Death penalty for murder at a man’s epidemic station

3月 2, 2020 佛山桑拿

Beijing News Express according to the news released by Yunnan, on March 1, 2020, the intermediate people’s Court of Honghe Prefecture in Yunnan Province held a public hearing in accordance with the law to hear the case of Ma Jianguo’s intentional killing of the defendant, and sentenced him to death for the crime of intentional killing, depriving him of political rights for life.
According to the trial, the defendant Ma Jianguo, male, born in April 1996, is a member of Luoma village committee of Luomeng village, azahe Township, Honghe County, Honghe Prefecture, with primary school culture. Novel coronavirus pneumonia in February 5, 2020 was set up in the village of Honghe County, according to the unified arrangement and arrangement of the superior authorities. The new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control point was set up in the place of the village of the village of the village of Luomeng village, azohe township. At about 18:20 on February 6, when Ma Jianguo drove a minivan with the license plate number of cloud gpn612 to carry people to the card point, his fellow villager mark long (handled in a separate case) got off to remove the roadblock and did not obey the management of the staff at the card point. In this process, Ma Jianguo, the defendant, was dissatisfied with Zhang Guizhou’s behavior of photographing and collecting evidence with his mobile phone, so he stabbed Zhang Guizhou in the chest and abdomen with a folding knife he carried with him, and then stabbed Li Guomin, a member of the checkpoint team who came forward to dissuade him, killing Zhang Guizhou and Li Guomin. Zhang Guizhou is a poverty alleviation cadre from Honghe County Finance Bureau, and Li Guomin is a cadre from Shitouzhai Township, Honghe County.
After the trial, the court held that Ma Jianguo, the defendant, ignored the national law and the order of epidemic prevention and control during the first-class response to major public health emergencies in Yunnan Province, deliberately and illegally deprived other people’s lives, resulting in serious consequences of the death of two people. His behavior has constituted the crime of intentional homicide, and his criminal responsibility should be investigated according to law. Ma Jianguo, the defendant, was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for the crime of intentional injury. He committed the crime that should be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment or more within five years after the completion of the execution of the punishment. He is a recidivist and should be given a heavier punishment according to law. Although Ma Jianguo, the defendant, voluntarily surrendered and truthfully confessed the facts of the crime after the crime, he killed two epidemic prevention and control workers by extremely cruel means during the epidemic, which was extremely vicious, extremely bad, and extremely serious criminal consequences, so he was not given light punishment according to law, so he made the above judgment.