Li Xiang’s live broadcast is suspected of violating the law

3月 16, 2020 佛山桑拿

You’ll get the freshest Morchella. I’ll tell you that tonifying the body is the best. It can strengthen the resistance, help digestion, invigorate the brain, invigorate the kidney and invigorate the Yang. It’s very good for the old. It’s also good for the young. It’s OK for the children. It’s all right. ” Li Xiang, former host of Hunan Satellite TV, recommended a kind of fresh Morel mushroom to fans in the live room on March 13.
Li Xiang’s live broadcast is suspected of violating the law, experts remind: online red tape is also subject to legal constraints
“Li Xiang’s live broadcast is suspected of violating three laws.” Qiu Baochang, an expert of the expert committee of China Consumer Association, said. Qiu Baochang pointed out that the three laws suspected of violation are: first, Article 9 of the advertising law stipulates that “national”, “highest”, “best” and other terms shall not be used, and Li Xiang uses the language of “absolute”; second, when describing Morchella, it is easy to mislead consumers to think that Morchella has the function of curing diseases, and if consumers eat and make it due to such propaganda As a result, Li Xiang is required to bear civil liability for violating the law on the protection of consumers’ rights and interests. Thirdly, in violation of Article 73 of the food safety law, the contents of food advertisements should be authentic and legal, and should not contain false contents, and should not involve the functions of disease prevention and treatment. Food producers and operators are responsible for the authenticity and legality of the contents of food advertisements. Natural persons should act on their behalf It is necessary to have eaten or used the endorsements. If there is a problem with the endorsements, the endorsers shall also bear joint and several liability. Qiu Baochang further explained that once there is a problem with the live broadcast goods, there are two types of punishment objects: if the operator of the live broadcast room is Li Xiang, Li Xiang will definitely bear the legal responsibility; if the operator of the live broadcast room is someone else, then in addition to the punishment of the operator, the carrier will also be punished at the same time.