The Lost Bronze Group returned home to Zeng Berk Father. Eight pieces of Bronze Group finally returned to the motherland.

9月 10, 2019 佛山桑拿

The Bronze Group returned home, and the eight bronze pieces of “Zeng Bo Ke” finally returned to the motherland. This group of cultural relics returned to Japan from Japan on August 23 to learn more!
“Zeng Boke’s Bronze Organizer” appeared in Tokyo in March, suspected of illegal smuggling

“Ancient Art” reported on March 11 this year that a group of bronze heavyweights “Zeng Bo Ke Bing Bronze Set” was originally planned to be auctioned on March 12th at the 2019 Spring Auction in Central Tokyo. This group “Zeng Bo Ke Bronze Group” In fact, it has been questioned by some experts in archaeological and archaeological circles as illegally smuggling foreign cultural relics in recent years.


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