The 777X hatch blasted, what happened?

9月 9, 2019 佛山桑拿

In the six months from October 2018 to March 2019, two Boeing 737MAX aircraft from Indonesian Lion Air and Egypt Airlines crashed one after another, causing 189 officers of Lion Air and 157 members of Egypt Airlines to die. The above two major air crashes caused the Boeing 737MAX model to be grounded by major airlines.

“It’s worse,” according to foreign media reports, Boeing recently interrupted the testing process of the new aircraft 777X, because during the load test, the cargo door of the aircraft suddenly exploded. It is worth mentioning that Boeing plans to use The 777X competes with Airbus’ A350 for orders. According to the Seattle Times, a Boeing spokesperson said on September 6 that the company had suspended testing of its new long-haul aircraft 777X due to technical problems. The spokesperson said that the final load test on the aircraft was part of the aircraft certification process, but the 777X encountered problems during this time and needed to suspend the test process. According to the above report, at 1:30 pm local time on Thursday (5th), the Boeing 777X was frustrated when conducting high-voltage stress tests, and a cargo door exploded outward. A Boeing employee at the scene told the media, “I heard a loud noise and then the ground began to vibrate.” Fortunately, the accident did not cause casualties, but the cause of the explosion at the door is still unknown.


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