Prison break for 20 people in Italy

3月 11, 2020 佛山桑拿

On March 9, riots broke out in several Italian prisons in protest against the Italian government’s anti epidemic measures. The riot resulted in the escape of 20 prisoners and the death of 7 prisoners.
According to ansa news agency on March 9, a total of 50 prisoners escaped from Fujia prison in southern Italy in the morning of March 9. Police successfully prevented 30 of them from escaping and 20 of them were at large. At the same time, two prisons in the capital Rome and a prison in the province of Prato were also set on fire by riots of prisoners. At present, 7 prisoners have been killed in prison riots across Italy, some of them died of overdose of psychoactive drugs and others died of suffocation due to fire smoke.
According to the US business insider, inmates in the prison also felt restricted after the Italian government announced the closure of the city in the north of the country on August 8, because the closure measures affected the visit activities of prisoners’ families. In addition, because the prison is a closed space, prisoners are scared of the new coronavirus infection, which leads to riots.
According to ansa news agency, there were serious riots in Milan’s San vitore prison and Rome’s Rebiya prison. Prisoners set fire to mattresses and attacked the clinic. The most serious riot took place in Pavia prison, south of Milan, where prisoners broke down the prison facilities and were persuaded to return to their cells after “long and difficult negotiations” between prison officials and them.
Italy’s prison system can accommodate about 51000 prisoners, but at present there are more than 61000 prisoners in service, with long-term intensive personnel.
Alfonso bonafede, Italy’s attorney general, said he would urgently brief the Senate on the prison riots at 5 p.m. on Wednesday.