200000 non epidemic community Awards

3月 9, 2020 佛山桑拿

  1. Central bank: LPR mechanism has guaranteed the real quotation of quotation bank as much as possible
    In response to whether the bank will deliberately increase the LPR quotation, the central bank stressed on the 6th that the LPR quotation mechanism has guaranteed the true quotation of the quotation bank as much as possible, so that the published LPR has fairness. 18 LPR quotation banks are all banks of the same type with strong influence, credibility and pricing ability, and need to quote according to the bank’s loan interest rate to the best customers, that is to say, the quotations of quotation banks are supported by real transactions. At the same time, the people’s Bank of China and the interest rate pricing self-discipline mechanism strictly supervise the quotation behavior of each quotation bank, regularly assess and evaluate its quotation quality, and carry out the survival of the fittest for the quotation bank according to the assessment situation.
  2. The highest award for Wuhan epidemic free community is 200000 yuan
    Wuhan novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control Center, the first community of epidemic prevention, community, and village (brigade) list was released in March 6th, according to Changjiang Daily. As of 18:00 on March 5, there were 2076 non epidemic areas, 79 non epidemic communities and 1171 non epidemic villages (groups). It is reported that since March 1, the establishment of epidemic free communities and communities (villages and teams) has been launched in various urban areas (development zones) of Wuhan. As of June 6, some urban areas (development zones) have announced recognition methods and incentive measures, among which communities (villages and teams) without epidemic situation can receive a maximum reward of 200000 yuan, and relevant units and individuals will also receive rewards.
    3 novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in 13 of the population. Losangeles will host nearly 30 thousand marathons on Sunday.
    Novel coronavirus pneumonia was announced in Losangeles County on 6 July, according to China Daily. The number of confirmed cases increased to 13, and two cases were confirmed. All cases have traceable sources of infection and the risk of local transmission is still low, the local health bureau said. The University of California, Los Angeles, announced the same day that three students would be tested for new coronavirus. So far, 13 new crown cases have been confirmed in Los Angeles. Despite the public’s concerns about the outbreak, organizers of the Los Angeles Marathon continued to hold the event on schedule on Sunday. As one of the largest marathons in the United States, Loma is expected to have 27000 athletes from 78 countries this year.
    4 new 483 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were identified in South Korea, totaling 6767 cases.
    Novel coronavirus pneumonia was announced in 7 days. As of 7 o’clock, South Korea increased 483 cases of new crown pneumonia cases at 6 o’clock, and 6767 cases were confirmed, and 44 cases died in Korea.