Liu Haoran buys liquid fart

12月 25, 2019 佛山桑拿

On December 25, 2019, Liu Haoran’s little master, a famous media man, broke the news. In an interview with Liu Haoran, when he answered the funny question about what strange things he had bought online, his answer was “liquid fart”. This makes a lot of melon eaters ask their friends immediately, what is the liquid fart Liu Haoran said? Or no brain asked Baidu, what is the magic of liquid fart?
Liu Haoran’s two little tiger teeth are really cute, and their acting skills are also very powerful. They are rare new generation of powerful actors, and they have lovely and handsome appearance and won the admiration of many fans. So even if Liu Haoran doesn’t buy liquid farts himself, there are many rainbow farts of fans.
This year, Liu Haoran finally got his dream driver’s license. Many melon eaters shouted: “Wow, I want to be brother Haoran’s car, wow, I want to be brother Haoran’s Didi.”. The scene is especially warm and lively. I don’t know who Liu Haoran’s copilot’s seat is reserved for? I can’t guess.
Our photographer photographed Liu Haoran’s first car after he got his driver’s license. It turned out to be a mini cooper with a light body and excellent handling. Although Liu Haoran publicly admitted that he likes to eat herring cans with liquid fart taste, which can’t be separated in a few days, it’s hard to guess how heavy the taste is. Of course, fans won’t dislike Liu Haoran. Who calls him so cute?
Do you like Liu Haoran? Do you think Liu Haoran’s face is right for your taste? And if he wants to cooperate with an actress, who do you want to be? Little monk Zuoshi really wants him to cooperate with Yang Zi. He must be very attractive

作者 kuku