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2月 27, 2020 佛山桑拿

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, 26 day, said in Geneva that six cases of new crown pneumonia were diagnosed in 37 countries and 44 deaths in six countries at that morning.
“Yesterday, for the first time, the number of new cases outside China exceeded that inside China.” Tandesay said the current surge in cases in Italy, Iran and South Korea was “deeply concerned.”.
According to the data provided by Fadela Chaib, who spokesman, Tan Desai refers to the specific data of the 25th, and the global report to who results in 427 new cases in 37 countries and 411 new cases in China.
Tan Desai said that although the current spread of the new crown does not mean that we can not contain the virus, he reiterated that the current who will not use the global epidemic to describe the new crown.
“One of the biggest challenges we face is that too many of the affected countries have yet to share data with who,” says Mr tandesay. Without disaggregated data and a detailed list of projects, who will not be able to provide appropriate public health guidance. “
“We are in direct communication with ministers. There are some improvements. We urge all countries to share data with who immediately.” He said.
As the data is still changing, according to the incomplete statistics of the first financial reporter at 21:15 on the 26th of China time, 38 countries (except China) have seen new cases of crown disease, and Greece is the new country except for the country mentioned by Tan Desai. At the same time, there are 1261 new crown patients in South Korea, 284 new cases, 12 deaths; 375 new crown patients in Italy, 51 new cases, 12 deaths; 139 new crown patients in Iran, 44 new cases, 19 deaths.