3089 cases diagnosed in Italy

3月 5, 2020 佛山桑拿

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed that the number of confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia in Italy increased from 2502 cases to 3089 cases, and the death rate increased to 107, according to Reuters, March 5. According to Reuters news agency.
In response to the outbreak, the Italian government plans to ban public activities nationwide and close cinemas and theaters, according to a recent draft decree. Earlier, Italy had taken measures to close down a number of epidemic towns.
According to the BBC, the Italian government held a government meeting on the 4th local time to discuss plans to close schools and universities at all levels in the country by the middle of March to cope with the spread of the new coronavirus.
Giovanni Reza, head of the infectious diseases department of the National Institutes of health in Italy, has said that the number of confirmed cases is expected to grow at a high speed in the future.
With regard to the development of the epidemic in Italy, foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on Tuesday that China is willing to provide assistance within its capabilities in epidemic prevention and control, medical treatment and other aspects according to Italy’s needs, and is willing to strengthen communication in professional fields with Italy and exchange experience and technology in epidemic prevention and control.