Ma Yun cheers for Italy

3月 14, 2020 佛山桑拿

On the evening of March 13 local time, Ma Yun donated the first batch of masks from Europe to the airport in Liege, Belgium, where they will be quickly transported to the Italian Red Cross. On the package of the goods sent to Italy, an aria from the opera Turandot was written as a message. From “green mountain, bear the wind and rain together”, “worry about the safety of Persian Xiaozhao”, to “disappear, night! We’ll win at dawn, “said the netizens. It’s really warm!
According to reports, the masks have been urgently raised by many parties and completed a series of preparatory work such as customs clearance within two days. They have arrived at Liege Airport in less than 72 hours.
The ewtp hub of Liege Airport, jointly built by the Belgian government and Alibaba, has become the main channel for China EU epidemic prevention and rescue and economic recovery. In the past two months, a number of cross-border transportation channels have been blocked, and the Liege hub is still operating efficiently. Millions of masks, protective clothing and other materials are transported to China and Europe through this hub. Since the resumption of work in China, more than 4 million small and medium-sized enterprise packages have been delivered to Chinese and European consumers every week.
On the afternoon of March 11, Beijing time, Ma Yun foundation and Alibaba foundation announced to raise 1.8 million masks and 100000 virus detection kits to donate to Italy, Spain and other European countries with serious epidemic. When the first batch of European aid materials arrived, Chen tianqiang, a representative of the ewtp Secretariat in charge of the cross-border logistics, told reporters at Liege Airport that the two foundations would add 200000 masks and donate them to Belgium.
According to the reporter, due to the shortage of materials, Ma Yun public welfare foundation and Alibaba foundation are collecting materials in batches. The follow-up materials will be delivered to Liege Airport through rookie logistics, and then transferred to other European countries.