Hair salon issues a million year-end bonus

1月 11, 2020 佛山桑拿

On January 9, 2019, the Chinese Business Daily reported that the company has awarded the “filial piety Award” of nearly 500000 yuan to the parents of employees. Mr. He, 37, is from Yulin, Northern Shaanxi Province. He has been engaged in hairdressing industry for more than 19 years. “When he was about 14 years old, just graduated from junior high school, the family conditions were not good all the time. He dropped out of school because he didn’t eat meat several times a year.” In 2002, he came to Xi’an from his hometown to learn how to cut hair. After working for 5 years, I opened my own barber shop. Today, Mr. He has 14 barbershops.
At last year’s annual meeting, more than 130 employees of Mr. He company and their parents gathered together to participate in the year-end summary meeting held in the hotel, the theme of which is “you are happy, I am happy”. The filial piety award of nearly 500000 yuan was given to the parents of the employees on site, and the year-end award of 910000 yuan was given to the employees. “As long as the company is still there, this award will go on,” he said
Mr. He did it. Although there is no annual meeting this year, the bonus is increasing instead of decreasing. “This year’s filial piety award to employees’ parents will be directly printed on their bank card. If there is no bank card or they can’t handle it, it will be handed over to employees’ parents in person, or they can come to Xi’an within two or three months.” Mr. He said, “the main thing is to make sure that it is actually sent to the parents. There will be a return call from the manager, mainly considering that the parents love their children and don’t want the money.”
This year, Mr. He gave 643058 yuan of “filial piety Award” to parents of employees, 90% of them have it, ranging from 23 to 30000 yuan, and the year-end bonus of employees is 1539700 yuan. “At present, there are 14 stores with 110 employees in total. The minimum is 2000 yuan and the maximum is 126085 yuan.” Mr. He said, “the highest prize is a 30-year-old female store manager. Her store has made great achievements in the past year, has a strong sense of service, and has almost no rest all year round. She deserves it.”
For not having the annual meeting, Mr. He said that it’s because it’s the closing time of the year and more than a dozen stores are closed. In addition, 90% of the employees at the annual meeting last year are here this year. It’s better to save these money for the benefit of employees and parents.