Finding home segregation will be held accountable

2月 19, 2020 佛山桑拿

On 18 June, novel coronavirus pneumonia and Wuhan municipal Party committee secretary Wang Zhonglin held a video meeting in the city’s new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention command headquarters after the end of the afternoon’s grassroots secret visits. They heard the key points of difficulties in the District, and redeployed and redeployed around three days of dragnet type investigation, closed management of the District, and full receivable collection.
At the beginning of the meeting, there was a video of a secret visit from the media. According to the video, some districts in Wuhan are not strictly controlled according to the regulations; some citizens are still indifferent to the awareness of epidemic prevention
“We have done some work in the closed management of the community and the control of the flow of personnel, but in fact, it is not well implemented.” Wang Zhonglin said that it is impossible for the masses to launch a people’s war. All districts should mobilize the masses to continue to increase their efforts and let the residents participate in the community prevention and control work. Only when the residents participate in the work, can they really regard the community as their own home.
He asked that publicity and guidance should be strengthened so that the public can be fully aware of the severe situation of the epidemic and realize the harm of not implementing closed management. For those who don’t listen to persuasion and disobey management, they should be dealt with strictly according to law and be exposed more vigorously, “this is not an individual act, but a threat to the common security of everyone.”
How can the community’s 24-hour closed management be implemented? At the meeting, Wang Zhonglin put forward several specific requirements:
——Sealing control management must be strict. Community prevention and control is the “root cause”. There is no room for strict standards. No matter what difficulties we have, we must resolutely do a good job. We should tell the general public that staying at home and calming down is for a healthier and happier life in the future.
——Give full play to the role of grass-roots party organizations. All the well managed communities have something to do with the well functioning of the party organizations in the communities. The role of grass-roots party organizations is not well played and prevention and control is not good. All departments at all levels must work hard to take responsibility for this.
——Give full play to the role of Party members and citizens. There are party members in every community. First of all, we should launch them to participate in the prevention and control and service of the community directly, let the party flag fly high in the front line of fighting against the epidemic, and let every Party member and citizen play a good exemplary role.
——Logistics distribution should be improved. If the system is not complete and cannot meet the needs of the public, it is difficult to implement it in a closed way. If there are many channels, there must be some congestion.
——Lower cadres should be under unified control. Sinking cadres must obey community management, participate in community work and actively mobilize the masses.
Another case of home-based confirmed and suspected patient
19 is the last day of the city’s bottom clearing investigation. Wang Zhonglin said that we should continue to increase our efforts in the investigation, which is the measure to see the bottom. “If we don’t see the bottom, it’s not reliable to fight a resistance war.”. Only when the bottom line is clear can we grasp the initiative of epidemic prevention and control.
In the process of investigation, “there is no balance between regions, some regions are seriously organized, and some regions are large”. The 19th is the time for handing in the papers. Wang Zhonglin deployed on the spot: each district should make a commitment to ensure that there are no home-based diagnosed and suspected patients. “It’s not wrong. Human life is crucial. If another case is found, it will be asked by the Secretary of the District Committee and the district chief.”
Wang Zhonglin said that in terms of nucleic acid detection, we should continue to strengthen our efforts, increase our organizational strength, and deploy our detection force as soon as possible to ensure that the nucleic acid detection of clinically confirmed cases, suspected patients, close contacts and fever patients will be completed 20 days ago. If the nucleic acid test is positive, the treatment shall be taken; if the nucleic acid test is negative, relevant measures shall be taken as soon as possible.
It is the key point to win the prevention and control of epidemic. Wang Zhonglin said that at present, there are many confirmed patients in the centralized isolation point, and they can’t get a good treatment. “It’s a long time to make do with it, and it’s all serious.”. He said that the purpose of the treatment was to save lives, to save lives, not statistics.
He said that we should continue to strengthen efforts in the collection of receivables: regardless of age and any difficulties, we should not hesitate to accept all patients diagnosed at home with an extremely responsible attitude towards people’s life, health and safety; we should transfer the patients diagnosed at the centralized isolation point to the designated hospital and the “shelter hospital”; we should handle the patients who refuse to accept treatment according to law.
“The situation of epidemic prevention and control is still grim. We should be sober and not blindly optimistic.” Wang Zhonglin said that all departments at all levels must enhance their sense of responsibility and urgency, take responsibility for people’s life and health, and take responsibility for the overall situation of national development, and stick to their teeth and continue to strengthen their efforts to implement various measures.
He asked leading cadres at all levels to bear in mind that taking the people as the center – any negligence we have will bring great hidden dangers to the lives and health of the masses of the people, and will delay the pace of winning the Wuhan defense war. “I hope you will do your best and continue to work hard to win the final victory of the war.”