Response to total infection in mental hospital

2月 21, 2020 佛山桑拿

Xiantao health and Health Committee today (February 20) released a message: it is a rumor that “all the patients in HUTANG mental hospital are infected”. The details are as follows:
Recently, the Internet spread that “all the patients in HUTANG mental hospital are infected” and “the confirmed patients in HUTANG mental hospital have run out” and other information are untrue, which is a rumor. Novel coronavirus pneumonia hospital is a private psychiatric hospital in our city. In February 17th, many people in the hospital had fever symptoms. After checking the nucleic acid tests and related examinations of 130 patients and 49 medical staff in the hospital, 18 patients (16 cases in the hospital and 2 nursing workers) were diagnosed. The rest of the novel coronavirus pneumonia is under centralized isolation medical observation according to the new crown pneumonia diagnosis and treatment standard. There was no phenomenon of the confirmed patient leaving.
Please don’t believe or spread rumors!
Xiantao Health Committee
February 20, 2020