College Students’ expected monthly salary

11月 25, 2019 佛山桑拿

A report released in the same city on May 25 showed that in 2019, college students expected an average monthly salary of 7409 yuan for job hunting, and 87.42% of them expected housing subsidies. The Internet industry is the first choice for job hunting, and it / Internet graduates are the most popular. According to reports, from May to November this year, 58 cities have gone deep into 651 colleges and universities, conducted a comprehensive survey of more than 200000 college students and more than 2500 enterprises, and depicted the best employers of Chinese college students from four dimensions and 16 indicators, including public influence, work income, corporate culture and career development. Salary is a very concerned content of college students. According to the report, the average expected monthly salary of college students is 7409 yuan, and the average monthly salary paid by enterprises to college students is 7094 yuan.
According to the analysis, the income level of college students is basically in line with the expected concept. The report also shows that the higher the city level of employment choice, the higher the salary expectation. The average expected monthly salary of college students who choose to work in the first tier cities is 8151 yuan, 7394 yuan in the new first tier cities, 6478 yuan in the second tier cities, and 5696 yuan in the third tier cities and below. The most expected company benefits for college students are housing subsidies and supplementary medical insurance, 87.42% of them are looking forward to housing subsidies, 77.34% of them are looking forward to supplementary medical insurance, and the third and fourth are respectively physical examination benefits and office environmental protection measures. In the minds of college students, first tier cities are still the first choice for job-hunting.

作者 kuku