional exchanges are abundant, and they move the audience. At the end of the show, the audience stood up and applauded and praised their wonderful performance. As a result of a single jump error, 147.47 points (technical score 71.69 points / program content score 75.78 points) were obtained, and 228.37 points of the two sets of programs won the championship.

作者 kuku