Wang Sicong: a bottle of wine: 880000 yuan

2月 23, 2020 佛山桑拿

Wang Sicong continues to enjoy luxury life, basking in nearly 900000 high-end red wine, which ordinary people can’t afford!
Is Wang Sicong limited in consumption? For this topic, in fact, too many people say that the former Prince Wang may have to live an ordinary life. But in fact, Wang Sicong is still so high-profile, and ordinary people can’t afford to live.
Recently, influenced by special events, Wang Sicong chose to go abroad to enjoy his luxurious life. Although Mr. Wang is abroad, no matter where he goes, there is a circle of friends belonging to him.
A while ago, he had a picture of skiing abroad, and he had fun in the snow with his friends. Especially Wang Sicong, who is rarely in a good mood, has exposed his luxurious houses and cars in foreign countries, which makes people drool.
Of course, these are not the key points. The most important thing is that Wang Sicong took a picture of himself drinking high-end red wine in the sun on February 21, and also took a picture of the wine to show you what it looked like.
Ordinary people really haven’t seen it, but according to the verification of netizens, this bottle of good wine is worth nearly 900000 yuan when it is most expensive. In other words, this bottle of wine is worth a suite in the new first tier city, or one with fine decoration.
If you want to drink this wine if you have money, you may think wrong. It’s not easy to get this wine if you have money. It needs relationships.
Look at this wine bottle. It’s the one under Wang Sicong’s hand. I want to drink 880000 yuan for a simple meal. I don’t know what flavor Wang Sicong drinks. Can I share the taste with you?
The black bottle next to the bottle is not too expensive, but its value is also great!
A simple bottle of wine even if you drink the money that others have worked hard for a lifetime, I don’t know what you think of this kind of rich people’s life? More are the envious voices of netizens. “He’s really too rich to compete with others,” netizens said. “He’s still Mr. Wang. A skinny camel is bigger than a horse. A bottle of wine drinks a suite!”
Wang Sicong also exposed his own luxury car in a foreign mansion, and sent a message claiming to go out to blow up the street!
In the eyes of outsiders, Wang Sicong is a wealthy second generation childe, and now has been restricted from consumption. But in the eyes of people who really know him, it is estimated that Mr. Wang is still the rich master, whose career and life are completely unaffected, and still enjoying his own happy time!
I don’t know if everyone envies Wang Sicong. If I give you 2 billion yuan, how can you spend it?