Jinan Siheyuan 15 million

11月 18, 2019 佛山桑拿

Recently, the news that a quadrangle on qushuiting street in Jinan started auction for 15 million yuan attracted attention. This is the first public auction of quadrangles in Jinan. It is understood that the house was occupied before. As the old man died and the younger generation worked outside, they planned to auction it. According to the staff of the auction company, the house is not valuable, but its location is valuable. Now it has not entered the auction process.
The seller said so
On November 16, Ms. Ma, the seller of siheyuan, was interviewed by lightning news reporter in an exclusive video.
“As the owner of our house for so many years, we must feel the price is low,” Ms. Ma said.
There are 5 households in courtyard 8, qushuiting street. The only one with courtyard will be auctioned in public. Ms. Ma is the seller of this household.
Ma, 55, has lived here since she was born. In her memory, there are memories of her grandfather, her parents, her generation and her son’s life. The courtyard covers an area of 89.88 square meters, including the East and west wing. In addition, the courtyard covers an area of about 130 square meters.
“Mainly good location. Daming Lake in the north, pearl spring, Furong street, department store and Henglong in the south, Baotu Spring in the West and Dongguan Street in the East. Our home is located in the old urban area of Jinan, which is recognized as a good place. “Ms. Ma said her home was full of pride and reluctant to give up.
For the price of 15 million yuan, Ms. Ma said she did not participate in the pricing, but the price is not high, not only because of the good location of the courtyard, but also because of her deep feelings for the family and the precious memories of staying here.
Many netizens have seen the video and said: look at the current situation of the yard. Your family doesn’t seem to love the yard very much
There are rational analysis of netizens: the land price is only high, and the house has no value:
Extended reading: 23 reappearance of “shabby little” in case of peace
Most of the time, the house price is not determined by the quality of the house, but more by the location, which is very common in Beijing.
During the “double 11” period, 230000 yuan per square meter of priceless house reappeared in the Jianghu. Instead of a full view sea view house, it was a “shabby little house” located in the deep of Beijing Hutong.
On the morning of November 11, a 5.6-square-meter school district house located in “Langman Hutong, Xicheng District, Beijing” was sold on the Alibaba auction website with a total price of 1275500 yuan, far higher than the assessment price of 657600 yuan.
The house has not yet been vacated. The owner of the house promised to vacate the house one month after the auction. In addition, the bidding announcement shows that the house was built before 1949, in other words, the house is 70 years old.
Such a set of “one room, 0 hall and 0 floor” is still a “shabby little” that the bidders won after multiple rounds of bidding. According to the data of Alibaba auction network, 29 people signed up for the auction, 980 people set reminders and 47600 people watched, which is a proper “online Red disk”.
On Alibaba auction online, there is a record of “legend” of the price of the property in the louman alley. On July 22, 2018, the property with an area of 1103.6 square meters, No. 131, Langman Hutong, was finally closed at RMB 104 million.
Source: comprehensive lightning news comments on China Securities Net
These two days, No. 8 courtyard on qushuiting street in Jinan caught fire. Because the old man died, the family decided to sell the old house belonging to their family in the courtyard, starting at 15 million yuan. Although the news that the house in the courtyard is going to be auctioned has been stir fried on the Internet, on the morning of the 16th, the reporter of dazhong.com poster saw from the courtyard that, despite the bustling tourists outside, the courtyard is still quiet. A resident of the courtyard said that he had not heard of the news that his neighbor was going to auction, and his life had not changed.
As usual on weekends, outside courtyard 8, qushuiting street, with the plaque of “the former residence of Lu Dahuang”, from time to time, a group of primary school students listen to volunteers explaining who Lu Dahuang is. Occasionally, tourists push open the half closed door and follow the zigzag stone road to look for the past. However, when the residents of the courtyard took the door with them, the courtyard suddenly became quiet, as if isolated from the outside world.
According to previous media reports, there are five houses in courtyard 8 of qushuiting street. This auction is the only house with an independent courtyard, starting at 15 million yuan.

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