Huang Xinying returns to Hong Kong

12月 14, 2019 佛山桑拿

The event of Huang Xinying and Xu Zhian, which happened a lot a few months ago, is really unacceptable and eye opening. Xu Zhian’s girlfriend, Zheng Xiuwen, once suffered from depression because of this incident. A proper couple of bad boys and bad girls. But the latest news says: Huang Xinying has returned to Hong Kong.
On December 14, it was reported by Hong Kong media that Huang Xinying went to the United States alone because of the peace of mind incident, which had been fermenting for eight months and returned to Hong Kong at 6:53 this morning.
In the early morning, sister Huang Xinying came to pick up the plane with her agent and VB manager. After receiving the news, many media also went to the airport in advance to wait for the pick-up. The scene was very big. There were more than a dozen people!
At about seven in the morning, Huang Xinying came out of the airport restricted area. She was so multimedia and rushed up. The scene was very chaotic. Maybe she didn’t think she was so angry. She was surprised! On that day, Huang Xinying was wearing a gray everyone, a white bottomed shirt and a white baseball cap. It was really beautiful. She had spent a little makeup. It seemed that she knew she was going to be photographed.
Seeing Huang Xinying, a reporter, tears down. She can’t help crying. She says she can finally go home now. She’s so happy that she can finally go home. It seems that these months in the United States are really bad. It doesn’t look like fake crying.
After that, two assistants sent Huang Xinying home. In April this year, Xinying and Xu Zhian had a hot search on Weibo because of their “safe eating”, which was quite a sensation. Overnight, both of them stinked, and the cause was obviously not as good as before. The public image fell again and again.
Huang Xinying was originally touted by TVB. As a result, because of this, she lost her career and ran to the United States to stay away from the wind. She never dared to appear.
Recently, Huang Xinying had tested the water on the Internet before, saying that she thanked the production group “the soprano under the ox” because of her own affairs.
Now it’s 8 months. Huang Xin can finally return to Hong Kong. Originally, he has a bright future. Now he can’t make a play. It’s snowballed. I don’t think you will pay for it this time!

作者 kuku