Zhang Meng and Jin Ensheng announce their love

3月 19, 2020 佛山桑拿

Eat melon to eat really? On the 18th, a rumor about Zhang Meng’s love affair with little five JinEnSheng spread. Netizens not only scratched the bottom of their ambiguous coincidence, but also spread out the story of the man’s suspected secret marriage and infidelity. Just when netizens were still immersed in the joy of eating melons, the two were really high-profile and open love!
On the morning of March 19, JinEnSheng sweet Aite Zhang Meng said: “I want to walk with you on a sunny day and hold an umbrella for you on a rainy day. “The love affair was announced by Zhang Meng in the way of rustic love,” he responded immediately. He said, “you are my man and my little prince. I can finally undo the bottle cap.” “The words are full of the sour smell of love, which makes people eat up the dog food!
Later, Jin Ensheng also issued a statement on the secret marriage, saying: “I’m sorry to disturb you with the so-called information on the Internet. I did have a relationship with Ms. Wu, but I have been separated peacefully. The relationship is originally a private matter, and I have the right to choose not to disclose it, but I still hurt the innocent people. I’m sorry. “It seems that the relationship with the former is indeed true, but it has already been separated. It’s not the story of cheating on the Internet.
Zhang Meng, as a little famous actress, has been hotly debated in recent years on topics such as “plastic surgery” and “junior”. This time, Jin Ensheng, the hero of the romance, once co hosted one of the brotherhood groups of “day up” with Wang Han. He is also one of the most inspirational members with excellent singing and dancing, which can be described as a little celebrity. This time, the relationship between China and South Korea can be said to have broken the sub dimension wall, which is surprising.
The generous response of the two people this time shocked people, but also brought full blessing. Looking back at a series of “ambiguous coincidences” picked up by netizens, it seems that everything can be traced. This is the so-called “no one’s Corner”, there are more romantic secrets!
First of all, Jin Ensheng and Zhang Meng published an outdoor photo on March 15 and March 16, respectively. They were wearing a couple’s clothes, not only wearing a black and white fisherman’s hat with the same letter, but also choosing a loose jeans jacket and jeans. Even canvas shoes are of the same color, which is not what a couple is!
Do you think there is only so much information in this picture? That’s a big mistake. Zoom in to see the architectural glass appearance of the background of the two people, light color thin strip and blue glass splicing, with high similarity. Moreover, from the social platform copywriting of Zhang Meng, Zhang Meng claims that this is downstairs of his own home, and it seems that the two people with deep affection may have come to the point of cohabitation. “
There are more romantic details. In a small video of Zhang Meng appearing in February, a picture of a man suddenly appears in the background of Zhang Meng’s locker. After comparison, the man is Jin Ensheng. Visiting boyfriend’s photos at home, so little girl’s little Qiao Si, how to think is sweet taste.
Seeing this, many people will wonder how the two people meet? Back a long time ago, in 2015, the two had worked together on the same film godfather in love, while the most recent frame was in January 2020, when they made a funny little video together, and their behaviors looked very close.
Zhang Meng was once accused of interfering in Liu Yuxin’s marriage. He has been troubled by the label of “junior three” for years. Now it’s a happy thing to find his own happiness.
Unexpectedly generous open, we also wish them happiness together!