Four of Chang Kai’s family died

2月 20, 2020 佛山桑拿

The novel coronavirus pneumonia, director of the Hubei film studio director and director of the film and Television Department, died with her parents and elder sister in 19 days. According to friends and colleagues, Chang Kai was born into a scholarly and gentlemanly family. His parents were both professors of Wuhan Tongji Hospital in Hubei Province, and it was unexpected that a disaster would come to this happy home. Hundreds of millions of netizens cheer on Chang Kai’s wife, who is still in hospital, and hope she will recover soon.
Chang Kai and his sister died on the same day last Friday (14), and his parents died on the 27th of last month and the 2nd of this month respectively. Novel coronavirus pneumonia after the Hubei film studio, which means Chang Kai died of the treatment of new crown pneumonia, died at the people’s Hospital of Huangpi, aged 55. According to the obituary, Chang Kai loves his job and is willing to work hard. He is kind and helpful to others. He is highly respected and praised by the staff of the studio. His death has made the studio lose excellent cadres.
Some friends who have known Chang Kai for many years recalled that they rode bicycles together and ate hot and dry noodles, soymilk and flour pits together in the breakfast shop. They pointed out that “in the past 30 years, our bits and pieces are more vague and clear like the scenes in the movie.” Chang Kai’s former colleagues and friends said that he was optimistic, open-minded, elegant and tasteful.
The experience of Chang Kai’s family not only makes his friends and film peers feel sad, but also touches the hearts of countless people on the Internet. The boss of a film and television company said in the circle of friends that the tragedy of Chang Kai’s family should not have happened. Some netizens left a message: “we are just trapped at home, some people are forever trapped in 2020.”.