Free ride under 6 years old

11月 22, 2019 佛山桑拿

Today, the Ministry of transport and the national development and Reform Commission issued the opinions on deepening the reform of road transport prices (hereinafter referred to as the opinions).
The opinion clearly points out that——
We will improve the dynamic adjustment mechanism of the touring taxi freight rate, encourage local governments to hold hearings on the mechanism, and timely implement the adjustment of the freight rate and make an announcement to the public when the conditions for starting are met;
The online car Hailing platform company shall actively open the pricing and markup mechanism, announce the tariff structure, pricing and markup rules, and keep the markup standard reasonable and relatively stable.
In addition, in terms of improving the protection of the rights and interests of special passengers, the opinion points out that children who meet the requirements clearly can enjoy free rides or half price preferential treatment of passenger tickets. On the basis of children’s height standard, children’s ticket and free ticket classification standard based on age shall be added. The types of valid identity documents to prove the age of the child are specified.

作者 kuku