Sentence of attacking police involved in epidemic situation in Beijing

2月 29, 2020 佛山桑拿

During the outbreak,
In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control,
All districts in Beijing have implemented closed management.
The owner enters and exits the community,
All need to cooperate with community epidemic prevention staff to register and measure temperature.
However, some people do not cooperate with the work and do not obey the management,
Even to the community epidemic prevention staff and on-site disposal police.
On February 16, 2020, Guo refused to cooperate with the community management during the period of epidemic prevention and control in a community of Chaoyang District, Beijing, and beat up the community epidemic prevention staff. After the police of Changying police station arrived at the scene, Guo refused to cooperate with the police but kicked them.
After the novel coronavirus, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau launched the wartime right protection mechanism, intervened in the whole process and implemented the supervision work. On the same day, Guo was legally detained, and then closely coordinated and coordinated with the prosecutors and the law authorities. The guidelines were strictly followed in the “guiding opinions on punishing the offenders of the police in accordance with the law” and “punishing the epidemic situation of the new type of coronavirus infection” according to the law. The opinion on the control of illegal crimes stipulates that the case shall be investigated, tried, arrested, prosecuted and sentenced quickly. On February 28, Chaoyang District People’s court held a court session to hear the case. Later, Guo was sentenced to one and a half months’ detention for the crime of obstructing official duties.
Police tips
Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been attacked by the public security workers, medical workers and community epidemic prevention personnel. Not easily won the epidemic prevention and control. In the fight against “epidemic”, in the most arduous critical period, every citizen should keep the bottom line of the law and obey the control arrangements. No one is an “outsider”, not to mention a “troublemaker”. Beijing police always adhere to “zero tolerance” for any illegal actions that hinder or hinder the prevention and control of epidemic situation and humiliate or attack the police, and crack down severely according to the law.